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  1. Appeal denied, reason : took too long to reply.
  2. Ah. how the time has passed since I have seen you when I was just a a mere Member. When you had that blue block as your profile picture. You are a very commendable individual, and serve as a good model for any future admins, I applaud you for that. Well what time is it anyway?
  3. this beaker guy is an admin abuser can we not vote
  4. +1 It is very important to know about this that not many know
  5. I will miss you my comrade, one of my favorite memories of us was enforcing quarantine in ttt. It was a very fun and memoral experience, my tovarisch.
  6. Well, it has been a wrong ride for you, I tend to hold tremendous respect to admins who have dedicated a long time to the community. Although, our roads may be taking other paths. Eventually we will cross the same road together another time, and it will be once again an enjoyable and memorable experience. 😄 p.s: I really enjoy how you Canadians have bagged milk,because it reminds me of my culture's bagged drinks back home : ).
  7. Event Type: Game event Event Description: The civ games is a turn based game that is based on real world leaders, who each have to compete against each other in terms of, diplomacy, conquest,technological advancement, and culture.It is intended for 8 players, and is for all ages except embryos. Additional Information: I would recommend playing civ 5 or civ 6 for the event due to them being one of the most recent titles. A minor drawback will be the amount of time an average match would take about ten hours-ish. A solution for this would to host multiple sessions spanned out e.g " day 1 would land on monday and day 2 would be tuesday" these sessions will keep going until the match finally ends when a player ends. There are many variations on how the match would be laid out such as, Free for all, teams and players versus bots. (I was totally not under the influence)
  8. Many members of the 24/7 MC server have asked to be excepted from getting gagged. These certain members constantly receive hate for their own voice or are experiencing lifestyle choices such as transitioning. This can bring up issues such as wanting their voice to be in congruent with their own identity or to have a chance in interacting with their community with no hate. At a glance, many would claim that voice changers are annoying and trollish , we can help mitigate this problem by establishing a clear criteria for voice exceptions. The criteria would work like this: 1. Have a valid reason to be excepted such as lifestyle or insecurity (there may be more reasons but these are the ones I came up with). 2. They must have a clear output on their mod and good volume. 3. If they are caught abusing this exception they would get it revoked or have a less severe punishment such as a warning. This criteria process could also work by acting like a private application with only staff or higher ups accepting them.
  9. -1 Has offshore bank accounts in switzerlanf.
  10. Both appeals are to be accepted due to my incompetency.
  11. Oh, now that I think of it I may have confused you with another set of ghosters.
  12. I banned both of you due to claiming you were following a kos when there really was no koses.
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