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  1. bo2 bo3 ghosts mw1 cod3 and cod 2
  2. (+1) this guy hosts fun rounds let him be god on that map
  3. 049 okay 1st of all how would this work it would break the game 2nd if this was in the game then every d boi tries to get it first and 3rd my mind is that they will rdm each other
  4. +1 this maybe is a good idea but @Xy_ should see this
  5. give me a thousand of tokens and ill show ya


  6. @Xy_ anything else about thee update
  7. @Xy_ i dont know about this but site 65 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1788306202 its big but not big as 1730 plus it has a lot of rooms including secrets i dont know this will be added but its a good size map
  8. paranormal activity 3 paranormal activity 4 and paranormal activity 1....... 2 was not good
  9. if you enforce age requirement on this then this group/server would died so fast before i could say " i told you so" plus kids can be anywhere nowdays with voicechangers.
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