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  1. I'm gonna give you a -1 What I see from your application is inconsistencies with your work. Some of it is great, such as the "Lawlness" photo, but others are lacking. The minecraft TTT poster shading behind the GFL 24/7 looks like a basic paint tool / airbrush, and doesn't really look good. Also, you're missing some of the key fundamentals, like contrast, typography etc.
  2. 1714fd58f179b5.png


    Thanks for being the only like on my first status update since the new website LOL

    1. Katie


      I thought it deserved some love

    2. Roy
  3. GFL Member Directory

    An actual photo of me, your friendly neighbourhood gamer grill
  4. problem with NLR time

    15 minutes is a a considerable amount of time for the NLR rule to be enforced. (I understand the length for raiding). I recall from when I was a purge admin the general NLR rule was five minutes as that is a more realistic option compared to triple the time. Hopefully your issue is seen and is either explained or resolved
  5. How to get a vip in ur zoombi escape server ? 

    Or different skins in ur Humans? 

    1. Katie
    2. xSnowyAngel


      Hi, assuming u meant CSGO ZE. You can get VIP here https://gflclan.com/donate/

      And here are the perks: 


  6. Change 1 Letter

  7. enjoy the ban, HACKER.

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    2. Roy


      Who will lead GFL now?!?!!?

    3. Katie



    4. i have had it up to here

      i have had it up to here

      tfw you don't want to start a community for a reason, and have been asked more then once...

  8. Report on the biggest hackers on the server

    Thank you for your report, we take this very seriously and I am glad to say these two have been officially permanently banned. Hopefully this never happens to you again. Roy is still bad at overwatch tho
  9. Happy birthday! :D

  10. Bones

    Boneless, like Joshy said, bones have like cartilage and gross stuff, and it's just faster to eat boneless. EZ
  11. So I made a thing (again)

  12. Roy needs your help

    Currently don't have any money, however I get paid tomorrow so i will be able to donate. Roy is an amazing guy and has never received anything (money wise) from GFL. He works tirelessly for all of us and the is the least he deserves. We've got you bud!
  13. @Katie wow u always do so good xooxox