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  1. lol i just noticed that i placed down everything bout myself in my about me tab XD MEGA OOF

  2. @Reeve dunno if rockstar will respond so imma ping u as well
  3. @Rockstar (hopefully i pinged the right person)
  4. Yeet time to abuse on bens account
  5. We should have a random round generator that allows people to do TDM, FFA, etc. because 1 it is fun and 2) it brings the population up.
  6. finally you fixed that shit @Zero_ i waiting for u to do that for a while now LOL!
  7. Hello all, murder has some color chats and im here to make a list so you can know what colors are there and what are not. [red] [blue] [orange] [yellow] [green] [teal] [rainbow] [rainbow2] EDIT 11/18/18: yeet @Zero_ stole @Xy_ Crayons [black] [pink] [brown] more will be added soon either Winter or Zero will edit this post
  8. @Skits get rekt

    1. rapperdan


      lol wut?

      and what is your primary rank lol wut is this hello?

    2. CrusherFTW


      yea it was white


      now its blue

  9. one day on imperial rip when violator was on it I asked him to get on ts3 and I legit called someone a troll when they joined the server, violator was trying to get ricks attention about it bc that player said and its been a long time “oo I am going to get you demoted for calling me names and being disrespectful” when that player was being disrespectful to me and violator. even though I played with him at least 10 times he was fun to play with and made me apply for staff on GFL so I owe him my life
  10. last night on murderthough! XD

  11. No he aint @Violator I am LOL
  12. gonna miss ya @Skits in Imperial RP! Hope you make Gmod DR better now!