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  1. It's called reading the room, that's how others can tell
  2. As I was involved I shall give my 2 cents. Liloz spam to me was a joke between bois, if I had a problem I would've said. You did it to be annoying because you dislike liloz, as you've shown as you got super hostile at him for no reason. I've talked to you before about involving yourself in every conversation and having to be the centre of attention, but you haven't stopped. Here's some screenshots, note the one where he says he's joking for those who don't get it The hostility wasn't needed or welcome and the ban is just, in my opinion
  3. Updated coz brae bein a bitch on the server smh Removed Myst, Magiconix and Morgan from list. Added @P i n g u to Trial Admin
  4. To clarify, this was towards my aussie friend not him, confused why he added that as proof I was toxic to him
  5. So after having a brief play around, I have some opinions on it. I like the aesthetic of it, CS:GO style on a hovering bridge. I enjoy that, and I like that all of the T rooms are interconnected with each other. There are a few drawbacks though: -Lighting doesn't seem to have compiled correctly, it's got no shadows or anything which makes me think you may have accidentally compiled with no vrad or vvis options enabled? -The buttons in the T rooms aren't explained, maybe a sign explaining what they do? -The filesize is large, it's good you've incorporated the textures and models in the map file but maybe resize the textures from that high a quality to 512x512? Lower quality, lower filesize but same results. You can do this in VTFEdit, just make sure clamp is ticked and maximum width and height are 512. -Maybe add a floor to the water, like sand or smth? I can see issues arising where a body falls through the water too fast and falls into the void. Other than those, I think it's a pretty solid map, definitely an original idea I haven't seen much of. Keep at it, you've got a knack for this.
  6. Yo, I'll check this out and see if it'll suit the Rotation server
  7. @Pyros may as well tag you as you the big dog
  8. Hey yes it's me Why'd you bring up a message from the 7th in reference to messing with an Aussie friend of mine? @Waylon Smithers This one specifically I get on the server and instantly hear your toxicity. Note I am not server manager for MC. I am for Rotation. I decided to get on and see if I could do something. And you're telling people to "cry more and close your eyes if you're being bullied" while you're bullying them, then telling people they should be raped or mocking someones rape experience (Not sure who that was directed to, here's a video of it, for some reason the audio didn't work in the first half of it). Garry's Mod (x64) 2020-07-10 21-42-00.mp4 Frankly if you're going to mock someones rape experience or mock rape experiences in general, it's an easy ban and I will call you a cunt for it. Do you have any proof at all of JoeyDaface being toxic to you at all, or should we just believe your word? Thank.
  9. I liked the Smashing a pumpkin video
  10. Mask Requests

    All masks added as of 03/07/2020
  11. No, I need that step, you can't take it
  12. aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Updated again: Added @BraeLyn2212 to Senior Admin
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