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  1. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/50993-gmod-ttt-rotation-how-to-appeal/
  2. The only thing I can agree with you so far is calling female members "bitch", or "cunt" as that's inherently offensive. Bitch is iffy though, and depends on context. "Don't be a bitch" is just... eh. Only a problem if used intentionally to degrade a female player. Spamming Fuck I don't think is a problem, but to be completely honest with you it'd be situational. I'd have to personally witness it to give you a solid opinion on that one. To reiterate my point above, the idea is to keep people from being toxic and hateful. The use of general common language is fine. Saying Fuck a lot might be annoying, but uh well. Everything else should fall under toxicity or harassment.
  3. I left, so I can say whatever the fuck I want now. And that said, fuck is a word you need to get used to. As Vil said, this is the internet. The idea while I was there was to keep things friendly and welcoming, however the use of "curse words" isn't something I feel is unwelcoming at all. It may be because I grew up with a family that cursed left and right around me, but I don't see it as a bad thing. That's not to say that I grew up cursing. I still treated the words as a normal kid would, and only actually said them when singing while I grew up. Even now, I don't curse as much as some people. Fuck, Shit, Damn, Ass, Bitch... Often times used in offensive ways, but honestly it's usually just a simple form of expression. To combine what Vil and Waylon said... this is the internet. There is no age rating on the internet because you're dealing with other people. And people are unpredictable. We can keep things from getting to a point of hate, but in no way would I personally even want to attempt to restrict peoples general speech. Hate and Toxicity is one thing. Expression is another.
  4. Karma bans are only 24 hours. And currently, @SkydivingSquid is the only one on Rot who can undo them. I think.
  5. Well folks, I guess it's time for me to go ahead and leave too. My time on Rot seems to have only fucked the server up beyond repair. And since I don't have the skills needed to put it back together, and I've lost the faith of my entire team, I guess I need to tuck my tail between my legs and run without looking back. Let's go ahead and explain some things here. My intentions have always been good. But the start of my downfall was with LAC. Many don't know, and I preferred it that way due to the backlash I may have gotten, but I was a large contributor to that LAC project being taken down. Those who don't know what I'm talking about, it was an Anti-Cheat made by a previously banned Hacker named Lily, or more recently on Discord, Mitch. Mitch is, in short, an extremely condescending asshole. He thinks he's above everyone else. And while if you were able to get close enough to have a conversation, he could be a really smart guy and even pleasant to speak with, any other situation and he was an absolute asshole. I'll go ahead and link all the screenshots I used when speaking with the Directors about my concerns with Mitch that led to them helping get the project disbanded. I do want to make it clear I wasn't against the AC, I was against Mitch. It was a good AC. But Mitch was abusing the powers he had from it. <Removed> However, one of my biggest concerns during that was Zero. Zero was a great man, and he did more for Rot then I ever could or ever will. However, he and Mitch had grown close. So the decision to shut down that project of course, affected him. It is of my belief that the project being disbanded was the major reason Zero decided to leave GFL. That is something that I deeply regret. Again, to those reading this who do not know the situation with Zero leaving, I'll link his resignation at the bottom. With Zero leaving and taking a lot of his code with him, Rotation fell apart. A lot of things on the server were built by Zero, and him leaving broke the structure we stood on. There are so many things broken and missing on Rotation right now, and I haven't the slightest idea how to do anything to fix it. So clearly I'm not even meant to be in this spot in the first place. However, after that I was still willing to try to work things out. But then something simple happened that grew. And I'm going to lay it out right here. We have a player on our server named @Bloopers. I think that's the right one to tag at least. He's known all around for being toxic. I've seen it, I agree he's toxic. He's been Perma Gagged with the appeal denied, he's been muted once or twice... but his only ban in recent times was December 22nd by myself. No other bans. However, the staff team have decided, against our guidelines, to permanently ban him. A little bit of background may be needed... he was permanently banned a few years ago on the older TTT servers for Toxicity. Long before I was around, and appealed that ban a year ago I think. The appeal can be found if you look hard enough. It was accepted, and in time he joined Rot. He has been very toxic, but... it was never properly taken care of. Apart from him being Perma Gagged so he can't use Mic Communication, The staff team has been just as toxic towards him due to his reputation. They've ignored when he has serious problems due to their assumption of him being an ass, and have straight up harassed him in turn. I don't understand why the staff think it's okay to be so biased against one man that they can be toxic towards them, bait them into being toxic themselves, and think it's okay then to skip steps and just perma ban them. An example I use, and I don't mean to throw you under the bus, you're a good admin, but @Duck. Duck himself is a perfect example of why being toxic towards Bloopers due to bias causes more problems then it's possible to solve. Any time someone ends up being toxic towards Duck, or even the staff in general while Duck is around, he tends to get toxic back. Do I like that? No. I've talked to him about it. But it's something that doesn't seem possible to change him him. Now turn that around for Bloopers. I'm not saying I've seen any change myself, no. However