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  1. Sort of back. Very busy with school and uni tho.

  2. Is this supposed to be a meme? (If not I think you used the WRONG APPLICATION)
  3. This is pretty cool. I always thought about whether it was feasible to write stuff like this in rust because you have to write a C wrapper for it first. Good luck with that project. Also funny because I started working on something similar in C++ before but never really worked on it.
  4. The title might not really reflect the current state of the 'Timer' since it currently isn't anything you'd want to have on your server. In an attempt to learn more about the engine and (low level) C++ in general I started to look into how you can develop plugins for source engine servers in c++. After messing around with sourcemod extensions for a while I thought it would be a good idea to try creating a 'timer' as a metamod plugin just to get to know how stuff actually works. After a few weeks of more or less active coding, I came to the realization that I don't want to code my own thread library, database wrapper, translation system and several other things sourcemod provides c++ interfaces for so I rewrote most of it in C++ with a slightly different approach. As useful as these interfaces are, sourcemod doesn't provide c++ interfaces for client commands and a lot of other stuff and some of the interfaces need some further abstraction to be used in code which means there's a LOT of extra code you wouldn't need to write if you were writing a sourcemod plugin. TL;DR I only recommend doing this if you're either very experienced with low-level c++, know a lot about sourcemod plugins or a lot about the engine in general but I already learned a ton of it. My main goals with this timer if I ever finish it are: support for an 'infinite' amount of tracks and checkpoints easy configuration both c++ and sourcepawn interfaces for easy extensibility If you want to look at the sourcecode: GitHub
  5. we once lost a great man but gained the same man.

  6. How to set up an offline CSGO server with csgosl csgosl is an open-source tool used to install and configure a CSGO server within a graphical interface. https://github.com/lenosisnickerboa/csgosl Download the latest csgosl zip for your operating system on https://github.com/lenosisnickerboa/csgosl/releases. Extract the content of the zip file into the folder you want to install the server into. Start the csgosl.vbs (if you're on linux csgosl.sh) When you're starting it the first time it'll tell you that there is no CSGO server installed. Klick 'I understand'. This should now look like this: Klick on "Install Server". This will install steamcmd if not installed and then start it and download a CSGO server. Once finished restart csgosl. Klick 'Start Server' to start the server. Inside the graphical interface, you can edit the settings (you have to save the settings if you change something before you start the server. If you edit the config files itself changes will be overwritten! To connect start CSGO first and then start the gameserver through csgosl. Then tab back into the game, go into the server browser, select the LAN tab and your server should show up. Next, you have to add yourself as sourcemod admin: Find out your SteamID. (Go ingame, type status in console) It should look like this: STEAM_1:1:12345678 Go into the Sourcemod tab in csgosl and paste the ID into the admins field Save all settings Restart server or change map If you want to know how to install plugins look at this post.
  7. On Wednesday 20th June 2018 (in only ONE day and two hours) the EU parliament is voting on a new copyright directive which would force websites to create content filters, place taxes on links (I still didn't quite figure out how that's supposed to work) and more. Since I'm bad at writing anything I'm just going to link https://savetheinternet.info/. Please read through it and sign the petition.
  8. happy birthday make bhop dope again <3

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      Hope you're having a good time!

  10. Gonna be away for the next week until saturday.

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  12. Happy new year everyone.