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  1. Agreed and was changed on Vanilla. Was attempted on here, and it did not go well. For that reason, we aren't touching that rule again. Completely agree and is treated as such on Vanilla. It should be treated as such on Rotation too, as it's in our guidelines. I, myself, like to PM players that what they're saying isn't allowed or okay to say on the server and to tone it down. I want staff to follow suit. Clarify pls
  2. Hey boss, Is this some sort of next level advertisement? Those "Steam IDs" link back to another community.
  3. Mask Requests

    yee i need the image to be 256x256 I'll add these when I have spare time. As it is, I'm working for the next few days
  4. Way to show you're so much better than an "abusive admin". Man, today's just weird for Rotation staff.
  5. Iirc Vanilla GIF sprays are an incentive for VIP, @Yogpod @Waylon Smithers can confirm?
  6. STEAM_0:1:568440824 is your SteamID https://bans.gflclan.com/infractions/5f8b31c192c7ce673129863d You were banned for RDM and Leave. https://bans.gflclan.com/infractions/5f8b2bb11e24167e7d890589 interestingly you were also gagged for the f slur
  7. You were first banned from spraying as you sprayer multiple porn sprays as shown in a player report. You then proceeded to lie about the sprays to my face in PMs and act like you did nothing wrong. As for RDM, I checked the logs, you killed 3 ppl and attempted another. And you tried to lie about that. You're a chronic liar who thinks himself the victim and thinks they're right all the time. Appeal denied.
  8. Unbanned. Note that your karma will be lowered if you RDM innos, even if consensual.
  9. Imagine not understanding peoples tastes are different, can't be me
  10. Unfortunately NZ isn't allowing anyone in that isn't a Citizen or a Permanent Resident, and considering the current world climate, I think it'll be hard to go anywhere in the world at this time for work. Sorry man, I'd suggest maybe try get into the freight industry, go on boats and travel around on them delivering things.
  11. I warned you through discord and in game yesterday. You can see your warns at bans.gflclan.com. Appeal denied. Don't be a dick to others.
  12. heck yeah validation i have no favorite smh
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