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  1. Hello Rod/Roy, Welcome to GFL community. I don't really know much about fishing but my parents do and my relatives. They all love fishing and I can never understand why. I hope you enjoy our 1v1 server and good luck on trying to get admin though. Also try out the other servers if you have time~
  2. If you're the only person they're forcing to test while typing the warnings, then it's directed towards you. If they said it to multiple other players at the same time, then asked the detective who they gave the other several warnings to. And each warning is spaced out, so I mean usually, it's at least 5 or 10 seconds each warning. I do force test multiple players but i usually type out the name of who i gave the warnings to: moo test w1 moo test w2 muse test w1 sad test w1 moo test w3 muse test w2 You get the jest of it, right? That's how I usually force test people or if someone is blocking and there's no where out, then I usually do that after 5 or 10 seconds each.
  3. Hello beary. Welcome to gfl. I hope you enjoy your stay. what server made you join us? Oh, feel free to apply for membership if you haven't done so: https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/
  4. What a very asian fruit name. Welcome to the community, Taro~ I also like taro boba tea 🥰
  5. I can confirm that Jihad is very good as an admin on TTT. Although there are times when you don't actually take the initiation to just gag/mute the players for mic spamming 😆 You're an admin, if someone is breaking the rules, do the work. No need to like ask "You guys want gag round?" Just do it. By the way, you're missing a tag of your discord name +1 / support.
  6. +1 You're very active on the server and helps us populate even when it's dead.
  7. The round is still ongoing. I asked blunto & black to screenshot when they reached to wave 100. I had to leave since I'm hella sleepy 😢 they both have 11 perks, so they're just sitting there afk farming & killing those zombies 😆
  8. It's not that powerful. Just use a gun that counter it, which is usually the mac10... well for me it works with that gun. The HUGE is already nerfed as is considering there's no ammos for that gun on the map.
  9. I don't have any problems with you when I'm on the server, except that one time on TTT but that's TTT, so I don't know if that'll affect your behavior on here. Do you have any other reason why you want to help out as an admin? I'm neutral but leaning towards a +support. I'll give me full vote once you answer my question ^^ I mean you'll probably be accepted depending on your activity to help the server 😆 Edit changed to +1 Edit 12-10-19 changed to neutral. Your activity dropped.
  10. @Shabby lol the event doesn't actually start on the 7th. She'll post a thread about all the guideline and rules of the contest.
  11. Hello Gumball. Welcome to GFL community. Please apply for membership if you haven't already done so: https://gflclan.com/memberapplication Since I seen you on Gmod server, feel free to join the discord if you'd like: https://discord.gg/cdPNUkz well some of the servers are separated since they have a huge player count.
  12. We were not able to pass wave 43 with 3 players, but I was dead so it was just Black and @Wolf Battleblade.
  13. Your username: [GFL] Bae, soolee. Why do you want to be admin? I would like to help the server when players are stuck since the map is a bit glitchy especially during when you're trying to revive someone. The server doesn't have any players that breaks the rules much as stated by Ben. It's just mostly generic helping players when they're stuck or needs help on how to play the game. So I just want to be able to give a hand in that. I know my ulx commands. Discord Tag: Hime#3667 Past Experience: I was previously admin in L4D2 servers, so very similar, just basic admin commands, not much actually banning anyone. Former Gmod Purge and TTT MC Admin Former Manager for CS:GO KZ But the first one is more accurate for this situation. I have other but it isn't very affected to address in.
  14. @JGuary551 you rage quit the moment you died though.
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