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  1. Happy bday!

  2. GMOD Imperial RP

    I figured I could list some add-ons that weren't available during the previous server and are extremely beneficial to events. [LFS] Planes: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1571918906 This is a fantastic add-on that adds SW ships that are actually fun to pilot AND it has AI. This means that we can finally have ground to air/space battles! Not only that, there's also a bunch of community add-ons for LFS, including AA guns and turrets. It also recently added the LAAT with actual turrets. Absolutely superior to SW: Vehicles and WAC. BIG NOTE: This add-on will NOT work with Gmod Legs 3 and Enhanced Camera. These will break the camera when piloting a ship Vanilla's Hyperspace Tool: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868459587 Another great add-on for events that add immersion. Instead of just spawning a giant ship out of no where, it actually makes it so when you spawn a ship, it comes out of hyperspace! It also has a bunch of configurable options like the height and if there's AI. This add-on can also save presets, making it much easier for events. Aura's LFS Repair Droid [SWRP]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1775299799 Not absolutely necessary but makes it easier to repair LFS vehicles. A simple add-on. You land a damaged ship next to it and the droid repairs and stocks it. Aura's LFS Flight Radar [SWRP]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1875633201 This add-on allows players on the ground to see what's going on in the air through a holographic radar. Incredibly useful and super cool to use. AND it works even when permapropped. Aura's SWRP Mega-pack [SWRP]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1782455613&tscn=1570139494 This is a big one. The main part of this pack is AI Capital Ships. Right now, it's only the Acclamator and Munificent. Essentially, these ships can target hostiles with their turrets, and fighters can blow them up. So much better than a static vehicle that's there for aesthetics. This add-on also adds ammo drops through the head-crab canister, Droidekas (Doesn't really work much at the moment), and an AI AAT (Only sits still at the moment but shoots at hostiles).
  3. GMOD Imperial RP

    If a CWRP or Imperial RP server were to be made, there has to be a standard for quality events. Back then, most events weren't exactly complex or engaging. It usually went like "There is an objectice you must complete and there is an obstacle in the way". You bring up a lot of great points/ideas. One thing that I felt was lacking in the previous servers was the implementation of a squad system. Events could utilize a squad system where each squad has to complete a certain objective. For example, Squad Alpha has to blow up a facility, Squad Bravo has to establish comms and Squad Charlie would assist if needed. Events shouldn't have the entire playerbase do one objective, they should have multiple groups complete tasks that would make the mission successful. That way, if some Squads fail, the mission can still be a success if the primary objective was complete. Ex: Squad Alpha was able to blow up a facility but Bravo was unable to establish comms. Ever since I saw this post, I started coming up with ideas for events that could meet this standard. One idea went like this: The operation is a direct assault on Geonosis. To get to Geonosis, you have to get through the blockade. To get through, you have to disable/destroy the enemy ships, and you must defend your own ship (The Venator). Certain Clones could pilot fighters and bombers (hopefully using the LFS add-on because it has AI aircraft) and others could copilot or take the gunner. Once all ships are destroyed, they land on Geonosis. There would be three Squads (Depending on the population): Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Alpha would enter a Droid facility and destroy it, while Bravo needs to disrupt enemy comms by destroying a radio dish thing. Charlie would then establish air superiority by deploying AA guns. If Alpha needs backup, Bravo or Charlie would assist them. Once the facility is destroyed, all Squads would regroup and fly out. The mission is a success if the facility is destroyed, and a complete success if the other objectives were completed. It might sound complicated to a game master, but as a former GM I think it's possible. Basically, events need to have a standard in quality because the most important factor in these events is how engaging and fun they are to the playerbase.
  4. Finally saw it today. Absolutely amazing, especially with that huge battle at the end and where Steve took Thor's hammer and beat the shit out of Thanos. I don't think I've ever smiled that much while watching a movie. I also loved Tony's sendoff since he's the one that started the entire MCU as a character.
  5. I'm getting real sick of my work schedule. They keep scheduling me one hour past the time I'm no longer available (Because of meeting times for a club) and now they have me working 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM one day, and then at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM the next day!

  6. Halo Coming to PC

    I absolutely cannot wait for MCC on PC. I'm glad they're taking the time to work on each game individually by releasing them in chronological order instead of all at once.
  7. It's important to be careful with a new server for a game like this. We still have a long time (Maybe around a year) until the game is launched. I'm already seeing people trying to create a server/community despite the game being so early. Or maybe they're just trying to bait people into "donating".
  8. New update: Client will be based on C# while servers will use Java Found on their latest blog post https://hytale.com/news/2019/1/an-overview-of-hytales-server-technology
  9. From their job postings on the official website, it looks like they're using C# and Java. It's also been confirmed that the in-game scripting will use Javascript https://hytale.com/jobs#listing-5c122d2cea48e600136fd6b1
  10. https://hytale.com/ Hytale is essentially (But not officially) Minecraft 2 and is made by Hypixel Studios, a branch of the same guys who made one of the most popular servers on Minecraft. I know this was posted around last month, but I figured that the game has a big focus on the community and already has 25 million views on the video, maybe it would be possible to create a new division for Hytale. It's still in development right now and we won't get the beta for quite a while. What do you guys think?
  11. Congrats to me on my 4 year VAC ban anniversary. 4 years ago, my dumb ass 14 year old self thought it would be funny to use hacks on a CSS VAC server. 

  12. Ay ay we ain't here to argue about consoles, we're here to remember a great game
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