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  1. Output: 3 paper drinking cups, seemingly taken from SCP-294 as despite the contents inside, seem to have no signs of damage or corrosion inside or outside the cup. The contents of the drinks come as follows: Fire: A cup with its contents on fire. Despite multiple attempts to extinguish the fire with multiple methods and materials, the cup stayed on fire for 1 month. After testing, the liquid content inside was proven to be gasoline and after reigniting, the flame remained for another month Radioactive: A cup filled with a sort of unknown toxic radioactive liquid. Any living being within a 15 meter radius of its contents will succumb to acute radioactive poisoning Sphere in motion: A cup of water but the water continuously rises upwards in a fashion similar to a geyser. The water doesn't seem to come back down but instead, evaporates when it reaches a certain altitude Imput: One (1) CD copy of Johnny Cash's studio album "American IV: The Man Comes Around". 1:1
  2. Sorry i'm late to the party. Better late than never though. Count me into the game.
  3. I wanted to vote for both FF2 and Warioware but in the end i chose FF2. I think there's a plug-in that lets you add custom bosses in so maybe we can do that as well. I'd love to see what bosses we can create.
  4. My name is Dr. Steel and i approve this message
  5. Such vile language on a christian site such as this? You should be ashamed of yourself...
  6. This is the definition of an epic gamer moment.
  7. I'm more of a plain vanilla kind of guy Welcome to GFL my dude/dudette.
  8. I have 3 and i don't know what one is worse so i'll just state them all. 1. I burnt my arm while making pizza in school. I mean Really burnt my arm. The teacher told me to take the pizza out the oven but she was in the way, so i did the only most normal thing someone would do in this situation, not tell them that they're in the way in instead try to reach the oven door by maneuvering my arm around her legs and trying to open it from there. My arm touched the oven door and that's how it happened. Blisters, Boils, the whole lot. i had to get one of those things that keep your arms in one place on your chest. 2. I jammed my finger in a bathroom door. I wanted to ask my big brother a question and i didn't realise he was in the toilet in time so he panicked and closed the door on my finger, jamming it. I literally had to pry my finger out the door, removing all the skin from the top part. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt nearly as much as it should've 3. We were having a barbeque out in my back garden and i sat behind a window eating our overcooked hot-dogs. When all of a sudden, my big brother (again) opened the window without noticing my head and the window went right into the back of my head. Blood was literally pouring out the back.
  9. +1 I've seen you before on the server and you seem pretty good (even if your random crit rates are disgustang) You have experience as a admin. Youre activity is very good.
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