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  1. Happy birthday, Katie 

  2. Happy birthday! :D

  3. I am on both the media team, as well as the GFX team. I really like your gfx. It's a new style, and it's definitely cool. We don't have many people who can use programs like that. I do have one complaint, it's very minor, it seems like some of the images provided are low resolution, which can be easily fixed, so i'm not going to -1 you for that, as it appears that your newer work is much better quality. 1+ on GFX On the video side, I know this isn't your fault, but it's ideal to be recording in at least 1080p with relative good graphics. I don't see that here, but I do realise it is not your fault. The video does also seem very basic, and plain, however you do show off some relative skill, I would like my other team members to make comments on your video editing skill, as I'm going to be NEUTRAL. Overall this is a good application that took time, and effort which does NOT go unnoticed. Thank your for applying!
  4. Boneless, like Joshy said, bones have like cartilage and gross stuff, and it's just faster to eat boneless. EZ
  5. spoopy
  6. Currently don't have any money, however I get paid tomorrow so i will be able to donate. Roy is an amazing guy and has never received anything (money wise) from GFL. He works tirelessly for all of us and the is the least he deserves. We've got you bud!
  7. @Katie wow u always do so good xooxox
  8. Congrats!
  9. the one and only
  10. I used to play because it was fun, and I was admin, so I was needed. Now I play because I have some friends online that are cool, and it's a good break from school etc.
  11. http://play.typeracer.com/ <- use this link and let me know you score! Mine is average of 80 - 90
  12. I purchased Outlast 2 and then got jumpscared so hard I uninstalled it and got a refund. Glad this game is on humble bundle for free. Also, the main reason this thread is derailed is because of everyone commenting. It's not just Otters fault (;
  13. if we're talking old days, Otter, Omid, Hacking, 3hunna all those plebs
  14. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-walking-dead-season-1 only has 30 minutes left. Great game though!