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  1. It's bee over 2 months since the last event.
  2. For 4 maps in a row (demon god, mist, convoy and three eyes), I attempted to lead and help the team progress through the map, only to be deterred by people yelling in their mics false commanding and encouraging to rtv.
  3. Currently publishing the video, here is the link. It will be live when it's done.
  4. @Vauff the way some of the admins have favoritism and acceptance of players breaking the rules because they are their friends is absurd. Cobra being a division leader allowing mic spam and everything else that was going was is the reason for the report. I asked how to report and went on to do so? How else should i have gone about it? In this video i post you will see i try to lead the team on three eyes but i am interrupted and spammed by a bunch of players.
  5. Currently uploading a video which i recorded with geforce experience and didnt know it didnt capture my voice. ill post it when its uploaded.
  6. Name: Doogla Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:186689840 Discord Handle: Doogla #4131 Age: 22 Server Playtime: 475 + https://www.gametracker.com/player/Doogla/ Your timezone: Eastern US (EST) What time of the day are you usually on ZE? Availability: I live in the eastern US and I’m on typically in the early mornings and late evenings. I’m available sometimes all day. I currently work from home. Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Customer Service experience Are you in school or already in the workforce? School Workforce Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Able to hold a conversation in Spanish. Why do you want to become an admin? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reasons for my application: Although I’m new compared to many others that play on this server, I feel I have spent an ample amount of time in the server since I’ve discovered it. During my time here there hasn’t been admins on all the time and even though I’m not an admin I try my best to keep the server in check when there isn’t anybody else to do so. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reasons for my acceptance: I quickly realized when I started playing zombie escape on GFL, that I belonged here. I befriend people very easily when I hop in the server and welcome new players. I enjoy learning maps I haven’t mastered and helping others learn maps that I know well. I try to lead whenever possible and guide the team to victory. As an admin I know I would only help the server grow and help keep players coming back for more ze! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Some good points, I hope ALL of these things happen. It would definitely make the server a lot better.
  8. Ive been told by numerous parties that this server specifically dislikes people being tryhards. This server is honestly one of the least tryhard servers.
  9. The only way i was able to learn maps and how certain things were done was via spectate mode. I'm not a fan of the change. i think that if you are spectating for more than 300 seconds even a cvip you should be kicked. i dont see why that isnt good enough.
  10. @willywilson in the recent times ive played santa, we were unable to even get GFL to vote to play extreme. The seldom times we do its extremely difficult to accomplish progress. I have faith we can do it, but we need an organized time to do so and with competent players.
  11. I agree with you I'm getting burned out of a lot of maps, but they are voted on by the whole server. That means a majority of people want to play it. Which in an American server, makes sense to me.
  12. @Cobra i didnt know how to go about reporting, now that i do i will in the correct manor.
  13. I havnt ratted on anyone, and @leks the post has been removed . I made a second post labeled "Russel is a liar" and it is not showing up on the forums. I have followed you advice as well @Leks
  14. @leks can you see who removed it?
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