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  1. Alright so after talking with other admins, I have decided to not lower your ban time. Sorry about that my guy, see you in a month.
  2. Not entirely sure why it says "No reason specified" on your ban, it was supposed to be for Ghosting/Toxicity/Targeting, but what happened was yesterday night God had killed you and you had changed your name to "God is angry T" which is ghosting and a senior admin I asked, Pancake Jenkins, also agreed. Additionally, you targeted Royal very harshly last night (according to multiple players I asked) and again today, you were also very toxic to multiple players today, and I did not feel the reason, to be very funny or convincing. I'll talk with other admins about lowering your ban time or unbanning you. I have additional screenshots if anyone wants me to post them here (or more realistically just invite someone to my discord with the proof). You were banned for a month since it was your second week ban. Sorry but at this time I will not unban you.
  3. I've only ever seen you yesterday and gametracker agrees, you only have 9.47 hours under the name Elongated Muskrat, so unless you played under other names I am not aware of, I'll have to -1 this for the time being. Ok I was unaware that he played by another name, please make sure you note that in your admin application to make our lives easier <3, I've never really seen you before so I'll change my vote to neutral.
  4. I cheese grated my finger when I was 7, I was never able to move it normally since ;-;
  5. I asked a senior admin @Pancake Jenkins, and he agreed with me that using slow mo is considered an exploit/hack, and as such I banned you permanently, unless pancake changes his mind, I will not unban you, sorry.
  6. From what I saw when I got on and from what Snow told me was that you and Redwood (and likely other players) were repeatedly kosing and killing Maks, which led to me banning Redwood for a week for targeting (as he was the main person behind it) and you for continuing it on the Dolls map, I will unban you as I was probably too quick to ban you for that. The reason behind the ban was the kosing of Maks, which would be targeting, but it felt wrong to ban you for a week so I chose to ban you for toxicity (3 days). Thanks for not lying in your unban appeal ^_^, You will be unbanned, sorry for the trouble.
  7. Take a good break my guy, hopefully when you get back we can have a blast
  8. God bless your soul my dear friend ^_^
  9. Yes I agree, everything that Daddy is saying is true
  10. Cya Vil have a good break bb ❤️
  11. ban appeal

    I agree with the ban, as calling high sus on your t buddies is essentially the same as helping the other team, i.e. you were breaking the rule, "Traitors may not hint or give away their traitor teammates." Ghosting may not be the best term for it, but you were still banned for a legitimate reason.
  12. So Gamers, it appears as if you have found my profile page, I wonder what you were expecting to find, perhaps a riddle or fun inquisitive puzzle with an interesting solution. Or perhaps you are here for some sinister reason, say to leave a rude comment or call me a "homosexual." Well I'll have you know that any such statements are false, unless we are talking about Zero, who, if we are being truthful, nobody can resist. Regardless I welcome you to my bare profile and hope you find what you are looking for.

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