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  1. I never dated anyone in real life seriously. Like I did had a partner but it lasted for a week. and honestly I wouldn't recommend them here since they're not exactly gamers... More of a weeb... But for online partners, maybe... If they enjoy any of the game servers here. But most likely a no, because of favoritism. 😓
  2. Introductions

    Hello Jzee. As you already know, I hate horror. I'm a bimbo and a dumbass when it comes to things I don't understand. I'm malicious when I think something is funny but is considered mean for others. I'm very toxic but I have to control it. I manage a weeb manga group, so I release stuff... To people to read... Yeah anyway, i came to gfl on July 10, 2014 after getting demoted from P21 because the co-owner wanted his friend to take my spot. The community shut down because the owner found out that all the people the co-owner demoted was for stupid reasons. I originally come from cs1.6 community, I played it from December 2008 to around mid 2013. Even before that, I was a lame console gamer. Even before that, I used to play MapleStory a lot to the point that I wasted my parents money for looks. I still play the game once in awhile... Besides all my toxicity and gaming life, I'm a two-faced person. I'm extremely introverted in real life and I'm too nice to the point that I get bullied a lot. I have a slight mental issue that I diagnosed myself because I don't trust doctors... They'll just send you to the mental institution. I see things a lot where even my night mares can be real... If you believe in supernatural stuff, then you'll understand what I'm talking about.
  3. @SkydivingSquid @MilkMan will help you for this.
  4. That's all I could think of
  5. Make sure when you leave the server to check that there isn't an active report or slay on you. Because if you leave without serving that slay, you'll get banned. You can always ask an admin beforehand to double check if you're free to go. If you know you have a slay or you believe you may have a slay, inform the admin ahead of time, so that they won't ban you if you leave the server. Meaning, you'll just get a slay and you won't get banned for RDM & Leave. Or you can try to stay a round to serve your slay then leave the server.
  6. Ban Appeal

    I remember you. I was on that day when you stay in an area and killed almost all your traitor buddies. Basically you claimed the area to kill anyone that came in whether it was innocent or traitor. But I'm just putting what I remembered. It's still up to @Reverb to make the final decision.
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      .... we haven't started yet 


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  8. You and Jibbles were RDMing each other almost 5 rounds each time. You also kept random damaging other players for no reason. It was very simple if you just follow the rules and play fairly. You caused other players to lose karma for killing either one of you for constantly RDMing each other. There were no White Knights on the server, if you think it was because of me, then no. I only reported you and Jibbles on the discord; it had nothing to do with you two targeting me or any other female players or children. You two were target RDMing each other for a couple of rounds as I mentioned. Feel free to appeal for an unban though: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/151-muteban-appeals/ Using this format:
  9. If you're talking about playermodels, those are suggested on the discord. The forum only has this thread for other suggestions. There was a thread for playermodels but it was hidden away. So other suggestions are posted on discord instead.
  10. Step 2 Take a dump inside @TimeForYouToGetAWatch 's toilet I never used the gun so I wouldn't know exactly.
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