if a staff member ignores you, talks shit about or to you while you're there... You're going to be upset. Some people can brush it off and make a report later on. Others will get toxic back. I feel I need to clarify I'm not comparing Duck and Bloopers. I've said this to him directly, but I do think Bloopers is on track for a perma ban. Whereas I truly think Duck is a good admin. But it's that sort of mindset that they share. Where if they are being trash talked, they can't just take it and do something about it later through proper channels, they have to respond then and there. With the staff, and even other players targeting Bloopers due to the reputation he's created, it's impossible to truly see whether or not he's attempting to change. But that's only my argument to counter what the team has tried to tell me about why they skipped to a perma ban in the first place. My reason in general for disagreeing, and opting to lower his ban to a week is because that's the guidelines. Not even just is it the guidelines, but it's right. His only other ban on record is a 3 day ban. Well, that matters anyways, as the other two were Karma Bans that were appealed. In no way should someone be perma banned after a 3 day ban for the same offense. You don't get a write up then get fired. If the offense would have gotten you fired that fast, you'd likely have just been fired immediately. No, you get a Verbal Warning, a Written Warning, a Final... You get the point. There are steps to this kind of thing That nobody seems to want to follow. And I guess since I don't seem to have any hold on that for them anymore... It's a decision I'm standing by. But in doing so, I've simultaneously lost the trust of some staff, and the trust i had with some was broken as well. With all of this stacking together, and how some of those I trusted most have reacted to my most recent decision, there is too much stress going on for me to have any reason to stay. Clearly I've caused more harm to the server then good. At this point there shouldn't be much difference in my leaving then if I was here anyways. I'm driving all day for my job, and I have to sleep. That doesn't leave much time to check my phone, let alone Discord and the server. So I suppose it's time I cut this off, and went back to... whatever I was doing before I found this group. It was a fun ride. Zero originally sponsored me as an Admin, along side Mario_The_Man. When Pancake_Jenkins was inactive, he and Zero bumped me up to SM to help keep track of the server and it's problems. Pancake resigned leaving just me. It's time I left as well. So I stop fucking everything up. A couple parting requests first. I don't feel it fair to do it myself as I leave, but I do think @Magiconix is worthy of a Senior Admin position on Rotation. And depending on how well finding a replacement goes, maybe even Server Manager for the time being. @_Rocket_ as well. He's got the coding skills I don't, and while he's currently Co-SM for Dark RP, I think he'd be able to put a lot of effort into helping fix Rotation. And my final request I'll have to leave to those in a position to guard it. @Fafy @Ben @Liloz01 I'd like you three to make sure that the current ban on Bloopers doesn't get raised back to a perma ban. If he's to be removed from the server, it needs to be done properly. Even while leaving, I still stand by that choice. Thank you all for the fun time, and for those who believed in me for a while. I guess I got too friendly instead of being stern, because I lost control of my team and they decided what I thought was right wasn't good enough anymore.
  6. RDM/L Bans are typically 6 hours long. Your ban has expired. Apologies for the delay.
  7. Looks like this was Denied and you got the info you needed, so I'll be closing this now.
  8. And with that, I believe it's pretty clear this appeal is DENIED. You are given the chance to appeal again for the gag in a months time from today. But you'll need to show some serious improvement in that time to be considered seriously.
  9. Apologies for the delay... it looks like you were banned from MC 24/7, not Rot. I'll move the thread over there.
  10. I believe this ban should stay. It's 24 hours. Use the time to reflect on our rules, because as you described "thinking" he was the T is just suspicion and not KOSable, meaning it was RDM. DENIED
  11. Farewell friend. I'll be sure to bring map issues to you if they come up just to have a good reason to be sure you're still around. I'm sorry things haven't been turning out well, but I'm glad to hear you plan on hanging around still. Best wishes, and I hope you find something else you'll enjoy since we no longer do that for you.
  12. This was already taken care of via the discord, you're unbanned. However, in the future when making an appeal please use the proper format: https://gflclan.com/forms/19-gmod-ttt-rotation-muteban-appeals/
  13. Maps in the Poll Above - Life The Roof - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=487551759 Island - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=183797802 Old Residence - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1623147432 Kakariko Village - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118937144&searchtext=Kakariko+Village Roy The Ship - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108040571&searchtext=Roy+The+Ship Richland - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108034193&searchtext=Richland Please make your votes! I also want to inform you all that there will be another vote alongside this one about adding a map made by @Udane specifically for GFL. Ravine - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1862414362 Ravine and a current map, Instigated Ruin were both made by Udane for GFL a while ago, and it's about time we give it some recognition. But whether or not the map get's added is up to you guys. So be sure to vote if you want to see Ravine added alongside whatever map wins the main poll!
  14. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A90915844&Submit=Search @MilkMan
  15. Whoops, sorry. Got busy and forgot about this. Karma Bans are 24 hours, so it's expired by now.
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