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  1. the big 1 6

    hope it sux

    Image result for shitty birthday gifs


    jk happy birdday


    1. JerryBomb


      Thanks my dude!

  2. I shall Nap, so sorry this happened. R.I.P
  3. I don't know you tell me
  4. I made a reddit post about building a pc in the future so if ya wanna check a nigga out then go for it l o l


  5. This shit bothers me way too much



  6. where the fuck is this
  7. o h d e a r g o o d j o b l o s e r l o l
  8. A Dollartree opened up a few weeks ago in my town and I finally went into the store today

    It was so quiet and awkward when you passed someone


    But holy jesus

    I used a 20 dollar bill and got a shit ton of stuff

    I got 3 harnesses for my dogs

    a helium balloon (for suckage purposes)

    pokemon card packs


    a office chair cooshin

    and some beanies.

    I still ended up saving like 7 dollars

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    1. Finnick


      I got other useless shit like water bottles too, but I drank them all already lol

  9. youtuber fanart for Katzun l o l
  10. so can my emoticons be added please thanks
  11. Don't care