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  1. Id hire a private Executioner just for @Deltacommander❤️
  2. Correct literally the WORST state for potholes and the second you pass the border into Indiana suddenly roads are so much better haha, and the weather absolutely awful
  3. currently not anyone... still friends w/ a lot of people i had in previous communities, but there are a few thats gonna be hella depressing when they're gone
  4. Happy birthday, I love you!

    1. SirAdair


      THANk you! im never on forums so didnt see this ;-; i love you too tho!

  5. Apex Legends League of Legends Black ops 4 Multiplayer/Blackout Hunt: Showdown Middle-earth games... i do need to play more of that Battlefield 1 and RE2
  6. Happy Early Birthday 

    1. SirAdair


      Ty! 9 days early ;) 

  7. stay up till 1:00 am and watching utube till i fall asleep
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