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  1. So... this means what you said was false and a ban can in fact be changed and or removed...
  2. I also have admin friends, it appears you have not looked back at some karma bans as some got appealed and the person was unbanned by an admin.
  3. Uh, i dont believe you're an admin, sorry.
  4. Name: ChuppaTricky Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:503414047 Banned by: CONSOLE Ban reason: Karma too low. Why you should be unbanned: I am a very active player on this server and i was messing around tonight, this isnt my first karma ban but they all tend to be around the same time, i know i should have learned by now not to rdm and whatnot, but i wanna say this is a lesson learned on how easy your karma can drain, but my two other karma bans surely dont show that.
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