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  1. This is just a idea...... Not sure if something like this is already in. But I think if you finish a map (ALL LEVELS IN THAT MAP) Then maybe you should get rewarded with player models. Say you finish dark souls map all levels. Then you should unlock a darksouls player model. That way you can sort of show off what maps you have finished.
  2. Zinger Banner

    Got Board and made this.
  3. No I will just bind my mouse wheel to JUMP. Also thanks for getting back to me aswell. Yeah I will wait and see what happens mate. Thanks again!
  4. But is it okay to BIND my mouse wheel to JUMP? Also I don't mind waiting out the ban. I just wanted to point out I wasn't cheating or anything else!
  5. Also in this case. I can I bind my mouse to jump? To stop from getting banned next time?
  6. Well I didn't know that about scripts and that. But again I wouldn't want my account banned as it is. I love my STEAM profile way to much then what a normal human should
  7. Then check everyone elses stats aswell. People was hitting better BHOPS then me. Again Like I said. My ping on the server wasn't the best. Kept making me go down slower then normal........ Hence how it was easier to hit these. Again I'm not lying and it really isn't impossible. When you train most of the time on bhop/surf servers.
  8. It really isn't hard in your server. When you have high ping you can full down slowly. My ping was at 140 to 200s. You say 20+ jumps. But you banned me when I did like 4 or 5 in a row. Hitting space bar isn't hard to do. I dont have any script aswell. You're more then welcome to check my binds and my PC. Also why would I use a script and get my account VACed? Also anything is possible when you practice alot.
  9. Your In-Game Name: ZingerBurger Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:177740348 Ban reason and Length: HYPERSCROLL - 1440mins Admin That Banned You: Seiyi Appeal Reason: I do not have my mouse binded on my JUMP key. MY scroll wheel is for SWITCHING weapon....... I bhop with my space bar. I've got over 300 hours doing this. Also there was alot more users doing better bhops then I was.... Yet I'm the one who got banned?
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