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  1. I understand where you're coming with the hour before CT thing, but doing secrets during lr and what not would just become too crazy. Picture this: No admins are on and its Lr. A ct goes and does a secret that could either get stuck to where you're not able to do lr ( and no admins on to teleport you out ) or you go in a secret and end up killing your self, that'd be ct suicide which is also against the rules.
  2. Every time you come on the server you act cool for so long then just become so Toxic. You constantly spam racism until you're muted/gag'd then you go ahead and spam Admin Chat. You're cool to play with sometimes but you just don't know when to chill. I believe you should wait the week out.
  3. Kawa's ban appeal

    If this was never resolved before the ban expired, it did by now. Please
  4. GFL FiveM Server

    ^ active players, good ways to make money, and good custom cars.
  5. Epiccccccc xp -rep aimbot??
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