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  1. Finally this idiots perma banned
  2. Ban Appeal

    At the end of the day you’re still a toxic annoying ass kid that breaks rules on purpose simply to make admins mad. If you weren’t banned for rule breaking in the first place you wouldn’t have to deal with an ‘alternative account’ nor would you have to appeal at all. You’re in control of the way you act and you just choose to be toxic, therefore, I’m sure you’ll wait your ban out.
  3. Ban Appeal

    To think they’re actually +1 ing this app is absurd. You’re no different than the rest aqqle therefor you don’t deserve to be unbanned simple as that
  4. False bhop ban

    Hey b u d d y ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sorry for banning ya I simply got a ping last night that showed what you'll see on the photo. At the time I wasn't exactly sure what happened but i knew it wasn't a hyperscroll so I just figured it was some type of bhop script. After reviewing these numbers with the rest of the staff we've confirmed that it was a false flag. You must have went crazy on the booster xp Anyways i'll be removing the ban sorry about the inconvenience.
  5. For simple reasons stated above, I believe your ban will remain. This can be locked.
  6. Seeing as you were perma banned for simply evading a silence, im gunna go ahead and +1 your appeal. I've never had a problem with you and actually feel things are fun when your around. Good luck on the rest of your appeal!
  7. Well, i've tried this admin thing for a few months now and although the first couple weeks was fun, this is just extremely too much like a 2nd job. From little ass kids on the server constantly breaking rules and being annoying just to piss you off, to some retards pinging all server admins at 3:00 in the morning when i have to be up at 6:00. This has just become extremely too much for me to handle. I enjoyed the time with you guys here at GFL but its time to throw in the towel. Im resigning from Admin. Im sure you'll see me on from time to time but nowhere near as much as i use to be. Sorry for not giving any heads up. -VuDu
  8. Ghosts is garbage id say MW2 or BO2
  9. I understand where you're coming with the hour before CT thing, but doing secrets during lr and what not would just become too crazy. Picture this: No admins are on and its Lr. A ct goes and does a secret that could either get stuck to where you're not able to do lr ( and no admins on to teleport you out ) or you go in a secret and end up killing your self, that'd be ct suicide which is also against the rules.
  10. bowoof funny appeal

    Every time you come on the server you act cool for so long then just become so Toxic. You constantly spam racism until you're muted/gag'd then you go ahead and spam Admin Chat. You're cool to play with sometimes but you just don't know when to chill. I believe you should wait the week out.
  11. Kawa's ban appeal

    If this was never resolved before the ban expired, it did by now. Please
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