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  1. In other news ungag me this sucks ya'll stinky smelly admins smell like poo Cheeseburger
  2. 74: 8/10 EAST: 7/10 MTOMB: 9/10 OD: 9/10 EL TORO COMBO MEAL: 9/10 TISKTISK/COOKIES: 10/10 4N: 6/10
  3. Feet Of Clay by Earl Sweatshirt is a timeless classic not as much as Doris or Some Rap Songs, but a classic regardless even though it barely breaks 20 minutes in run time, it's something great to listen to. It has very anticipated tracks on it such as TISKTISK/COOKIES (originally speculated to be RUN4YOURLIFE), OD, and EAST PitchFork gave Feet Of Clay a 8.4/10 calling it a A woozy, raw, magical, and extremely short album from hip-hop’s most tantalizingly inscrutable rapper.
  4. chicken tenders 

  5. STEAM_0:0:449960435 @Zero big oopsies
  6. Name: The Bigg Swigg Banned by: @Zero ban reason: RDM and leave Why The Bigg Swigg should be unbanned: Ok so basically, a person got a KOS and i said i would follow through. I said that if he was a innocent and if the kos was a fooled one i would take the slay, I said this via voice chat. I will admit i did do the oopsie and killed him. And soon enough my power went out while in game, causing my computer to shut off yea it sounds fishy if you don't want to unban me i'll take it as it is, it's no biggie. At the end of the day i know it's your job and that's completely legitimate. ❤️ love, Hank Scorpio: AKA, The Bigg Swigg
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