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  1. +1 I like your application, straight to the point. It seems you help out a lot in the discord and the head 2fort admin is personally sponsoring you, I like you and I want you. Hopefully you get accepted but keep your nose clean if you do, I almost immediately -1'd your application because you play Overwatch :^)
  2. +1 If you complied, you complied; sounds good to me, I've seen you a lot and died to you a lot but from what i usually see you dont talk much but when I do hear you talk you can come off as a bit rude (although its nothing too extreme) also I love og battlefront 2, you sound cool in my book and I say we give you a shot
  3. +1 Great application, i recognize your name, reccomended by a head admin and being a community leader for an mmo? Thats no easy task, I think you defineltey got what it takes to be admin
  4. +1 ive seen you a lot, and I say we give you a shot at admin
  5. +1 I've seen you around a bit and your application is pretty impressive
  6. +1 I thought you were already an admin, I see you a lot though
  7. Since my original non-serious post was deleted I'll type this out. I agree with most points of Omid's post, perhaps it's just my chaotic nature at heart but I don't see much purpose to a conflict resolution team and agree that a lot of people wouldn't take them seriously. That point was the one I particularly took interest in because if my personal views on the matter and I do believe most conflicts should be handled in private messages if so desired by all parties involved in said conflict, either that or publicly in front of everyone to see and laugh at. Other than that I do believe many of these roles to be pointless or lack a proper explanation of their duties as pointed out by Omid. I have little to no faith in the common person and also believe that there are people who just want to take an easy to get role for power and/or a pretty color for their name. I would like to see further explanations for the justification of having a whole PR team in the future which has been partially covered by RivalRevival. Until then I stand by my opinion that a PR team seems almost completely useless and only exists to make roles for the sake of having roles (such as conflict resolution)
  8. I agree, although I would love to keep Orange, if it absolutely must be replaced then I suggest we try to go with what has more interest and I have personally seen more people express in interest in 2fort #2. Gamestracker statistics also show that Dodgeball servers get lesser populations than Orange servers so it makes little sense to me to replace a server thats slowly gaining traction with a server less likely to gain a steady population
  9. -1 Alright I'm gonna add more to this because Pedro asked me to, I don't want to write a whole essay so I'll keep it as brief as I can. After reading the application I immediately had a sense of distrust based on her writing patterns and because I PERSONALLY have not seen her on but I haven't been able to get online much lately and was informed that she goes on hightower more which I do not often go to, and I was also informed of her relationship with Dalaw which also causes concern for me because of drama related issues that Zangie has already brought up and I 100% agree with. I am also concerned that she directly messaged Zangie on Discord shortly after she added her comment on the application which leads me to believe that although she may be courteous and professional sounding in her message, there may be a level of disdain and she will not be able to handle criticism lightly which could potentially lead to abuse of admin power considering that there is a light amount of toxicity that is maintained in our servers, with that being said we maintain a proper level of toxicity in order to keep things fun without it getting out of hand which is one of the reason I love the GFL servers and many of our admins because they understand that it is necessary in order to maintain our fairness, fun, and popularity. I believe this cannot be maintained with a romantic couple being admins because as stated earlier there seem to be issues with her handling criticism which will happen on many occassions and could lead to either Dalaw abusing admin power in order to "protect" her or her abusing the admin power herself and Dalaw turning a blind eye or ignoring any issues that may or may not rise with her. I do not mean to have any bad blood but those are my thoughts on this applicationand I will also attach a screenshot of Zangie being messaged by the applicant. I would appreciate it if the applicant did not message me personally about this but your message will most likely be ignored if you do anyways. And thats the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so
  10. Name: CryoGlacius Age: 22 Years Old Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:72424272 Timezone: Pacific time I've been playing on GFL servers for a few years now and would like to be able to enforce rules when there aren't any admins immediately available I do have access to Discord I can be active in the forums if needed I have no prior experience with admin duties I have no prior punishments
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