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  1. Thanks everyone for the nice goodbyes. I will be studying none other than Computer Science at uni, hopefully they will teach me how to program.
  2. I am stepping from my position as developer. It has been a decent year; I had some good conversations with some people and enjoyed working on some of the projects. I am starting university very soon and don't want to be able to use "I 'need' to program" as an excuse to be unsociable and not meet people. @Nickthanks for always being friendly and understanding, I wish you luck as the unofficial developer team lead (or official idk the hierarchy lol), and with your life after Uni @Benthanks for the help with maintaining my projects @Cryotheumsorry I couldn't be more help when you were being tortured by cogs lol @FordoGreenmanGL with your help bot, sorry I won't be helping you with it It is unfortunate I wasn't able to work with more people on the projects I did, everyone I've spoken to in GFL has been nice. Here is a summary of the projects I was working on (All are open-source GLP-3.0 so feel free to fork and use my work, or maybe start anew: my comment etiquette is bad) if someone else wants to take over I will continue to work on discord-gamestatus as I use it personally Name: Discord Web Interface Description: Web interface to allow admins to edit embeds Status: 50% done (working interface up to creating embed, needs edit old embed, update/send message API and view message API, and proper permissions) Source: https://github.com/Douile/discord-web-interface Name: Better help Description: The fleshed out help cog Status: 5% Just started Source: https://github.com/Douile/cog-welcomehelp Name: Discord gamestatus Description: Game server status in discord Status: In production, some bugs need working out Source: https://github.com/Douile/discord-gamestatus @Fafygood luck your first cog was very good (despite it being a duplicate, my bad sorry) hopefully someone else helps you with discord.
  3. Why are roys updates always such a good read
  4. +1 seems to be good at programming && nicks approval && seems nice
  5. After death replay cams like you get in deathmatch // Convars in case you want them tv_enable 1 // Enable HLTV (probably already enabled) spec_replay_enable 1 spec_replay_bot 1 spec_replay_autostart 1 spec_replay_cam_delay 5
  6. Looks like got reverted to default csgo playlist ] listmaps Map Cycle: cs_italy de_dust cs_office de_dust2 de_train de_inferno de_nuke
  7. All the 1v1 maps are gone from the 1v1 server
  8. First off why? - CI means you don't have to go through the extra step of compiling the project then uploading the compiled files to the repo - Basically it allows you to be lazy by only worrying about committing to gitlab Guides (this is not a guide for how to use git it assumes you know how to use it) Copy the files found here https://gitlab.gflclan.com/NogginBlaster/sm-plugin-template/-/tree/master or here https://gitlab.gflclan.com/NogginBlaster/sm-plugin-template/-/tree/old-filestructure. (use old-filestructure if you want your plugin in the ./scripting/ directory) (Make sure you delete the .git folder if you clone) Write your plugin (I've put in example files that you can overwrite or delete) Commit your changes (there might be a way to do this in your editor/ide) git add . git commit git push After you push to your gitlab the build should start and you can access the logs/build files from the webpage - The build files can be downloaded via viewing the artifacts, they should include the compiled plugin, translations and configs. Notes If you already have a repository just download the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file into the root of your repo, you may need to reconfigure the BUILD_DIR and COMPILE_DIR for more info regarding these see https://github.com/RAYs3T/Sourcemod-CI-Dockerfile In order to use CI on gitlab, the gitlab host must have a runner, you can read about setting up your own here https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/install/ , you should be able to get a registration token by going to repository settings -> CI/CD. If you use windows like me I found the easiest way to install was using a ubuntu server (with containerd and docker) VM and installing everything there.
  9. This is now fixed in the sourcemod main https://github.com/alliedmodders/sourcemod/pull/1217#event-3151923838 However we are using the extended version which isn't fixed https://github.com/powerlord/sourcemod-mapchooser-extended/
  10. I have submitted a pull request to SM base so hopefully this issue is resolved externally. https://github.com/powerlord/sourcemod-mapchooser-extended/pull/13
  11. Non-GFL members can access the gloves skins plugin using the spanish translated command sm_eldiven
  12. sm_nominate command can be spammed in console causing server wide chat to be spammed. Possible fixes: Make sm_nominate output only to person using command. Add a timeout to sm_nominate
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