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  1. On HNS there is a map called City8. When you spawn and go left there is the door that takes you into what I call "The Secret Area". There is a building that has this elevator like lifter that takes you to the top floor of the building, but I noticed some people were able to clog the elevator making it near impossible to get there. This spot is basically a GG spot and should be fixed/removed. Now it isn't impossible to get there as a seeker but you need at least three seekers for a spot that takes less than 20 seconds for somebody to get there by themselves. That is why I think it should be fixed/removed as its very unfair and not cool.
  2. Well, it sounds like good responses so hopefully, this does change. Thanks for checking out and reading this suggestion! Also, will I get a comment or will I be told if or when it does change?
  3. I think that the click tagging in HNS (Hide and Seek) is way too op. Nerfing it would be cool and I mean nerf do not remove it! Removing it would be too far but nerfing it a little would be nice because you can click from really far away and it is very unrealistic but if you just make it a shorter range then I think it would not only make players happy but also make the game a bit fairer.
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