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  1. I tried playing Halo online but I couldn't join a server and literally no one in their discord bothered to help me so I'd rather wait
  2. Sent @queue his toga and he finally got it



    My handwriting is awful please no criticism 

  3. Finnick`s Art Thread

    My friend was doing a request stream and he drew me first hell yeah
  4. Dance party

    Thanks to @Gowther for Recording, it was really fun last night. 12:57 Rayzer freestyle hype man, one of my favourite parts 10:00 The hanging of Memeulous during our sacrificial dance party
  5. look at this fat fucking vagina good lord
  6. wasn't he arrested let the public give him hundreds of small cuts and pour lemon juice into the wounds
  7. Finnick`s Art Thread

    commission for somebody
  8. Kubby also bought me a mob psycho pin :))
  9. Prostitue

    uhm, your first fucking female playermodel wasn't Hatsune Miku wtf is wrong with you
  10. DA is truly, something else lmao



  11. 2 days ago I was on and there was about 5-7 people online in total and like 2 or 3 were actual players and not admins I was really upset I've been suggesting a bunch of stuff in the GMOD Discord because I didn't come outta retirement of admining servers just to come to a dying server
  12. look how long that lasted
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