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  1. Well, it didn't take long for me to see you acting pretty similarly when I first came back.... But it seemed all in good fun I think. And I was messing around when I said something similar to you at the time. I have no power here, but I did want to say that I truly believe you have the potential to be an active, respected/respectful member of the community if you put the effort into it. Good luck with the appeal!
  2. There is your ban... Though the proof definitely looked like you were hacking to me. @KeiraJJ
  3. This is your ban. Just gonna try to refresh this appeal for you. Though, you have been banned since 2015 apparently. @JadedJade @Duck.
  4. Sorry, but the truth is since I left GFL for 5 months and came back, I am now fated to be Director.
  5. Well ya see, pretty sure I clicked ignore on most of the ones that came shortly after I left. I don't have any pending requests right now. It's nice to be here. Nice to just be part of the community. Thanks everyone.
  6. I'm LunarBlade. I've been here before, and there are probably many that will recognize me. For those who don't, I joined a year ago, in June of 2019 after joining the TTT Rotation server. I loved the server and played on it a lot, applying for staff and after a few months, ending up in the position of Server Manager. I enjoyed my time as a Server Manager, but got caught up in some drama and made mistakes I'm not proud of. I resigned in an emotional decision, saying things I shouldn't have. Well, here I am. I've already apologized to those I affected when I left, that's not what this post is about. While I miss my time as SM on the Rotation server, that time is at an end. But I also miss being part of the community. I'm not entirely sure how much I plan to... come back just now, but I know that if I do I won't be putting a full amount of effort to where I was before. That's not my place anymore. So, let's start over. I'm LunarBlade. I'm 22. Currently unemployed as a result of current events. I have a microphone though prefer not to use it because I'm shy. Or as a friend called it once, I'm a bit of a textrovert. I don't like speaking, but I can usually get along just fine over text. I often am playing games on my PS4 rather then my PC. Most recent game I enjoyed would be The Last Of Us 2. Otherwise I've been killing time playing games like Killing Floor 2 and Dead By Daylight. I also watch Anime. I'm not too enamored by the current season releasing, but my favorite anime would probably be Re:Zero, which is getting it's second season next month and I'm very much looking forward to that. If you want to chat, hit me up on discord. I'm currently only in the Gmod discord, but here's my tag. LunarBlade#6095. Be warned that I'm afraid of making friends. It's a... problem that I'd like to try to solve at some point. Other then video games and anime, I don't have much going for me in my life, so... here I am. So, Hello. To those I knew before and those who never knew me. I've finally introduced myself.
  7. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/50993-gmod-ttt-rotation-how-to-appeal/
  8. The only thing I can agree with you so far is calling female members "bitch", or "cunt" as that's inherently offensive. Bitch is iffy though, and depends on context. "Don't be a bitch" is just... eh. Only a problem if used intentionally to degrade a female player. Spamming Fuck I don't think is a problem, but to be completely honest with you it'd be situational. I'd have to personally witness it to give you a solid opinion on that one. To reiterate my point above, the idea is to keep people from being toxic and hateful. The use of general common language is fine. Saying Fuck a lot might be annoying, but uh well. Everything else should fall under toxicity or harassment.
  9. I left, so I can say whatever the fuck I want now. And that said, fuck is a word you need to get used to. As Vil said, this is the internet. The idea while I was there was to keep things friendly and welcoming, however the use of "curse words" isn't something I feel is unwelcoming at all. It may be because I grew up with a family that cursed left and right around me, but I don't see it as a bad thing. That's not to say that I grew up cursing. I still treated the words as a normal kid would, and only actually said them when singing while I grew up. Even now, I don't curse as much as some people. Fuck, Shit, Damn, Ass, Bitch... Often times used in offensive ways, but honestly it's usually just a simple form of expression. To combine what Vil and Waylon said... this is the internet. There is no age rating on the internet because you're dealing with other people. And people are unpredictable. We can keep things from getting to a point of hate, but in no way would I personally even want to attempt to restrict peoples general speech. Hate and Toxicity is one thing. Expression is another.
  10. Karma bans are only 24 hours. And currently, @SkydivingSquid is the only one on Rot who can undo them. I think.
  11. RDM/L Bans are typically 6 hours long. Your ban has expired. Apologies for the delay.
  12. Looks like this was Denied and you got the info you needed, so I'll be closing this now.
  13. And with that, I believe it's pretty clear this appeal is DENIED. You are given the chance to appeal again for the gag in a months time from today. But you'll need to show some serious improvement in that time to be considered seriously.
  14. Apologies for the delay... it looks like you were banned from MC 24/7, not Rot. I'll move the thread over there.
  15. I believe this ban should stay. It's 24 hours. Use the time to reflect on our rules, because as you described "thinking" he was the T is just suspicion and not KOSable, meaning it was RDM. DENIED
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