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  1. The thread was moved to correct spot, thanks forum mods! Anyway, we're already taking this into consideration. I just don't know who will host it. Most of us have school and/or work but pretty sure we'll try to make the time for it ๐ŸŒบ
  2. Isn't the server already on map rotation? So presuming this thread is old. But if you're talking about a separate server, we've done it before. Rotation was the MC Rotation server but it got revamped to other maps Rotation instead. I do love Minecraft maps but they don't necessarily get many players or at least from all the experience I witnessed from this community or another community. Like how others explained it, the reasons how other community that uses Minecraft maps are populated is because most of them are idle clients or basically bots, they're not actual players. They show up on the server list but when you actually connect to the server, it's actually only like 10 ish players instead of it showing maxed players.
  3. HnS Server

    @Musicality I apologise in advance if you were just joking but this is directed to CSGO division ๐Ÿ˜‚ OT: I don't know how HnS works on csgo I presume it'll work just fine like how I know DarkRP and obviously TTT works in there. I'm voting a maybe.
  4. It was too early and the only way my don't become asian is if I wore makeup on ๐Ÿ˜†
  5. Byee andrew! I hope you have a safe and fun future endeavors wherever you may be~

    I think we're using version 1.5; I may be wrong but I know for sure it aint Version 2. Try deleting the ones you have on file first, basically unsubscribe all the pointshop version you have. Reconnect to the server while its downloading the file. We use FastDL on the server, so it should auto-download the file to the version of pointshop it needs.
  7. I used to help translate games on steam. They have a section for it. You had to take a test first before you can begin and then after they approve your test, you can help them re-translate any games that isn't in that language to the language available. So for me, I translated Chinese to English mostly or the other way around. I don't really do it much anymore because its time consuming and each time you have to be able to do it properly or a mistake will happen. Most of them are subtitles instead of audio translation, but it still benefit them to help other users be able to play the game in the language they can read in.
  8. Hello there~ I just want to say just because you don't like a map, you don't go on a rampage. That's not how things work. You can either wait out until a new map changes or play something else if you hate it that much. I'll tag the senior admins to handle this appeal now. @Roger Gunshot / @MooTheCow
  9. hi hime hehe

  10. Ends on 29th at 12 PM EST Vote starts right after till 30th at 12 PM EST
  11. Welcome to the community! I don't really know much about our ZE server except one thing is it's cancerous but in a good way ๐Ÿ˜Ž Your GF seems like a nice person and good that you love her for that. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Interesting, you like Photoshop. If you like to share your gallery, you can always post your art gallery in here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/948-art/ you just make your own thread and viola post away as long as it's sfw. If it's NSFW, you probably shouldn't post 'em. Other than that, please enjoy your stay here.
  12. I didn't want to make an actual thread so I'll just post in here and most people are already aware. My activity has dropped due to my math classes that I'm taking and it's been very stressful since .... MY MATH SUCKS so badddd! But I gotta work hard on it. I should be back to normal later in the month and most definitely be more available after December 13th. Just particularly this month, I'll be a bit more busier than usual.ย 

  13. Congratulations, I hope you strive to the best!
  14. Lol a while back I wanted free CS:GO skins and I put my main account info on a sketchy website and someone took the info and hacked in competitive. He got me Overwatch Banned as soon as I got on CS:GO surf. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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