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  1. Alright everyone, this is what this has all been leading up to. Prior to this, i tried to set the server up to not crash as much, but that ship has sailed. Right now, i feel our only option is to reset everything and start anew. I know this is a hard decision to take, but it's for the best of the server. Lag and server crashes are plentiful, and i hope with this reset that it'll be fixed. For any complaints, please direct them to wiwoz01 as we've discussed this and decided this is the way to go. Only he can change my mind right now as it is pretty bad. Once this reset goes through, the server will be vanilla and ill add things in slowly. Let us all come together and share our favorite memories of current rotation ttt, share screenshots, videos, anything you wish to share. Sincerely, swan!
  2. It is done. As of last night. But I was tired and forgot to tell you.
  3. Mr Sir the round was just beginning and you killed 3 people so I had to ban you. I'd be keen to unban you though, as I can see you didn't mean to do this . Unbanned, have a good one
  4. Far be it for me to judge anyone who's into whatever. Added, enjoy!
  5. You know, that's my fault, I forgot tobput the ban on, soooo you can stay unbanned.
  6. Ed Edd n Eddy is added.
  7. Hi, I understand you're new, but as you Mass RDMed, you've been banned for that as well. As I was on and you killed 5 people and there were reports from people in Discord about your RDMs too. I shall keep this slay on and you're welcome to join us whenever you get unbanned. Please read the rules next time. Quack.
  8. Thank you for appealing. Your ban will be extended to one week as according to logs you Mass RDMed a lot. You will be welcomed back after the ban, this is just a measure I've had to take. Cheers.
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