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  1. Happy birthday, I love you!

    1. SirAdair


      THANk you! im never on forums so didnt see this ;-; i love you too tho!

  2. Apex Legends League of Legends Black ops 4 Multiplayer/Blackout Hunt: Showdown Middle-earth games... i do need to play more of that Battlefield 1 and RE2
  3. Happy Early Birthday 

    1. SirAdair


      Ty! 9 days early ;) 

  4. stay up till 1:00 am and watching utube till i fall asleep
  5. I didn't know you that well, but i did talk to you a few times and you seemed pretty chill. I use play APB as well Not often but if you wanna play let me know! been looking for a reason to get back into APB
  6. Haha, thanks Dan and prob never hired again... Focused on more important things
  7. 13 @4ix sorry for late response
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