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  1. I'm going to go ahead and close this poll a little early. It seems that keeping the rules as it is wins. Out of 24 votes, 10 were to keep things as they are. That's enough that even though technically 14 votes were to add the rule, not a single variant of the rule was agreed on so things will remain how they are. Thanks for your participation. I'll be doing another Poll in the future, hopefully we can get the same amount, if not more participation in the next one!
  2. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A1%3A96860215&Submit=Search @Adversary When I said it was potentially worth a longer ban, I didn't realize there actually was one. I undid the Karma ban, but since Adversary was witness to the events, this ban is up to her if she wants to remove it.
  3. Unbanned. Watch your karma.
  4. So you killed... 6 people? Something potentially worth a month long ban? Unbanned. Hopefully you learned your lesson because I don't want this happening again. Just an FYI, Karma Bans are 24 hours.
  5. Denied. I recall stating, while you were online, that you can't kill off suspicion. Also the rules pop up in the MOTD every time you join, and every time the map changes. Karma bans are a day. Take the day, read the rules.
  6. Unbanned. Watch your Karma.
  7. Unbanned. Watch your Karma.
  8. Unbanned. Watch your karma. A single RDM wouldn't be enough to get banned by the console.
  9. I believe I do. I'm working on contacting the people involved. Please be patient until they are able to respond.
  10. Hey guys! So, I know there have been multiple complaints about people constantly following, and being able to do nothing about it. So, I've decided to start gathering some opinions on whether or not this rule should be added. Please explain why you choose what you do! The more persuasive you are, the better chance we have of getting a rule implemented that benefits the whole server. Thanks!
  11. STEAM_0:0:34061637 Well, your ID was slightly wrong. Unbanned. Watch your karma.
  12. Karma Ban

    This ban has Expired. Closing the thread.
  13. The Karma Ban will stay. Due to your actions, I feel it best you take some time to reflect on your actions.
  14. Unbanned. Watch your Karma.
  15. Just some searches through Source. Since Pancake banned you, whenever he's available he'll make the final decision here.
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