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  1. Finnick`s Art Thread

    considering not posting here anymore just lost interest with gfl in general after my discord server ban anyways here's some raffle winner drawings and commission drawings (very slight nsfw)
  2. Finnick`s Art Thread

    quick doodle of my sona as a cat I've done it before, but I like this one more
  3. Finnick`s Art Thread

    Thanks mayngo !!
  4. Finnick`s Art Thread

    Commission for someone
  5. Finnick`s Art Thread

    drew myself once again cause i wasnt happy with last one
  6. Jesos what 3 years can do.





    1. juky


      It's been a real privilege watching your progress, keep grinding brother 😊

  7. Finnick`s Art Thread

    Commission for someone
  8. Finnick`s Art Thread

    commission for someone
  9. I want to believe ghosts are real, though I haven't experienced anything of the sort so no I don't really believe in them
  10. Hope all is well @Finnick 🦑😘

  11. Finnick`s Art Thread

    we in the backroom doin' commissions and shit you know how we do I really like how this came out so im postin' here cause fuck you
  12. I believe in there being a multiverse with septillion+ amount of different universes that could be only a tiny bit different Somewhat like a choices chart from a game i.e Detroit become human, only with more than septillion+ things that were different in the slightest I also think that whatever you could think of "What if I had done this ____" that you actually did millions or billions of times in other realities. I say in other realities because of those choices are still part of those billions' of universes with just other major choices you thought of/done differently. Also have a small belief of it being possible in the very far future to somehow crossover to another universe, don't know how nor can I come up with some bullshit explanation on why I think that, but I just do and i also want to believe in reincarnation but another part of me is telling me that we die and everything just goes dark
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