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  1. Hi Koro, sorry I've been so out the loop, been all over the place mentally and just demotivated Will get it asap
  2. I'm alive, that's all that matters right?
  3. Just an update, I was back in hospital for the past week or so - I'll work on the video again tomorrow but I'm a good 50% there with it Thank you for your continued patience
  4. In the interest of full disclosure, I just finished writing my EP as I was waiting for the streamer to send me more clips as at the moment, the video was only 2 minutes long until yesterday when I got another zip folder through with more clips from his recent streams and even still it’s only gunna end up being 5 mins long with these extra clips so I am working with what I have for the minute until the project gets finished which I hope shouldn’t be much longer considering this guy streams nearly every single day 😂😂
  5. any uk people that need a chat, feel free to message me on discord and i will sit on a call with you for as long as you want, ive been at the rock bottom before and im still climbing but i wish to help anyone who was in the position i was in a year ago US people, more than willing to talk to you guys late at night! Feel free to message me FrightZ#2488
  6. Still working on it! Sorry for the delay
  7. Blessed, I'll drop a Download Link here soon
  8. I just got asked by a Twitch Streamer for another Twitch Highlights video as well so perfect timing! 😂 Or do you have clips for me to use?
  9. Hey Jit, I think I’ll make another Twitch Highlights video as that is what I am most comfortable with but I will give a frag video a spin just to take me out my comfort-zone a bit to see what would go into that type of video - I’d end up making an MLG joke video out of it 😂
  10. @TheJitFace Ideally, the source clips straight from the creator is better for visual quality reasons - 3rd party downloader sites will only get you so far. Also, depends what type of clips you’d want me to use, in essence, the desired end product (twitch highlights, comedy video, info/guide video, etc.) Let me know via. Discord. (P.S.: sorry i haven't been that active in the discord server, been feeling super sh*t mentally and physically recently) Thanks!
  11. Thanks Korowa, what kind of clips are you sending? Like Twitch clips for a compilation video or?
  12. @Korowa for the similar style, it'll take a few days maybe a week!
  13. @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence Thank you dude! Massively appreciate it!!
  14. Haha, @Trigger that is my twitter handle that goes with my music alias xD
  15. In terms of dedication, I will be able to fully commit to any projects and streaming over the next coming weeks and months as I'm not needed to basically live in hospital anymore xD
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