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  1. Thought I'd drop this in here, same name goes through here. https://github.com/Metapyziks/Octarine-Moon/blob/master/garrysmod/addons/ulx/lua/ulib/client/draw.lua
  2. So I'm pretty much screwed and can't do anything about it? Because that's what it sounds like. Great
  3. About the bhop, I assume by hitting a bhop, you mean gaining speed when you hop, and losing speed would be failing a bhop. Do you remember where I was bhopping? It was jumping from the roof top over to the railing that was below and if that wasn't enough the railing itself is also slanted downwards so even if my sync of strafing wasn't good enough, the downwards momentum made me propel forwards. Also a question, when you say 6-7 perfectly I hope you mean I was hitting a bhop (stopping) then hitting another one, because I would agree that I don't remember hitting 6-7 hops in a row (without stopping) like its nothing. Again just a reminder, all my bhops were in that one spot because I could gain speed easily there and I never got traitor once in that map (if I'm not mistaken) so every round I went to the same place and bhopped, If I died I went in DM and bhopped in the same place again. Now this part might sound a bit suspicious but the reason for me stopping completely was on me, point of bhopping is to go fast and if I didn't get enough speed I just pressed S which made me stop completely (or mostly) or I turned ~180 degrees quickly which ruined my sync (lost most my speed) and I attempted the same bhop again. On the Hook thing, I still claim what I believe to be the truth which is that I didn't add something that I didn't even know existed, all I can do on that one is hope that the game did/does add that and you to be merciful. Update: before submitting this I read your post again and I have a possibly good news, my net graph is set to -1, not 1 and if you're asking why, the time I got gmod and wanted to check my FPS and stuff, I just remembered the command as -1 and not 1, (hopefully that might be the reason for "blocking my attempts to send you Lua strings."). (also just a little unimportant note, I come from CS GO, and bhopping in gmod is a lot easier than in CS GO, but this isn't real proof.)
  4. Name: ShadowWolf Steam ID (or steam profile link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/666ShadowWolf/ Banned by: @Zero Ban Reason: Hacking Why should you be unbanned I can't really say much since I don't really know what exactly is happening, but what I do know is that I wasn't hacking. In game when you were messaging me, it did say "Zero to You" so first I did think you were messaging me, but I had no idea what you were on about so I thought maybe that is just his 'nickname' (just like the admin that has Innocent behind his name) and you never (to my knowledge) said my name (ShadowWolf) so I just read it and went on. I do remember you mentioned something about a 'Hook', and a name of something but I just went on playing since I didn't know what that meant.
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