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  1. Would like config ' display_style_selector ' to be set to 1 so that on https://stats.gflclan.com/ clients can change styles from the current tsgk_black. Would make stats more usable for people who don't like it that black. Changing config adds the style drop down in the header I think.
  2. Not sure if you still use ads, I've never seen them (but cl_disablehtmlmotd and panorama). Just thought I should tell you `sm_disableads` doesn't check VIP status properly. Commands run `sm_cookies GFL-DisableAds` `sm_disableads`
  3. @Ben I have not contributed to discord.py however the entirety of RoyaleBot (this uses discord.py 0.16.12 before rewrite) was written by me. Although recently I have moved to using javascript (node) + discord.js over python for discord bots. As a side note: In general my github repositories do not have good commenting / documentation for code, but that is something I am looking to improve in the future.
  4. My Age: 17 My Talent: I am a confident developer looking for experience using sourcepawn and working as part of a team. I am most experienced in python and javascript, however I am also confident using c, c++, Java, some lua, I used to use php (3-4 years ago) but after a quick refresher I should be back to using it well. I know the basics of sourcepawn (Event binding and creating plugins) but am looking to gain more experience while actively using it. I also have experience deploying web APIs (express) and using SQL databases however I have manily used (postgres or sqlite). My github is here Douile Hours/Week: 6
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