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  1. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? Duck 🦆#6455 Which platforms are you applying for? All GFL Official Discords How would you describe your activity there? Always watching GMod Discord Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? Well, simply put, to help. I just went through being spammed constantly and with no mods online (while I am constantly, I have no life outside of work), I feel my time can be used better by moderating the Discord servers. I ain't as active on the forums so I feel it'd be a waste for me to be here to do nothing, but I will be active on Discord. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? I'd be unconventional, I'd mute both then PM them individually to see what's goin on and why it's happening. If it's something that I feel can be resolved, I'll make a group chat and get them to talk it out. If not then I'll advise them to just block each other and ignore them. Then I'd unmute from Discord and hope they don't be stupid, if they're stupid more then I'd mute for an appropriate amount of time and escalate from there. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Not formally, but I have been told to stop arguin which I did. Most of the time. Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  2. All of those EXCEPT FOR POMF POMF have been added to the server
  3. ZS Closure

    The children are here. Nice.
  4. We live again bois, keep suggesting here
  5. Maybe it's a meat burger that looks like a chicken burger
  6. I have read it. You seem to have this superiority complex. You seem to believe you're nothing but a saint, a holy god who never does wrong, who never RDMs. But guess what? You did. You're equal to everyone. All because you come onto the server every night doesn't make you immune to rules. If you believe it should then that's a problem because it will never be like that. Everyone gets punished equally. You then go on about how you seem to believe the admin who banned you was on a "power trip". No. He was just doing his job removing rule breakers from the server. You may have truly believed that you were the traitor. But that's on you. It clearly says innocent and you weren't forgiven in your reports against you. I respect what you do at the hospital, but that does not get you special or preferential treatment on our servers. This is the last I'm going to hear of this. The ban will remain. Any further arguing may result in a longer ban due to toxicity. Thank you.
  7. My guy, I'm a native English speaker. But what you seem to be failing to understand is that rules are rules and whether or not you thought you were a traitor or not, that's on you, not the people you RDMed. It's as simple as that. They chose not to forgive. You gave a basic, nothing response. It's on you, and that's all there is to it. We enforce rules for all players on our servers, not just new ones.
  8. I bring to you this quote: This was why you were banned. Not because of bans (though the fact you had 2 within a month did contribute, it wasn't the full deciding force), because you did mass with "My Bad Bro" as I confirmed with the logs. It doesn't matter who you are, whether regular or not, all players are expected to follow the rules.
  9. Bonk, Meant to unban but you are now. Thanks.
  10. Going through logs, I can see where the RDM happened, so the ban will stay. Thank.
  11. New Playermodels

    Hey guys, Please use the Discord suggestion bot in the future as more members use Discord than the forums. Just go to ttt-rot-general in the GMOD Discord and type --suggestrot, and message the bot with your suggestion. Thank.
  12. Given Paul is gone, I'll be ungagging you 1 week from now. Thanks.
  13. Based on that and the fact this is your 2nd or 3rd appeal within two weeks, I'm denying this. Please wait out your ban.
  14. Crewman please don't appeal using someone elses name. Not cool.
  15. Hi there, Based on what I've read, you KOSed him off of where he was prior to you being shot at. There could've been multiple people and they got away, there are many situations. Next time, please put a high sus on them instead. Thanks.
  16. Karma Bug Ban

    At this time I'm unwilling to unban you considering it's your word against multiple others, please reapply in a month.
  17. Karma Bug Ban

    If you can get them to vouch for you (without making alt accounts because we can find out if it is or not) then I'll consider unbanning you, however right now it sounds way too unbelievable
  18. Karma Bug Ban

    If you could, please answer me why multiple AFK players would suddenly return to give you permission to RDM them and then leave again?
  19. Karma Bug Ban

    I've been informed you RDMed twice and then started RDMing AFKs to reduce your karma even more. How can an AFK give permission for you to RDM them?
  20. Karma Bug Ban

    Hi I banned you from console after watching you kill multiple Traitors and innocents while you were those roles. I went through chat logs and had no evidence that it was consensual. Can you provide evidence is was consensual? Thanks.
  21. Hello sir, Other admins have corroborated Septics story, so the ban will stick as it's not your first. Thanks.
  22. We waiting on @Paul. as it was his mute and a controversial one
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