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  1. i knew about this before this was announced, cause someone pinged everyone on PH and said that Fafy was the new Gmod DL XDD
  2. but thats it they werent on at all before the restart i mean
  3. I got on Gmod 4 hours ago, steam fucked up at least a few mins after i connected, if i was kicked i wouldnt been able to join but i was still on it, and this was before the server restarted also this is my proof https://gyazo.com/602a2c5d727ef1176ab694b3614c6647
  4. Your In-Game Name: CrusherFTW Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86002568 Ban Reason: Prop Abuse/Already Kicked Banning Admin: @Dreamm Why you should be Unbanned: I wasnt kicked at all today look in Blogs cause there was only a warning like legit no kicks at all
  5. It wont happen if they are donator cause they still need to apply for member no matter what otherwise when their donation runs out they will be members without going through the process which will make other player to donate for a couple of days and then they get member From my own POV
  6. @The Spider of Purgatory is handling it rn
  7. server name changes randomly so it wasnt his fault
  8. And if @flyingjoe32 can accept my suggestion a race track can be added and we will have racing events soon but for now it will be in the admin area
  9. maybe add images of the topics? to make it more dazzling??
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