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  1. I personally think you didn't deserve the mute gag
  2. beanbag dum

    this guy asked for a repeat so I briefly explained we were playing simon says, at teh start of the round i initated it correctly, when you were not paying attention, you can ask anyone (creole, jabal, anyone) there was literally 5 people saying I did it right and everyine was folloinwg the simon says order I had already done before that repeat You also died because you wernt doing the order, also proving you didnt hear either of what I had already said
  3. beanbag dum

    Name: bruh Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:93440281 Admin who banned you:beanbag What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): 30min ctban Why do you want to be unbanned?: Ok so I initiated simon says correctly, "we are playing simone says yada yada ayda, however, beanbag was not paying attention when i said this everyone on the server literally heard me he swapped me onto T, but there was literally 1 ct left, who had the worst mic ever, so I swapped back cause tehre was no reason to swap me in the first place, I also asked him 3 times if I could swap over mic and in chat and he didnt say anything so i figured yes Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: false swap=ctban
  4. sorry i dont want to be pushy but with 200 hours on the server the current map pool is getting extremely dry and many people who I play with also say the same. can this be added soon along with other map suggestions?
  5. Jailbreak ban apeal

    is this slips ? who already appealed and got denied?
  6. its kinda stupid that you messed up and banned him for 2 weeks (handbook mfk ban) and then realized you messed up but still for the reason ALONE that you dont like him, keep the ban kinda biased
  7. update on this please the situation has come up ingame again i would like clairfication
  8. boomer maps but chicken island only good one thats fairly recent
  9. @Leks i think it is necessary to persue impossible spots such as 1 way mirror places and scout secret where its veyr hard to hit them also its pretty much a vent
  10. so basically on minecraft, there is a secret that allows you to fall into the lava, I saw a T do this and persud, every single admin on the server said "you cant follow him through the secret because its not a vent????? how else am i supposed to kill the guy in the golem, its literally impossible unless u get very very lucky
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=360731974 my favorite map created by the maker of jb_clouds the creater is smoGG, map has many fun secrets, minigames, surf, climb, all kinds of fun it says its the demo map thats not true its the full one @Leks said ingame to make a fourm post to not forget, so I copied my old post about this map no offense to gfl but all other servers have this map and its me and many others favorite map, it would be much appreciated if it was added
  12. Let me continue

    Ok so chef says "well I was cheating lr, it is true" its like you're not even reading because I also said "cheating allowed " so obviousely I cheated, but this grey area should get patched up rather than a ban i was unaware vin had video evidence of what happened, so o didn't think he knew the full story, but still banned . yes it does stray from gun toss because I intend to not throw the gun and cheat instead and kill them, hence "cheating allowed "
  13. Maybe if you read what I said I said I was doing it before without saying anything so now I explicitly say "no cheating " also you banned me because I did a Simon says round (no freekills) then baitied, then you 300 minute ban for that single bait alone, which has nothing to do with this appeal for my lr Also nice YouTube channel lol face reveal
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