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  1. I never even played on this server, but I have a deep spiritual connection with you all.
  2. Ah, senorita esto es un Wendys...
  3. All hail our overlord, rapperdan!

    1. MrSleeps
    2. Beaker


      oh crapper I got vacced unban me rapper dan

  4. ALL HAIL WIWOZ OUR NEW OVERLORD (next to rapperdan ofc )
  5. Here we all post all of the lil0z pics that the community have came up with during April Fools! (I do not own any of the following pics)
  6. Wrong server, im a TTT admin on mc 24/7.
  7. How many times do I have to yell at you fucks to wash your damn hands! Have some respect jesus christ. We need to make hand washing mandatory or we will all die to all of your stupidity. All it takes is 20 seconds of hand washing before entering the server jesus christ. jk ( But wash ur hands please the bandwidth can spread the virus!)
  8. Quarantine

    I watch chemistry teacher cook meth and watch pink person help him.
  9. Watch ACDC videos or learn wonderwall then cry due to breaking a string.
  10. Oh hey, it's my boy rico how ya been?
  11. Back then I used to play on a now dead server called Allied Gaming. I spent quite some time everyday meeting all of these people. I bonded with them until the server ran out of funds. Now I just talk to them once a blue moon. I remember starting suicide cults by having my friend Mr. flenegan carry a slam and that I would detonate it in order to kill some innos. Some fun times, did you play on another server before ,bomb?
  12. After analyzing the reports on you it has come to the conclusion that you should not have been banned. I will be unbanning now Sorry for the trouble there and im also sorry for the taunt I have a habit of doing that with ghosters/massers.
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