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  1. I guess it's time for Racc/Jax's big face reveal... nvm
  2. League of Legend Event

    League Name: Blitzcrank 2020 Rank: Plat 4 on main Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): On what? Rank from ESEA or etc.: N/A Position(s) you play: Support/Jungle Proposed Team Name: No team, free agent
  3. Ban has been lifted on AWP's end. It was probably an issue with SMAC.
  4. (Before I post, i'd like to let you know that I am Racc) Let me clear things up: I wasn't the one that muted you, gagged you, and everything else you spoke of, however I know the admin that did. Starting from the beginning: You were whitelisted on the server, server started an event, and you started minging. So because we were on a planet that wasn't our ship with a brig, you were jailed for the entirety of that event. Which I think is a fair punishment. Then we get back to the ship and apparently you started minging AGAIN. So, you got gagged. (I believe it was for spamming chat as well.) THEN you decide its a good idea to spam admin chat. Wrong move bucko. You sent 6 messages to admins in the span of 5 minutes, while I was busy whitelisting people to play on the server and discussing things with the Jedi. So I finally get to you and tell you "I can ungag you if you're done minging. Are you done?" "I wasn't minging." "Yes you were, or else you wouldn't have been muted. Are you done minging?" "I wasn't minging. You have no proof" "Are you going to answer my question?" "What question?" At that point I was fed up, so I was going to leave you gagged and I said, "You can make an appeal on the forums. Stop spamming admin chat or i'm going to kick you." I said that because while I was fed up, i'm not just going to ban you from the server for something small like that. BUT you replied, "Do it." So, I did. TL;DR You were gagged for minging. Like stated above, if you genuinely didn't know how to play, then you ask someone. I tried to be reasonable with you, but you decided to be a punk. Then I kicked you when you asked for it.
  5. AWP 24/7 Changelog

    1/19/2020 ♦ New Trial Admins: @Pizza-Chan and @Toxic ♦ Promoted to Admin: @Velocityy and @Brandun ♦ Promoted to Senior Admin: @ReaperGFL ♦ Store Updates: - Credits earned per kill: 10 -> 1 - Credits earned for time: 1 per 1 Min -> 10 per 5 Min - Spectators NO LONGER earn credits ♦ Server Slots: 24 -> 32 ♦ Quake sounds fixed
  6. Deadly, you have been nothing but a troll on JB. Sorry bud. Denied.
  7. I actually dont play surf very much at all. I probably I have a total accumulated time in ALL THREE SERVERS of about an hour or so lol. My time has been built mainly around my not-so-recent promotion to AWP 24/7 server manager. Yes I have become a bit inactive on JB, but I am still there lol.
  8. GFL vip giveaway

    #Giveaway How come drive-up ATMs have braille on them?
  9. AWP 24/7 Changelog

    12/1/2019 ♦ Added awp_lego_8 ♦ Added awp_lego_2011 ♦ Added awp_lego_crazyjump ♦ Added awp_minecraft_crash
  10. AWP 24/7 Changelog

    11/18/2019 ♦ Added spawn protection (3 seconds AFTER round start) ♦ Fixed Auto Balancing (Hopefully) ♦ Added 2 Trial Admins ( @Velocityy & @Brandun )
  11. Server released 11/16/2019
  12. I'm here to ask the community for some help! If there is any maps that YOU'd like to see uploaded to the server, please post them here! If you can supply a link (steam workshop, gamebanana, etc.) that would help out BIG TIME! Please follow the following format: (If you don't have a link, that's fine)
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