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  1. This was my plan to take the name of "bandit"!.
  2. (Not this wrong image) (✿◕‿◕) (Ooh tee hee *rawr* not this one (✿◕‿◕) (Oh this one tee hee, *teleports) (✿◕‿◕) RAWR C : *Claps* *daNcEs* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABS (✿◕‿◕) (✿◕‿◕)
  3. I have been sponsored by Alpha Owl, to support his statement above.
  4. The perspective I see of all TTT servers is that they contain their own niches. Which suits the individual wants / preferences of the player. (Note: These preferences may not apply to everyone) The 24/7 B5 experience suits the simplistic lifestyle of one map. You don't have to worry about learning 4 to 12 maps, you can just master the in's and outs of one map. Although, it may be granted that certain people would find one map to be rather dull or monotonous. Personally, I enjoy the rather simplistic lifestyle, and the general warmth of the regular's / culture it may bring. I have a strong connection and nostalgia with this map, because it was the first TTT map I played back in 2015 so I may be biased. The Rotation experience suits for the player who enjoys the diversity of maps with their own secrets / quirks. Some may enjoy the various point-shop options such as custom crowbar or custom jihad sounds. The wide array of maps helps bring birth to new tactics/meta that many people can adapt and master. The Vanilla experience suits the player who enjoys the simplistic game play of vanilla TTT weapons, while also enjoying the diversity of a map rotation system. Vanilla also provides a new admining experience, that changes the way admins do commands ( SAM). This can serve as a break from the traditional old ULX system that many staff are accustomed to. The Anarchy experience suits the player who enjoys relaxed rules, they also enjoy the diverse rotational maps that are provide. The current state of Anarchy, needs a rework at the moment but that will serve for another discussion. Personally, I am against the rapid expansion of TTT servers so I am unsure about adding new server, but I can see the perspective that people may enjoy with a MC styled server, with MC styled maps. With the new addition of this server, it may provide a niche for players that have a preference for this kind of server. (I fucking hate that god damn Enderman song the fuck.)
  5. I think the main reason we added MC rotation, was an attempt in trying to bring back the regular playerbase. Because currently we are having a shortage of regulars, that left due to many different reasons which I will not elaborate on due to reasons.
  6. Hello, I am a corporate shill from TTT Anarchy, I have been sponsored to leave a nice message to this post. I do believe this is a fascinating idea, which will show the consensus of communitie's opinion on the server. I do believe that the next step is to make a google form, or a form of some sort in which the players can offer their input. If these players provide interesting suggestions/inputs perhaps there could be community meeting of some sort.
  7. A man from Hawaii, now rests in the arms of our former and current community members. <コ:彡 A man well versed in the history of GFL and MC 24/7's success, prosperity, popularity, and it's culture. <コ:彡 May you finally rest, and may the future admins learn from you, and cherish your major contribution's to our community. <コ:彡 You have served as a mentor, as a role model, and someone one can confide in. (We don't get that much here anymore). <コ:彡 You are someone that brings color to our MC culture, someone who serves as a reminder that people truly care for their community. 🦑 Although, I may have had a short time here as a GFL Admin , it has felt well lasted while under you, and I still consider myself under you. 🦑 Rest easy, Squid. May you find solace, and harmony . Squid.
  8. Mango. Mango.. Mango...
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