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  1. Media Team Application from ZombieSurvivalist224

    Goodluck on the app!
  2. Media Team Application from ZombieSurvivalist224

    PROS: The transitions and music of the video all followed one theme which was really cool, and it all fit together pretty well. I checked out your youtube, and you're active and you do have 1.2k on youtube! It's clear you know at least the basics of video editing CONS: The quality of the video was horrid. Just gonna say that. However, on your youtube you do have videos that go up to 1080p HD, so this is easily disregardable (as we require all videos to be 1080p as far as I know) Truthfully, you have what I believe to be a lot of potential. I believe that the GFL media team will benefit you and give you creative ideas to not only collaborate with other members, but also learn a whole lot more and dive into deeper projects. I am a +1
  3. peace fuckers

  4. Create a "The Forest" server

    Only for this post.
  5. Create a "The Forest" server

    @Roy +1
  6. GFL Member Directory

  7. Hey!

    Hope the surgery went well and fixes things up for ya!

    1. Roy


      Hia and thank you :) It's just going to take time to recover.

  8. I am Rose's bitch.

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    2. Katie
    3. Kite9867


      Haha! Have fun Katie! You just got the shit end of the stick my friend.


    4. rapperdan


      your bad memes landed in my discord and kinda just died fast as


      legit bad memes are bad and just never take off...


      also just incase you guys want some numbers of people in my discord here you guys go...

      Fn9gn4cTRmCyAWjHfi_Eaw.png I have 1 bot so the numbers are more like 111 so it's slightly misleading my bad bois. "it's just a small personal discord I swear"

      Edited by i have had it up to here
  9. 1714fd58f179b5.png


    Thanks for being the only like on my first status update since the new website LOL

    1. Katie


      I thought it deserved some love

    2. Roy
  10. GFL Member Directory

    An actual photo of me, your friendly neighbourhood gamer grill
  11. problem with NLR time

    15 minutes is a a considerable amount of time for the NLR rule to be enforced. (I understand the length for raiding). I recall from when I was a purge admin the general NLR rule was five minutes as that is a more realistic option compared to triple the time. Hopefully your issue is seen and is either explained or resolved
  12. How to get a vip in ur zoombi escape server ? 

    Or different skins in ur Humans? 

    1. Katie
    2. xSnowyAngel


      Hi, assuming u meant CSGO ZE. You can get VIP here https://gflclan.com/donate/

      And here are the perks: 


  13. Change 1 Letter

  14. enjoy the ban, HACKER.

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    2. Roy


      Who will lead GFL now?!?!!?

    3. Katie



    4. rapperdan


      tfw you don't want to start a community for a reason, and have been asked more then once...

  15. Report on the biggest hackers on the server

    Thank you for your report, we take this very seriously and I am glad to say these two have been officially permanently banned. Hopefully this never happens to you again. Roy is still bad at overwatch tho