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  1. Imagine using smoke grenades on long defending maps such as Minecraft Universe, Dark Souls, or even the Shrek level from Diddle. You're gonna make yourself a complete scumbag for immobilizing zombies in hard defending positions.
  2. Think about the time we spent on beating Diddle or Santa Extreme. As the saying goes: The harder the challenge, the better the reward. At least give winners the reward for spending 2-3 hours on beating the new strippers on Diddle or Santa Extreme.
  3. Who uses shotties anymore in ZE? Very useless in boss fights
  4. Exactly. You're also the winner of argument for stating the fact that Rod did NOT abuse his power of the mute. The ban should've been longer than a month, but it would've extended it to 2-3 months.
  5. Facts. Looks like you're the winner of this argument.
  6. CORRECTION: He has 70+ comm bans and a month ban for trying to escape his punishment.
  7. Yeah, found a guy who uses the right SMG for ZE.
  8. This may be a stupid question, but can we give the guys who earned Top Defender immunity from being a zombie next round because as Frid told me about the guys who got Top Defender on CSS ZE get immunity from being Mother Zombie. I feel like this server should feature it, too. (I know I sound like Robby, but I don't use Negev anymore to farm Top Defender now. I also want to farm 5K points on GameTracker, too please. )
  9. Sucks to be you, filthy Bizon and Negev mains. AK, P90, Mac-11, M4A1 are better guns than Bizon.
  10. It's all about the reaction time on what map is better for you and the players to play. As Elemental said, you gotta be fast.
  11. P90 Rush B Cyka Blyat! Map(s): ze_Rush_B Restrictions/Limitations: P90 only Event Time preferred: Anytime Others: If everyone uses P90, we'll make the meme much more spicier! As the title suggests, how about we say goodbye to the Bizon and Negev so that use P90 in Rush B so that we can play the Soviet Anthem song during the final part.
  12. I dunno about Suggestion #1 because there's no stopping players to vote influence a map that they want to play or not to play, but I highly agree to Suggestion #2 because when it comes to AFKs, they either take up player slots in certain tryhard maps, or just don't want to play the game if they're infected as Mother Zombie. Because if they're mother zombie, they gotta suck it up and infect people or just watch boss fights and learn the attack patterns. The AFK timer really needs to be reduced because when I'm mother ZM, I usually see half of the ZM team AFK.
  13. I feel like P90 is the better SMG because it has better fire rate, more accuracy, and versatile. Never mind the cost of the gun; because P90 has less recoil on rapid fire than Bizon itself.
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