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  1. You have no proof, I am not a furry. I may like a little futa hentai every now and then. BUT NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH ANYONE WEARING A FUR SUIT. NOR HAVE I EVER WORN A FUR SUIT STOP LYING I AM NOT GAY NOR A FURRY THIS IS HARASSMENT I FEEL ATTACKED. @ryan__ SAVE ME
  2. This appeal is denied, After talking with Zero, he agrees that you were using a bhop script of some kind. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Yes I will unban you, sorry I'm dum and was biking ;-;
  4. Mask Name - Sans Mask Image - Thank you Zero UwU ❤️
  5. @Daddy Issues this is your ban bb (saving forums mods some time ❤️) Link to ban: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A56284643&Submit=Search
  6. Anime

    Favorite anime: Cory in the House Rating: 10/10 Reason: Cory's thicccccccccness Cons: Never see Cory's massive biceps up close. (No homo)
  7. You have been unbanned sorry about the wait. I reviewed the evidence and talked to pancake and he determined it was not sufficient. Sorry for any inconvenience, this took a while due to school and different timezones.
  8. raggy47

    Gonna save the forums moderators some time and just tag Kite here, @VilhjalmrF
  9. Not Duck. senpai! Unban my senpai right away, and give him a complimentary cookie as compensation.
  10. What happened was that, Fox was a detective and a friend of his, SlightlyUsedNapkin was killed by the player ICE+ Neebs+COE+ on 67thway. ICE+ Neebs+COE+ and SlightlyUsedNapkin were in construction with no physical way of Fox seeing that SlightlyUsedNapkin was killed. Fox then immediately went from the house to construction to kill ICE+ Neebs+COE+. Fox never ided SlightlyUsedNapkin's body or would have had any way of knowing that he had died. However, he still gave that reason as why he killed ICE+ Neebs+COE+. This series of events is physically impossible unless you two were communicating outside of the game, which is ghosting, and as such I will not unban either of you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. STOP SHARING MY SECRETS NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT MY MASSING/HACKING ACCOUNT, THAT SECRET WAS MEANT TO BE KEPT BETWEEN US (Abe Lincoln had it coming btw, did you see what he did to those slaves, he freed them, what a kind and honorable thing to do) Ryan is gay, and I wuv you Rocket ❤️
  13. Unban Request

    Ok I am unbanning you, sorry about this, I was unaware of a lot of stuff when it came to antirecoil, sorry for the wait .-.
  14. Unban Request

    Hey exe, I was the one who banned you for using antirecoil hacks, if you want proof of this, here is the video. Sorry about this, but I will not unban you since you were hacking.
  15. Alright so after talking with other admins, I have decided to not lower your ban time. Sorry about that my guy, see you in a month.
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