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  1. xvideos brings a lot of new vids
  2. I would like to address the situation even if i didnt knew dream.. First all of my prayers go to everyone who were close to her (family, friends, GFL friends) Some people will just see GFL as a gaming server and not as a family. I will tell u guys that we are a family, from "member" to "server owner" everybody is considered family even if u r toxic.. If u really feel down, just know that everybody in gfl will be glad to help you,stand by your side and help you climb up. We are all on the same boat here. Admins are easy to join, Directors are easy to join via discord, members are easy to join via discord, just dont try to go through this alone. I would be glad to do a 4 hours call if it is to save someones life... Suicide isn't an option or a solution, seek some help if u r at this point. WE ARE NOT JUST GAMERS WE ARE FAMILY ❤️
  3. Bc xvideos is more popular cmon squid know the facts...
  4. tbh im not an admin or anything but ill give you my pov. If u want to "Fool Around with your friends" go in a server where there is nobody bc by killing an inno even if its ur friend u will start a rdm chain in the server which is not good... Furthermore, GFL servers are always really populated so it is not good to do this in here.
  5. I think canada is broken bc it is may but we still have snow! SOMEONE HELP
  6. I mean i could do a powerpoint and send it to you! would you like it?
  7. I never thought i would say this but thats a golden fart!
  8. Kos Squid he has one huge harpoon! 😮

  9. Weapon Suggestions

    I would actually love to see a laser gun it would be cool!
  10. Get your activity up, fool! 

    1. Muse


      Sorry dad i was at the bank

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