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  1. +1 Short answer: hell yeah long answer: hell fucking yeah nah but seriously, you were a chill admin before, it'll be nice to have you on the team again, especially during the crazy quarantine.
  2. Neutral (leaning towards -1) You havent been on in a while which doesn't look good got your admin app You're a friendly person but I'm a little unsure about you since you were apart of a group that were being huge trolls. You told me it was because you were drunk but even then that doesn't really look good
  3. Neutral I'm mostly neutral because seeing that you hack school computers in order to play gmod is concerning. You're pretty young so I'm not completely sure how you'd handle the trolls and hate admins get from people. Like DJ said, once the quarantine is over I'm unsure how active you would be as an admin since school should come first and I dont want to see you playing during school on school computers. You're a really friendly and helpful person to have on the server though, you know all the rules and help remind people of them. Good luck on the rest of your app!
  4. -1 Pretty much what DJ and Banana said, you don't help out at all in the server and when you do talk it's toxic towards other players.
  5. Neutral (leaning towards a +1) You've been pretty helpful in the server in regards to reminding people of rules and have been pretty friendly to other players. I would suggest to tone it down a little bit on reminding admins on what to do haha, if we're unsure who said it we'll probably ask or wait until it happens again. (Like waiting a bit and if you see that an admin didnt catch something then remind them). Overall you're a pretty helpful person so good luck on the rest of your app!
  6. Neutral (leaning towards positive) You're pretty friendly on the server and let us know through the ticket system when the server is being a chaotic mess. I can't remember off the top of my head if you remind people of the rules (that's because I've been stressed out so my bad) but I feel like you do. Idk what else to say other than if you haven't been reminding people of rules then do that, if you are doing that then keep that up 👍
  7. Neutral (leaning towards negative) In the past you've gotten really frustrated and angry at people when they dont reply to you or talk over you. To the point you've started arguments with people. I dont believe you are mature enough to be admin to handle the stressful situations that we have to deal with.
  8. Neutral While you know the rules and remind people of the rules sometimes you can talk to people in a way that riles them up instead of calming them down so trolls start acting up. Advice: just talk to people in a calmer tone and dont come across irritated right away, maybe have some stuff bound to keys like the rule about mic spam, etc so people can see it in chat Good luck on the rest of your app!
  9. Sponsor You're really active on the server lately and help keep people calmed down when they get a little out of control
  10. Neutral Agreed with Ketter, you remind people of rules and stuff a lot but your comment about thinking a drawing of a gay couple was not allowed for a spray is a little concerning. I guess just keep working at maturing a bit, good luck on the rest of your app.
  11. Commissions Open

    Hey everyone! I'm opening up commissions so I can save up to move across the country! I'll open up my messages on discord so people can talk to me about what they want if you'd like to message me through there. Otherwise you can comment here. My discord tag is Dear__Deer#6969 Keep in mind if you'd like two characters the base price for the one character will be doubled. At this time I don't offer a mailing service for paintings as I don't have a P.O. box but I will make sure to have a high quality scan of the drawings/paintings I do and make sure the color is corrected on photoshop.
  12. +1 I've seen you be really helpful when people have questions in the server as well as telling people the rules when they're breaking them. Even if you don't think an admin is on you're still really welcoming to other players and have good understanding of the rules. I think you'd make a good admin; good luck on the rest of your app!
  13. +1 I've seen you on the server a lot, you're really friendly and helpful towards other players and make tickets when stuff is happening in the server. You're pretty chill when talking to other players when they're being pleasant, I think you'd be a great admin. Good luck on the rest of your app!
  14. +1 Confirming Sponsor I've known you for about 2 years now and you've always been a very nice person on any server you play on and help explain stuff when people need it. You let me know who was breaking rules when I get on the server which is super helpful when I'm watching people. Not sure what else to say other than you're a pretty responsible person so I think you'd do well on the team.
  15. Neutral I've seen you on the server and you're always pretty nice to everyone but I don't remember seeing you remind people of the rules or helping people out when they're having issues/have questions. Just be more active in the server and remind people of the rules. Good luck on the rest of your app!
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