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  1. I believe that the time has come for me to step down from staff entirely. As you may or may not know, I have been going through some really REALLY stressful times right now. My father has a crack addiction, and this addiction has been getting worse. It has gotten to the point where I don’t know if we are going to have a roof over our heads by the end of this coming month. During my absence, I have been endlessly trying to find better employment and attempting to get a car ASAP, just so in the worst case scenario I could live in my car for a little bit. Long story short, my life is at a low point at the moment; and worrying about RDM reports and all the countless new overstimulating “content” that is being added is the least of my concerns right now. I have been a part of this community since June 11th 2019, 10 days later I became staff. I miss the good old days of Fast food. I miss the coal mining RP, and I miss all the people that have come and went with time. @Zero @Pancake Jenkins and @VilhjalmrF to name a few. As time progresses I tend to find myself treating this position as a job that I just try to go to every day just to make a paycheck… except there is no paycheck. My desire to play has been slowly diminishing and It has finally gotten to the point where I am so focussed on other things, and the only time I think about the server is when I'm thinking about whether or not to resign. It also doesn’t help that it is being run by a person that doesn’t even try to speak to me and has actively avoided me since June 11th, 2020. I feel uncomfortable to join a server that has this immature and unprofessional principal. I will take this time to mention some people that i’d like to address formally before my resignation: @JadedJade I love you girl, you are fucking amazing and I wish we could talk more. You have been supportive and understanding to my situation and I appreciate having you as a friend, and I hope you continue doing the awesome work that you’re doing. Just know that you can come to me about any problems you are having or even drop by and say hello. @Duck. You can choose to take this as me calling you out. Or, you can take this as a sign that your actions have effects on other people. And those actions may be causing those people to not want to be on the server anymore. I miss you. I want to be able to call you a friend again and hang out and play video games. I have heard your “reasons” as to why you up and ghosted me but I just wanna talk man. Stop running away from it and talk to me. @Kirito_dualswords You are a funny guy and I hope your streaming hobby really kicks off. You are entertaining to watch and I enjoy hanging out with you on call. I hope you can evolve as a staff member and as a streamer and really make a name for yourself. You have my best wishes and support. @Magiconix I think 100% of people figured this was a given but I love you and I can’t wait to go up to Texas with you and start a life with you. I think about it every day and I thank this community and this server for bringing us together @Royal. You’re a real one man, I love talking to you for hours on discord about real stuff and I hope you can find your purpose in life and achieve happiness. I miss hanging out with you and hopefully we can catch up soon TL;DR: It's been a blast being part of the TTT Rot staff; however, there are some external factors that prevent me from being a proper staff member so I feel it is time for me to resign. I love all of you guys in the GFL community and I hope to still get on the server every once in a while once my situation clears up. Until then, I bid thee farewell.
  2. After discussion with staff, we have decided to let this one slide. It appears to be a consensual agreement for the parties involved and I believe that the Rules should be applied equally and not exclude people from consensual RDM regardless of rank. However, Keep in mind if this situation arises again without consent, your ban will stay given your record of bans. It has been made known that these things are allowed as long as all parties involved are okay with it. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this ban has caused. Have fun on our server and stay out of trouble. If you have any questions you can ask either myself, @Magiconix, @Duck., or @JadedJade.
  3. Gonna miss the old rotation server. Overall i agree with the decision even though this may upset many many people. The server is noticeably struggling to handle the current load being put onto it, and i think we can all agree with that. Everyone will hopefully band together as one and make it through this tough decision. My faith in this community has always been strong, and i know we'll all make it through this.
  4. I would like to request my own mask for the TTT Rot server Mask Name - Myst Mask Image - 6208_BONK.png
  5. To whom this may concern, I banned this player due to the fact that he RDMed 3 traitors back to back with little to no proof. Myself of which was included. You killed 3 people back to back which constitutes as a Mass RDM ban. Your reason for killing these people are completely contradicted by the damage logs corresponding to said reports. None of us opened fire on you nor did we do anything that would constitute a KOS. I would prefer you see out the rest of your ban.
  6. Given this player's track record I'm a little apprehensive to consider an appeal, especially this soon. I also find it hard to believe that direct insults to staff are meant to be anything short of "Light hearted" or "as a joke". As you stated in the appeal this player have been warned multiple times and have been given a lot of chances to correct yourself before a perma gag was enforced. I feel as if this player does not take authority seriously on our server. I understand it's a video game and all but we have rules for a reason and we should all respect them. For example, right after the gag was made he proceeded to say "LMAOOO" "Literally screaming and crying" as if it were a joke and did not treat the punishment seriously at all. I honestly just struggle to find a reason to remove the gag at this time. I feel that the player should wait a month before trying to appeal again and after that we can gauge the player's behavior and consider a removal then. Until that time I suggest you be on your best behavior and really show the change you're talking about. Actions speak louder than words.
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