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  1. i read it it was you and if it wasnt i remember wrong i apologise but im 90% sure you gagged me first and never the less you were not defending me when i did nothing wrong. isnt that youre job?
  2. u gagged me first. i literally said youre power shouldnt be stripped just stop gagging me for no reason
  3. In Game Name: T1me_EU Steam ID: T1me_EU Banned By: Harakoni Ban Reason : Mic spam (apparently) Why I should be Unbanned: i got perma gagged by Scourge and Harakoni and they bunched up on me because they continuously threatened to gag me. i said that they were abusing their power and so they perma gagged me. This is ridiculous as ive played for over 10 hours on here and have made many friends as i am extremely friendly... Im outraged at these admins and wonder how they have achieved their position on the server. many admins agree that im friendly including Wuffywuf (i dont know his actual name i know its close to that), these children believe they have the right to abuse their power as they dont get punished. The reason why i get targeted is because im english and obviously stand out but i genuinely love this server, I was only defending my self and telling scourge and harakoni to shut up because they kept telling me to find a new server because im english also they clearly lie as in the image ive shown you can see that scourge claims he did nothing except he gagged me first. They lie, their racist and honestly cant believe that they have been given such power. When i first got on this server i did receive gags but i learned and now its permanent all because they want me to find a "british server" its absurd. hopefully this gets sorted as i love talking to the majority of the people on the server. (apparently scourge and harakoni are nice to americans so i dont expect them to lose their power just to remind them to use it responsibly).
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