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  1. You know what I'm saying, and I'm not going to argue this further. The initial issue of this topic has been clarified. The rules are set. If you decide to break them because you don't agree with them, expect to be punished for it. To prevent this from continuing, I ask that the thread be locked.
  2. And I'm telling you the rule as said by Zero. If you kill someone on Yellow Roof and get reported, you will get slain for it.
  3. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A81506602&Submit=Search That's your ban. First, you were banned on Mc 24/7, not Rotation. Second, Karma Bans are only one day. Third, what you described is something that possibly could have gotten you all banned for ghosting on Rotation at least. @MilkMan can take a look at this when he get's a chance.
  4. Zero himself has said that the Yellow Roof is no longer a KOSable zone, unless you are 100% certain the person up there didn't boost up. Sorta like how if you are watching the teleport locations on 67th and Inno Motel, know no one was in there before and suddenly someone comes out... You can kill because they must have TP'd from the T room.
  5. I've had issues like this fix themselves after a few days. If the issue is relatively new, I'd give it about a week then report back here. If it still persists, then maybe Zero would be able to look into it.
  6. Here is my interpretation ok f the rule about "KOSing someone for not shooting someone who is KOS'd". To me, it only applies if the two are seen together in a non-violent situation. He runs past you, and you saw him but didn't shoot. You're both in a room with an active KOS on the guy, but decide to just not shoot him. That sort of thing. While a gunfight is in progress, it should be common sense that sometimes someone may not have been following, so doesn't know who to to shoot. Out of your three scenarios above, only the first is one I might see and think it wasn't RDM. The other two are perfectly valid reasons. However also for the first, if a guy is calling a KOS on someone but refuses to shoot themselves, I wouldn't blame you for not shooting either. All in all, this is another one of those rules that ends up being very situational. But to me, the bottom line is that it's RDM unless there is an actual value reason for not attempting to kill the KOS'd individual. Such as following the trail of another, having no weapons, or hell, even just not knowing where they were. Keep in mind however this is merely my take on the rule. My word is not final.
  7. Looking into it a little bit, it looks like this might be your ban history. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A1%3A175981623&Submit=Search Two Mass RDM bans in the past year, then apparently @starfoxgods banned you for "reason". Presumably that meant to say Hacking. The reason I assume it'll be denied is because "Testing out a hack" isn't a very good reason to hack on our servers.
  8. I disagree. I'm pretty sure MC has the Defibs though. I personally don't think I'd want them on the server. Also if you're just suggesting things, we have a way to do so on the forums that gets looked at by more people, and can get votes. High votes doesn't mean it'll get added, but they are all looked at by the higher ups.
  9. Well. I'm pretty sure this'll be denied, but I'll let @Zero or @Pancake Jenkins decide.
  10. Fair. My suggestion would be to get others to do it if you're a Traitor. "He's prop surfing KOS him!" Or even just call a KOS without saying why and hope it works. If it comes down to it, use the rule to back you up. It's not guaranteed to get someone else to do your dirty work, but it has a fairly decent success rate.
  11. I mentioned that as well, but Prop Surfing as a whole isn't allowed and is KOSable. That location has been known to be off limits due to that. I personally shoot anyone I see prop surfing, or if I'm dead/spectating TP them down and if they continue, start slaying them for it. I understand your concern for that location. I could always ask and see if it'd be possible for him to block it off as well, but as long as there is a staff member online then it hopefully wouldn't be an issue.
  12. After talking to Zero and getting some clarification, here is what I have about the rule. Boosting as a whole is a thing that shouldn't be restricted. Players should be able to jump on objects or other players to reach higher locations. As long as those locations are intended for players to be in. The roof of the construction building on this version of the map is not intended for players to reach. The Yellow Roof on Nuketown however has guns up top. One could argue that it's meant to be a Traitor room, but players can usually find ways to sneak into Traitor rooms in other maps too. The other problem with the construction roof is that the primary ways to get on top of it are methods that weren't intended in the source engine. Boosting off the ladder is not intended. Jumping off of boxes is. Using the car to fling yourself across the map isn't. Boosting was only suggested as a method to get onto the roof to argue the point of it being reachable by boosting, yet people being TP'd down. So the bottom line, players can boost up to places. However, players aren't allowed to boost up to locations that they aren't supposed to be in. As a result, Zero informed me he will be blocking off the construction roof. As far as I'm aware, there are no other problematic locations from boosting right now, so blocking off the construction roof should solve most of the problems surrounding the rule.
  13. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=boots&Submit=Search I think that's your ban. Looks like you were banned by the anti-cheat system. @Zero @Pancake Jenkins One of them will look into it.
  14. I'm just gonna bump this since it's been a few weeks.
  15. First I kinda agree about blocking the car. TECHNICALLY it's an exploit, but I mean... you see the car not moving, just... don't get close to it. As for the roof, the biggest difference is whether or not player are meant to be up there. Yellow roof, Traitors can TP up there. It's a spot that players, at least traitors are meant to be able to get to. The Construction building however, has no legitimate ways for players to get up there on this version of the map. It's not intended for players to be up there, so getting up there in any way is considered an exploit. My personal opinion is that I'd like to see both not allowed. To me boosting follows the same formula as prop surfing. Using means unintended to reach a higher place that was unintended. Players were not meant to get to yellow roof. Hell, they probably weren't meant to be able to get on Blue roof, but that ones so easy that there isn't much reason to try to argue that one is an exploit. You can do it alone and without the assist of any props or entities. What I'd like to do is try to amend the rule one way or the other. Most staff seem to agree that Construction is an exploit and thus not allowed. So my biggest point to make isn't to counter that, but to ask why Yellow Roof is so much different then?
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