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  1. 100% magic

    1. Rhys


      200% magic

    2. Rhys


      300% magic

    3. Rhys


      400% magic

  2. @Lunar Blade @Pancake Jenkins
  3. Ban appeal

    Trolling bans last 3 days. If you are wanting to appeal for this ban to get it shortened, please use the format shown in this link https://gflclan.com/forms/19-gmod-ttt-rotation-ban-appeals/
  4. You know what they say when life gives you potatoes, you make potato salad. And I just got the recipe.

  5. I've decided to unban you. Do keep in mind, however, that if you receive another week ban it will be raised to a month ban. @Zero or @Pancake Jenkins can lock this post now.
  6. I haven't had any really bad injuries but recently I dropped one of those rolling ladders on my knee while trying to fit it into a doorway at work. When it happened I could have sworn that it was bleeding because it hurt bad and felt warm, but luckily, I only ended up with a nasty looking bruise.
  7. Kirito (This one is way better looking) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=702836882
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