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  1. -1 Every single time you come back to this team you leave empty promises of change, resolution and no drama, Over the past YEARS I have never once actually seen you change. The drama simply isn't worth your presence on the team.
  2. I'm gonna give this a -1. There isn't any evidence in the post to demonstrate your work. You have 0 posts and not an active member in the community On the application, not only is there little effort put into it but also numerous grammatical errors.
  3. Hey!

    Hope the surgery went well and fixes things up for ya!

    1. Roy


      Hia and thank you :) It's just going to take time to recover.

  4. I am Rose's bitch.

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    2. Katie
    3. Kite9867


      Haha! Have fun Katie! You just got the shit end of the stick my friend.


    4. rapperdan


      your bad memes landed in my discord and kinda just died fast as


      legit bad memes are bad and just never take off...


      also just incase you guys want some numbers of people in my discord here you guys go...

      Fn9gn4cTRmCyAWjHfi_Eaw.png I have 1 bot so the numbers are more like 111 so it's slightly misleading my bad bois. "it's just a small personal discord I swear"

      Edited by i have had it up to here
  5. Thank you, BlakeS for the application. Unfortunately, the media team has decided to deny your application due to the artwork not meeting our standards, as well as a negative attitude regarding recent events. Thank you for applying.
  6. I'm gonna give you a -1 What I see from your application is inconsistencies with your work. Some of it is great, such as the "Lawlness" photo, but others are lacking. The minecraft TTT poster shading behind the GFL 24/7 looks like a basic paint tool / airbrush, and doesn't really look good. Also, you're missing some of the key fundamentals, like contrast, typography etc.
  7. 1714fd58f179b5.png


    Thanks for being the only like on my first status update since the new website LOL

    1. Katie


      I thought it deserved some love

    2. Roy
  8. An actual photo of me, your friendly neighbourhood gamer grill
  9. Understandable! I don't want you to think I'm being tough on you or targeting you. You're always allowed to reapply if this application doesn't turn out It is not solely my decision, and it is ultimately up to the other staff members too, so you still have a shot. Good luck!
  10. How to get a vip in ur zoombi escape server ? 

    Or different skins in ur Humans? 

    1. Katie
    2. xSnowyAngel


      Hi, assuming u meant CSGO ZE. You can get VIP here https://gflclan.com/donate/

      And here are the perks: