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  1. After MilkMan resignation, it is the time for Muse to resign! I have been admins for over a year now and I have enjoyed every seconds of being admin(except when i had to ban 11 persons in 3 minutes). But I think it is time for me to go.. Last few months had me feeling like a ghost, inactive, rarely on discord, etc... I have dealt with some personal issues in october and I haven't felt the same since, I just feel like the server needs a fresh turn around and I'm not part of it. Haven't had real fun on the servers for a while which explained my low activity, didn't want to force myself to hop on there and being a twat just because I don't feel like playing at all. I will still be playing from time to time but I will enjoy it as a VIP rather than Admin. @loucop i just love you overall @TimeForYouToGetAWatch please die @MooTheCow do you even speak? @Beaker always there for me when i needed someone @SkydivingSquid Gave me everything for me to be happy @MilkMan really hopes you get better ❤️ @ArtVandelay1998 is he still alive? @JoceyMeow mother of muse @Pyros forever trial in my heart @ShiroFTW love you higher than your ping @Buzzz ur wack asf but love you @Mr. Jihadhope we can see each other this summer! love you
  2. Your ban is from an admin who is not admin anymore, also the reason of your ban should have never resulted in a permanent ban from GFL! @TimeForYouToGetAWatch can you handle it
  3. ima cry more to this then lion king have fun man ❤️
  4. Yeet what abou communism
  5. Ill just write over neon cat anyone can win idc but not neon @Buzzz
  6. Neon cat wont win if im alive what a simp he is @Neon Cat
  7. Would cause way too many rdms
  8. @MilkMan cant unban for idk what reasons so you got this
  9. Everyone I banned for hacks means it is blatant since i don't ban when im unsure, but since your appeal is 9 months after i dont have the proof in my hands since its been too long...ill unban you but admins will keep an eye on you!
  10. Hello I am the one who banned you! you were banned on august 13th 2019. I banned you since you killed 11 persons and was spamming racist things in chat will doing so. Ill let the benefit of the doubt and ill unban you (also bc my screenshots doesnt work idk why) but be more careful; secure your passwords etc!
  11. pls help me Admin

    @VilhjalmrF can you move it to csgo or either tag csgo admins?
  12. my favorite afk guy! we will miss you zero but you know you can visit us anytime! hope you find somewhere youll be happy and code it!
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