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  1. Well apparently this is serious? Although when asked, you seem the be dodging it with other reason. Neutral leaning -1 Maybe if there's significant improvement in everything you listed plus more within the next 2 months (not just the duration of application).
  2. Neutral You're helpful and friendly, and you've lead Halloween house. My only concern is you might be pushing some boundaries here and there.
  3. +1 I think you'll be fine, you show signs of learning.
  4. You got your new headset, playtime lately looks good. I think it's time. +1
  5. I think you would do fine as an admin and it'll be a great learning experience for you. My only concern is when Uni picks up. Last time you applied, you disappeared during the tail end of your application cause of Uni. Specially now that you're taking a 2 week break for exams.
  6. Neutral If you can find a nice median between having fun and being responsible and this is what you want, then you'll have my support.
  7. Neutral I honestly don't think we've been on the server at the same time which isn't a negative. You have admin experience from SG but like others have stated, it seems you don't come to GFL as often.
  8. First, if you want to report admins please use the forms https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports-form/ Second, https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyBrightDumplingsAMPEnergyCherry https://clips.twitch.tv/NeighborlyTrappedMomDancingBaby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. You had a much different tone about GFL's stripper stripping out a "intended" map exploits. Would you also like to explain why you have to ask who was infected after you retried on the server? Or how about why you have to stress G F L and S T R I P P E R multiple times? Oh and I do appreciate this I'm glad I made you happier on GFL. The 30 min ban is up, try to not to exploit again.
  10. If you want to be salty about a kick warning, I'll go forward with the original punishment. [Donator] LzYoRHa : Good tip SquirrelsAreMean : !vol [Donator] LzYoRHa : STRIPPER Drac likes BigPhatKock : !negev [Donator] LzYoRHa : gfls best ting For someone that knows about GFL'S BEST THING - STRIPPERS - you DIDN'T know you would infect a random CT when you retry in console as last zombie. Lastly, the first thing that comes out of your voice comms after you retry is, "let's see who got infected from me" The first thing that comes out of your text after the kick is, LUL GFL ADMIN NICE ONE Oh and thanks for this on my profile. I'm glad you're happy now since you weren't as happy about GFL with just getting kicked.
  11. +1 If you can take a beating then I guess it's time
  12. All of the things you type are YIKES. The moments you do get on voice, also YIKES. The "it's just a joke bro" option select, YIKERZ. You haven't been on the server for awhile which is understandable for now. -1 Wherever you are during the COVID lockdown, stay safe. Kidding it's just a prank -1 for real
  13. When you got on voice comms you showed no intention of wanting to end the subject over your ego. You wanted to recoup your "ego" over voice comms. "HAVE YOU EVER SOLD ANYTHING IN REAL LIFE?" "MEET ME IN REAL LIFE, I'D BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU PUSSY" Note, you kept called me a pussy multiple times in chat after the mute and I never once had any intention of gagging you. You've been bashing other players for quite awhile. 17 mutes and 4 gags in the past 4 months. You tried to confront with virus, surfpolska noto: im older then you stupid zoomer I memed you on flexing being older in a sentence that contains "zoomer" when okay BOOMER is a thing. You replied something along the lines of not being a retard or being smarter than this retard When I tried to show you what you typed, you replied... wow great to know that you can copy paste console The rest is things I will apologize cause I should've just walked away and let you talk to yourself
  14. I think you meant to post this in the CSS section and Robby was suppose to post in the CSGO section neutral leaning ± 1 We'll see
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