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  1. Request type: Pfp for discord! Size: Standard size for discord Source image/render: Text *(optional): Aquatic X, I was thinking "AquaXtic" Big X in the middle? Or however design you can come up with. Color scheme *(optional): Black,white, or blue either. Examples: "none" Additional information: Could also be like fish in the background etc.
  2. So what? 9 years in gfl? Let's just say I ad and first offense? That's a permanent banned ? Nice brother.
  3. If I wanted to go behind GFLs back? I would of done more stupid things to get banned from GFL forget about just discord. ITS been what? 3 weeks almost a month that I resign?? Here I'm still helping Skittle and 2 new SM. I still have full access to panel helping GFL even after the resignation..and Skittle/higher up can remove it any time for whole rust division. if I wanted to do something stupid I would of done it that way..not by "making" a new "discord" channel??? Anyways so what like 9 years first offence that's a perm banned ? So please dont make such a big issue here for a channel that I even invited staff too, and here you are in my new discord talking shit?? Very professional? It's default setting you dont need to join and disrespect about the channel? So what I'm perm banned for that???
  4. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): ACanadianAsian#1007 Why were you banned?: Advertising??? Why should you be unbanned? This afternoon I made my own channel and invited my friends and people I met in rust to my new discord. Motor said I'm banned for advertising. Yes i get why he banned me. I didnt post my channel in rustgfl but I dm most of my friends and others . I been with gfl for over 9 years now and I'm not stupid enough to invite Gfldiscord mods/rustadmin/even thr DL just to get banned plus I'm not even trying to hide it from staff.. reason why I invited all the staff as well ..I made this channel for comp games for cs go. I usually use gfl teamspeak to play other games.. I just wanted my friends to use discord instead of TS3. If you guys check logs for teamspeak3. I'm always there using gfl ts with 2 or 3 others. barely anyone uses it anymore.. reason why I made my channel.. i wasnt planning on stealing members or anything... I dont even have time to run servers or have my own server. also another reason I resign my self from SM because I dont have time... it would been nice for motor to dm me and ask what's happening but instead... It would of been nice for motor to dm mem but he banned me in less then a sec after finding out from others... while I invited all staff, GFL mods. Just felt like he just wanted to banned me for the incident with jenni in the past. I never got banned in gfl in 9 years and I don't plan on getting banned for stupid reason like this.... thank you.
  5. I guess I'll give +1, since u were banned for hacker association. I do usually unbanned them if they're not the one who got banned for hacking. But I wouldnt unbanned you right away but have reduce the time like I do for everyone. I say unbanned you on the 14th. Up to @Lurnondius
  6. I have already denied your app twice in 2 weeks. When you act more mature and toxic in the server and you actually see you helping players instead of responding with "kys" then I'll reconsider it. Apply in 4-5 months.
  7. Before we proceed further could you read the requirement first? Also apply for member <-- that's one of the requirement which you're missing. Hour count isn't overall rust hrs that we are asking butr hours in our GFL rust server which you can check in https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/4839355. Because we don't want to give admin/chatmod to players who just joined the server.
  8. I don't think you have the requirement for 10x admin. Also seems little too young, and not enough positives feedback from our staff. Denied.
  9. have denied already few times, please apply in 5 months.
  10. Made 2 apps, i have denied him already. Not ready for chatmod.
  11. i don't think your fit as chatmod for my server, and mature enough. Denied.
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