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  1. someone ban this kid that posted this thread
  2. bruh its on there i legit had to make @Dralga do it cause he started fresh :P, so really i think all of the DR files on Murder should be deleted
  3. Hello everyone! As you have noticed Deathrun is back from the dead yet again! So while you guys are playing on the server, on the weekends i will do a random giveaway on the server when there is at least 10+ and that they all can choose a number between 1-100, if that person gets the closest number I thought of then they will win 50k points, but if there is a tie I will make whoever has a tie with choosing a number between 1-10, so just remember to get on Deathrun, have fun, and hope for a giveaway! Oh and before i forget please type the number, don't say it in voice chat cause then it would be unfair to everyone else
  4. so does this mean u are now officially the Gmod Division Leader?

  5. sorry but this aint the right format please follow dis and even though i aint staff i have a right to help out
  6. 1st

    he's making it better than @Skits LOL
  7. 1st

    1st now gimme 100k points
  8. Congrats crusher go gettem tiger.

    1. CrusherFTW


      :P admin on PVK2

    2. rapperdan


      remember team work makes the dream work and afk army best army.

      and don't forget to always listen to the jitman

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    3. CrusherFTW


      xD yep even when he is a mega noob at server manager commands 



  9. if your a nobody then why are you here?

  10. DEW IT! +++++++++1