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  1. L4D2 Changes

    No problem that's what suggestions thread are for. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. L4D2 Changes

    I prefer the server to stay as a coop server. If it gets populated and as @WigglesWorth wanted, we could eventually add a versus server. But as of now, it's a coop server and it's very fun mode though. I would recommend adding these options if possible: EXP / Upgrade (so that you can upgrade your weapon, downgrade attack on monsters toward yourself, more health, armor, etc) Add more weapons (those damn bots took all 'em weapons) Clan system. This basically allows you to create a guild/clan within the game. With that being said, you can also add missions for your clan, but this only benefit on the items if it affects your exp/upgrade option You can have clan tags in the game. Like even if this is for GFL already, you can still have a club in the game. You can make it where it's only creatable if you're paid for the option to create a clan in the game or any of that sort. Customized appearance That's not effy part though, it kinds of lags sometimes. Well on the servers that I play on Similar to pointshop items You equip and stuff Some items, like probably a pet or whatever name you name it, can attack the zombies for you That's all I want to say.
  3. l4d2

    Because I want to be number 1.
  4. l4d2

    I just want forum post count.
  5. l4d2

    The sever is unplayable though. The zombies are too op until Roy decide to lower the frequency of the zombie spawns. You'll die instantly if you leave spawn and more so the zombies spawn in human spawn. And weapons are limited. Unless Roy already fix that, then probably it's possible to make an event to populate
  6. Welcome to gfl. Hope you enjoy your stay here, if you have questions feel free to ask. Don't be shy.
  7. Xy Back As Director

    Welcome back @Xy_ ok make it now. ๐Ÿ˜€
  8. Clubs

    Unless I'm stupid and forgot, but I recall someone said it was removed due to abuse of making random shit. But they also said it's okay to make approved clubs that you have to talk to the higher-up beforehand to see if it's allowed to be created.
  9. From my secret ๐ŸŽ…, I got more clothes. From my white elephant, I got anime pops and gas mask. From my mom, she gave me $100.
  10. Outside of gfl? Since I only really look at forums... Anyway, I play other games but mostly I just either translate, clean, and typeset manga. So yes that means I also read manga, manhua, or manhwa + anime. When my PC is giving me a headache, I usually relax on my bed and watch criminal blood or any other show similar while cross stitching or even knitting. I don't actually really leave my home since most of my friends are either out of town due to their career/school and I am a legit neet. I do sometimes hang with my family friends and stuff as long as I try not to be too shy or introverted.
  11. Minecraft

    I know this thread is old... But this is the fourth Minecraft server on gfl. First was in 2014, second and third was on the same year just different managers working on different perspective of the game 2016, and then this is the fourth one. Every two years, there's a new Minecraft.
  12. Happy B-Day! โค๏ธย 

    1. Bae