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  1. I'm baaaaaackkkkk:happytree:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Pachimo


      Hannah where do you keep leaving to lol

    3. Hannah


      I moved out of my parents for a year or so and had no wifi, but now I moved to Kentucky and have it lol 

    4. Chormee


      final-fuckin-ly. Missed you babe. Kisses

  2. Me : January 2017 Me : July 2017
  3. Glenn Rhee Avatar

    I was going to ask before I saw she grabbed this one, does Glenn have to be cartooned?
  4. We are gay together:B|:?????

  5. -1 for me Lack of interest
  6. Oh I forgot the quote opsss @inHaze
  7. Do you use just photoshop or that and something else?
  8. Art Request

    @Bae This is my favorite kind of signature theme are you doing this or should I?
  9. We love you, welcome back to the ranks of the common <3
  10. @PaulaDeen said to hit his line.

  11. I've been to both, private when I was really young but when I switched to public school I was considered dumb and I hadn't learned anything I was supposed to already know. In my opinion some private schools are great for education but in reality you just have a bunch of rich kids hooked on drugs and snobish bitches. Public school is also shitty but you learn a lot about the real world there. School in general is shitty if you don't have the right teachers and/or you are a outcast.
  12. From the actual pottermore website I am Gryffindor but when I took the test with all of the questions I got Slytherin and Gryffindor 50/50
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