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  1. Sure, I'm still interested. I don't mind doing trivial things on the dev end, I'm mainly just wanting more experience. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.
  2. Arrays

    I realize the point of this was to explain how arrays work but in reality it's better practice to use STL objects, namely vectors in this scenario, when dealing with dynamic allocation, or even just in general. Just as a personal opinion I feel using a vector for these types of things just looks cleaner and more modern, which is something we all should strive for. Regardless, it's a great introduction and explanation, so good job on that! Edit: For multidimensional purposes you can always use a map/unordered map to keep the STL object mindset.
  3. My Age: 18 My Talent: I've been programming for the past 4 years roughly, working my way from Python through Java. I'm currently working in C++ and studying assembly. I realize this may be an immediate turn off but I've devoted a lot of my time to cheat development for CSGO, but I also realized it'd be nice to give back to community servers and help them prevent cheating, which is why I wanted to apply here. A lot of the work I do is not published on my github since I usually do it for fun/as personal challenges. I've decided to, in the future, go into the realm of cybersecurity. I've got a pretty good understanding of IDA and reverse engineering since I've been working as a file analyzer for a certain popular cheating website (if you guys are interested to know feel free to ask for my profile link). This summer I'm doing a bootcamp of sorts over a couple months in order to get the certifications to become an SOC analyst, as well as furthering my malware analysis and reverse engineering skills. Regardless of that though, I'm still very passionate about programming and code quite often. From a personal perspective, I'm always excited to learn new things when it comes to programming and computers in general, so if there's ever anything I need to know for a project, I'll be sure to read up on the subject as thoroughly as necessary. Alongside all this I love working with statistics, which is reflected somewhat in my most current programming project: exploiting Valve's weak RNG in order to replicate sentry file generation. (The main issue with their RNG is the fact that they use their own modified function that instead of using standard cryptographically unique features, uses purely constants (https://github.com/VSES/SourceEngine2007/blob/master/src_main/vstdlib/random.cpp)) I'll link my github and discord below. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to message me. Best Regards, nci Github: https://github.com/monosec-nci Discord: nci*#8948 Hours/Week: 15-20 depending on workload
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