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  1. Falsely Banned

    ima unban u just fvor the sake of i dont wanna get involved in this tonight
  2. Falsely Banned

    https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipMIRYceCnug-AP8mhAm5FlpSdc2NoMpENBQCg9D https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipOP6mfAu0C8hrJCLuUNtMKwDNjo7bXK4BCT0Qu6 i mean u killed 3 inno , sure 1 is by falling but "rightly killed" is debatable since nobody was even shooting u and u just pull up on them shooting? what i gotta say is u cant go on a rampage when u get false kos, u can surely defend yourself but if they dont shoot you just let it go by lol
  3. minecraft starting to pop off again where ft is dying
  4. Thanks for reporting the issue! Last night we had some problems with the rdm menu, for players and admin as well. I believe that @Zero or @MilkMan will be addressing the issue later today! Hopefully we will find what is wrong and fix it so we don't have problems for tonight or even in the day! On this note have a good day!
  5. in the rules u can
  6. Hi to all the players and staff on TTT Minecraft B5, I will suggest some ideas for the server, some are more staff ideas but others are for players as well. 1- I know double mass rdm was perma before but it got changed by directorate bc "banning so many people permanently". But rdming 6 people doesnt suggest that the person will ever play normally on the GFL servers, furthermore 6 people is a lot so idk why wouldnt we perma ban him. 2- having chat logs accessible for ALL admins. 3- Updating some rules in the MOTD (ex: Prop pushing, The warning system more clearly, "can kos of logic",Cant kill because following,No location gamertag, Double test ,etc). 4- I also go told that if we had more maps the server will be less populated which i think is completely false, i get asked a lot to add new maps and im not saying like 1938982478 maps but maybe a 3 mc map rotation would be fun sometimes in the future. 5- Adding some T weapons - Fake Health station, Guardian Angel, T buddy revive, Jet Pack, etc. 6- adding some D weapons - Golden deagle, portable tester. 7- Also changing mute and gag time, I think we give too many chances to players when they mic spam or mute spam the n word in chat or screaming it loud or just someone shouting tbh. i would 15, 30,perma mute/gag. 8- Also maybe decrease the slot of players since when we reach 35 its laggy af. 9- Getting rid or increasing the rdm and leave ban since 6 hours is completely useless because they were leaving anyway... 10- I dont know if that one is possible but if we could see when someone push someone with a crowbar since they rdm a lot that way (push into water, off the ledge of tower/tester.
  7. Banned me for no reason and hurt my feelings :3 #BANMCNUGS

  8. Really the first person i linked to coming in gfl, ill miss u mom ❤️
  9. Hey Muse,


    I want to appeal my ban that you gave me earlier today. (RDM and Leave) I admit to the RDM but my leave was unintentional. My PC crashed mid-game, I hadn't even been slain yet when it happened. I've put decent hours in this server and just want to continue to playing it.


    If you could unban me I would appreciate it and I'll be more considerate next time.






      Your ban appeal will be considered and presented before a jury to determine what shall happen to your ban. Please allow 3-5 business days for a conclusion to be reached, thank you for your cooperation and status update.

  10. ill unban u since u doesnt do it never but next time take the slay and then leave
  11. @bill nye the autstic spy u rdm and then left without saying anything what am i supposed to do
  12. cuck when im on i still have fun but i gotta slay, gag/mute and ban... when nobodys toxic its fun.. im considering myself as a fun admin but sometime we gotta do what we gotta do..
  13. xvideos brings a lot of new vids
  14. I would like to address the situation even if i didnt knew dream.. First all of my prayers go to everyone who were close to her (family, friends, GFL friends) Some people will just see GFL as a gaming server and not as a family. I will tell u guys that we are a family, from "member" to "server owner" everybody is considered family even if u r toxic.. If u really feel down, just know that everybody in gfl will be glad to help you,stand by your side and help you climb up. We are all on the same boat here. Admins are easy to join, Directors are easy to join via discord, members are easy to join via discord, just dont try to go through this alone. I would be glad to do a 4 hours call if it is to save someones life... Suicide isn't an option or a solution, seek some help if u r at this point. WE ARE NOT JUST GAMERS WE ARE FAMILY ❤️
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