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  1. Thanks Korowa, what kind of clips are you sending? Like Twitch clips for a compilation video or?
  2. @Korowa for the similar style, it'll take a few days maybe a week!
  3. @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence Thank you dude! Massively appreciate it!!
  4. Haha, @Trigger that is my twitter handle that goes with my music alias xD
  5. In terms of dedication, I will be able to fully commit to any projects and streaming over the next coming weeks and months as I'm not needed to basically live in hospital anymore xD
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for your responses, that video was my first attempt at that style of video (meme-y comedy if anything) and I really enjoyed it, looking back on it I know there's a lot of things I could've done better and the video quality in terms of actual visual quality could've been better if I had the raw stream recording footage instead of getting clips off twitch (which kills quality by a fuck tonne). I will try to engage with the community more on the discord as I use that mostly as I'm always at work or in and out of hospital (long story, will happily explain privately) so I mostly use discord to communicate with people anyways. Thanks again for your responses!!
  7. Ofcourse! Link: ...and my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lordfrightz
  8. just following this up as no replies had been recieved
  9. I previously forgot to mention I have done video editing in the past for Welsh Streamer 'ReaperSteve' so I can also edit videos. I am also a streamer so if there is a stream team for GFL, I'd love to know more about that.
  10. My Age: 20 Roles: Music Do I have any experience in the selected roles: Yes Examples of my work: Link to soundcloud: here i produce Drum & Bass but can adjust to any genre needed Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? As a music producer, I can produce music from all types of genres for any purpose. Would I consider making profit: Yes
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