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  1. suggestions from me

    i dont even understand why freedays are allowed to damage cts (even though they usually dont), they can single-handedly ruin a round and can disrupt a round easily. The whole concept of a freeday is for some idiot to just have a round where he or she can do whatever they want, and i don't think rebelling should be part of that. I would prefer it if we just removed their ability to damage cts and slayed them once 2 t's were left
  2. gz on tech admin loser

  3. hey nissa, the ze discord server is not full right now. Here is the link https://discord.gg/EdMAf7 P.S - its very cancerous but fun to be in
  4. [VOTE] Keep Fists?

    voted no since it just completely ruins some minigames (Black and yellow/ obstacle course) and is very frustrating on both guard and prisoner side. The argument that it gives prisoners something to do isnt very solid either since... they can inspect knife, use !ws, and spam !h lmfao.
  5. suggestions from me

    You mean like, freeday people to have those two until last request? If so, I think that can be done. no i meant add an option to choose a freeday for the next round with a special little condition like low gravity or auto bhop on or whatever example - john gets LR. John uses LR menu to select "freeday" which then leads to new menu showing freeday- autobhop; freeday - lowgrav; freeday - drugs etc So regarding this, I am not in favor of it. It would be absolute chaos to have 2 LR's at the same time lol I also disagree regarding this cause one LR with like 8 cts takes forever. Having two makes less people wait, more people stay on the server, and more people engaged at one time. It also shouldnt be very chaotic since... t's telling guards LR rules on mic is very quick usually. One more suggestion would be so that freeday/glow is automatically slain when the freeday and 1 last T are alive so last T gets LR, seems kinda BS to me that freeday gets to participate in LR too OWO
  6. suggestions from me

    how about if they choose the special freeday they just cant damage cts
  7. add CT mute option (maybe via warden mute power - warden has a certain amount of power every time he begins holding down mic and it decreases every second he talks, once it goes down to below like 80 cts can talk) and add option to get freeday with special things like bhop/low grav to LR. Also add a warden queue so the dude with a bind doesnt get it every round and increase LRs to more than 1 when u have more than a certain number of T's UWU
  8. lol i found out you made ze harry potter a year after i've been subbed to you on youtube, was so fucking surprised
  9. i hate all of the map modifiers since they either dont do anything or people dont do anything with them (or in the case of classic spawn and vip they ruin everything)
  10. $20 Steam Card

    black TriHard
  11. what does this mean
  12. common sense isnt very common @strawberry crab
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