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  1. My boss cut my shifts in half 


    So far I only have a case and a 2TB Hard drive


    this is gonna take for fucking ever

  2. New Council Members and Director.

    Yo my boi @Unknown EzClap
  3. Finnick`s Art Thread

    Gosh bless pyrocynical 🙏
  4. [Spoilers] Thoughts on Infinity War

    I know that's hard to take in, but wouldn't it be more logical, even if you lost someone to try and save the universe (Trillions of lives) rather than sobbing in the moment over one person? But I ain't him so I can't really do anything about it
  5. [Spoilers] Thoughts on Infinity War

    I liked the end credits scene I hated it when Star lord wouldn't help take off the gauntlet though
  6. How to change color of +1 and -1

    holy shit what a ground breaking discovery
  7. Finnick`s Art Thread

    I updated my sona still dont have a new pc yet still have a lil ways to go
  8. It wasn't that far away from me R.I.P
  9. [L4D] List Of Vanilla Servers

    have you tried copying the Ip Adress and opening console, then typing this "connect" without the " into console?
  10. Leaving GFL

    @SashaGrey REEEEEEEEEE
  11. PC Build advice/help

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/JBDNQZ This is the list I currently have. I have asked a few people with help on certain items on the list and was told that it was fine, or good etc. But I'm wanting to get the most out of what I'm buying. My Budget is $3000-$3250 CAD I want to get the most out of a PC, I want to be able to play games at High fps, and high or ultra graphics, also with quite a lot of storage to save drawings, other files and whatever. (2 TB should be fine I think?) A Corsair 760T case would look nice, but you choose what you think might be best for me. (I'm most concerned about air flow, but I'd like the case to have a bit of design on it, preferably white case, instead of looking like a big black box. Would also like it to have one side panel to see the inside of the pc, if possible.) I would prefer a 144hz monitor as well. (2 monitors, I saw for 250.59 on the pc build site for Amazon.ca) Only asking for help because I hardly know anything about building a pc. (isn't that obvious?) post edited parts list in the comments so I, and others can view them
  12. Resigning from GFL

    please die
  13. Art of the Month ~ March

    terrible ink I did since i dont have a c o m p u t e r t o d r a w o n l o l
  14. Finally Leaving.

    I haven't known you too much but I did think you were quite funny in shoutbox dude. I personally dislike GFL aswell. Some of the people are cool but GFL as a whole, meh.