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  1. I went and saw Foster The People in July 2011 before they got huge. My mom had discovered them at SXSW and we had listened to them almost constantly since then. It was at a little club venue with like a hundred or so people packed in. The bassist gave me a thumbs up which was pretty cool. Pretty much solidified my love for club venues forever.
  2. Where’s the leak ma’am?
  3. Don’t live there anymore but I did for 9 years: North Dakota Pros: -Cool summers -nice landscapes -Very close to canada -Aurora Borealis is visible -People are usually nice -not that far from more exciting states -Has a cool show named after its most popular city -Minot Air Force Base has a sick airshow -quiet Cons: -virtually everything is boring -oil fields have increased crime a billionfold -has a lot of sex offenders just like south dakota -absolutely nothing to do besides shop and go to museums -average age is like 87 -people are pretty wary of outsiders -Winter is like the winter they talk about in game of thrones -Evangelical Christians are everywhere
  4. Oh man I forgot about that little message
  5. Oh damn dude you just hit the nostalgia button My favorite moment was definitely when my friend and I flipped the Elephant on Sandtrap in Halo 3. It was a lobby full of my school friends and they all lost their shit over such a Herculean thing. We managed to cease the fighting for a few seconds before we got run over by brute choppers. Good times man Can’t wait for MCC on Steam
  6. Man I should’ve been more careful with this movie I’m really not sleeping tonight
  7. +1 for hereditary I recommend The Ritual
  8. Personally, I’d go for the Air Force and try to get into some of the missile and satellite stuff. I don’t know about the pay, but it’s definitely more comfortable than being front lines or on a ship.
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