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  1. I played with a lot of irl friends back in the "xbox 360 days" playin' black ops 1 and 2, they all grew up and I haven't seen them ever again.
  2. Happy second birthday pupper


  3. Finnick`s Art Thread

    My sona dont smile too offten
  4. :^)



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  5. Breath of the wild is very good, if you haven't gotten it already I highly recommend it.
  6. My #1 most fondest memories are playing CS:S Minigames and Deathrun with my good friend Zac` who's still a pretty close friend of mine today. When me and him planned to re-populate the CS:S minigames servers (and semi-succeeded) Zac would always put on this really difficult course map, I forgot the name, but it had a shit ton of different stages that everyone got to play without having to stay dead when you die. I guess could include playing in the Gmod purge server for the first time around, I then became an admin but lost interest because everything just seemed repetitive.
  7. Enabling my brother to become a drunk like our dad Shutting myself away from everyone, breaking very good friendships in the process Having dreams, thinking I had a goal when I had no plan Feeling of not giving my dog everything for her life before she passed last year.
  8. Emotionally numb

    nani sticker.png

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    1. Korowa


      Wow, cool post! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Finnick


      Ugh oh my god you're welcome!

  9. Happy birthday xdxdxd

  10. Finnick`s Art Thread

    its asexual time bitches
  11. Finnick`s Art Thread

    a 'Your character here' I finished
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