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  1. If you want peaceful, and no drama in GFL rust.. i would probably recommend you to play during 6AM EST - 6PM EST...Less drama, less people. Server pop usually picks up around 7pm EST! Also During the first week of BP wipe! it's just drama all over.. and this is not just in GFL server, but all the server in RUST.
  2. I think best bet get in the server and ask one of the team. Edit: i don't think not alot of player use forums.
  3. Actually my first ever! Build was white and blue theme! with Lvl 10 GT snow white edition case!
  4. I was wondering since we are in gaming community! i wanted to see everyone's PC Set up!! Let's see what you guys got! Edit : Vertical GPU Looks Cool! But not a good idea for TEMP! . Wouldn't recommend it if you care about FPS, and TEMP even if it looks good.
  5. 8/29 Map wipe! Current map seed. Link below. http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3500_53
  6. 8/22 Wipe! Current map seed. Link Below. http://playrust.io/map/?
  7. 8/15 Wipe! Current map seed. Link Below. http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_4000_59
  8. I have unbanned you. We talked in discord, and explained the reason for being banned. Enjoy playing rust.
  9. Now we are talking with i9-9900k! i did say in discord we are upgrading our machine. Lets go!
  10. 8/8 Wipe! Current Map seed. Link below. http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3500_65288
  11. Getting banned for hyper scrolling in 2019 is too much. Not worth the banned unless they are in competitive bhop server. Just my opinion. Edit: there's another way to avoid hyper scrolling is not to use mwheel up/down for jump.
  12. My Man pedor for that Divison Leader position. +1
  13. Rust Changelog

    Changed server map size 3000 to 4000 Edit : Map seed 614 / 2124 will no longer work in 4000 map [email protected]
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