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  1. heres my opinion: u are random No
  2. belle delphine

  3. updated list ( pls help me )
  4. unlock my post smh

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      unlock my post or provide rationale or else im calling my dad he works for GFL

  5. dude who are u talking to lol
  6. warnings should be necessary for ambiguous trolling, (soundboard trolling etc). This is kinda hard to explain since u dont play ze which is also why i said this
  7. yes yes, there is a distinction between 150db earrape and someone playing a voice clip I am saying what admins dislike nowadays is something that they dont properly warn about and is something that shouldnt even be disliked cause ze is a casual gamemode.
  8. As far as I know, I don't believe so. Stacked mutes do not clear off "officially," but someone who comes on the sv once a billion years prolly wont be a victim of stacked mutes. My current month long mute (lol) comes from a two week mute i received in march, and if I make some more admins unhappy 7 months down the line my next mute is permanent.
  9. stacked punishments is the current punishment system on ze. Essentially, each punishment has categories - Ebans, bans, mutes, gags. Successive punishments in ONE category increase in duration, from 30 mins to 1 hr to a day to a week etc, and they do not "stack" from category to category. My next ban may be permanent, but my next mute may still be 30 mins. I agree for the most part--repeat offenders who do really dumb and destructive things on the sv should def be punished. Small things like silly audio clips or whatnot should not be even included in the stack system.
  10. ze is watched and moderated heavily are u kidding me lol. Also, i don't understand the point you are making. Yes, I and people like me troll. I am not saying that isnt true... I'm saying there has been a culture shift, and small, harmless shit that could've been done b4 is not tolerated at all now under the current system of stacked punishments Willy, if you weren't an admin and the current server rules were enforced as you believe they should be, you would literally be perma muted after countless instances of player disrespect and "mic spamming" whenever you lead and prevent ANYONE else on the sv from getting a word in edgewise. How can the cognitive dissonance be this bad LOL
  11. Its time for me to post another controversial thread because quarantine has made me bored out of my mind. If you want, skip to the second issue of stacked punishments cause the first issue is really just me ranting LOL I'd like to talk about two issues for now: First and kinda unimportant issue: Randoms on the forums _________________________ I don't see why morons in the GFL community who have nothing to do with ze constantly feel the need to provide nonstop commentary on SERVER/SERVER CULTURE issues in this forum. I get the obvious irony here seeing as I hardly play ze, but hey at least I've played before :^). yes i also know its a forum where anyone in gfl can contribute but like shut up no one cares about what a forum moderator or about what a gmod server admin thinks about ze issues this is literally you @motorsteak __________________________________________ SECOND AND ACTUAL IMPORTANT ISSUE Stacked punishments I seriously don't understand stacked punishments, and I think they are a stupid form of dealing with rulebreaking in a server like GFL. Stacked punishments should only really be in place if there was a huge lack of server admins. The obvious solution to this issue would be to implement stacked mutes, since long punishments may be necessary if the server cannot be kept under watch at all times. This would prevent a dedicated troll from just coming on at 3 am when no admin is on to screw around. In a server like GFL, which is THE biggest CS;GO server, is kept on near 24/7 watch, and has a report system, there certainly is no need for stacked punishments. Under the system of stacked punishments, here's what admins can do: 1. Gag permanently for small offenses like hitting a bind 2. Mute someone for a week for having a bad microphone one time (perhaps mouth too close to mic, etc) 3. Be assholes to players and bait them into getting long mutes/gags if they retaliate like normal humans would (going back to the double standard I mentioned in an earlier post) 4. Something that JUST happened btw: permanently ban a player for throwing pistols at item chasers and causing 1 second delays in a person getting an item. Seriously? Why did we stop evaluating offences in context? A person spamming the n word and boosting and blasting earrape on microphone can be banned/punished for less time than a person who hit a silly copypasta bind on his keyboard. You guys are turning into the fucking US justice system with stacked punishments. There's also a huge issue with a lack of warnings. I literally have not seen an admin warn another player or communicate discontent since 2018. Hey guys, remember communicating? Even under this system, don't you think a person would stop rulebreaking if you just remind them that they will be muted/gagged/banned/ebanned for a long time? Nah, instead lets just mute/gag/ban/eban instantly, and then be assholes when people complain about it. I feel like we've lost the spirit of ze. Trolls who are doing harmless things to keep the game fun are being treated like malicious e-terrorists who hold the server hostage. This may be due to an admin team full of silent randoms who are gonna leave in a year anyways, or other factors. Regardless, I don't think the spirit of ze is keeping the server permanently silenced with no fun/spice whatsoever. An admin team that just two years ago embraced a spirit of casual trolling and fun is now intent on stamping out all attempts at having fun. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT I THINK ALL TROLLING IS OKAY. People who boost, do huge item trolls like walling everyone off, and people who blast 150 db earrape on the microphone are malicious and should be punished as such. However, there simply isn't a distinction being made anymore. Have you guys forgotten what ze is? Fun, chill, and casual at its core. As a long time player and undeniable troll, I feel sad when I see fellow players and friends be punished like Al Capone at his prime in 2016. A system like this is doing lots of harm to ze's culture of lighthearted tomfoolery. Ignorant, out of touch, and unreasonable admins are the root of this problem. Stop playing ze like its your fucking job, start warning people again. and abolish this dumb system for good. I'd love to see a return of lighthearted fun along with admins who contribute to that fun culture as well. rant over and seriously, please don't put your two cents in the comments if you don't play ze or are named motorsteak
  12. poopy stinky poo

  13. Thanks all for the contributions, but I feel like we've gone a bit off topic. Thread was made to discuss the RULE, how it is enforced and whether admins deserve respect. stop commenting about the way your own server enforces rules or some random ass opinions that we all agree with even though I love you guys (xd) admins being positive people who make mistakes and do a thankless job is inarguable yea can we discuss the rule now? Ignore donchill and kak and keep the discussion away from them, I just used them as an example cause they brought the rule into mind (love them). I think the rule is unfairly enforced and very subjective because admins can randomly decide what is disrespect with people they dont like, the same admins who, for the most part, likely won't mute a person not targeting them with harassment. once again I opine that we should apply rule to all cases, aka no disrespect, or in no cases and just abolish disrespect rule cuz it is dumb and allows admins to mute whoever tf they want (yes i know they are human)
  14. yes i agree admins shouldnt be disrespectful wow glad we agree my fuckin point was that they are, and that would be fine if only there wasnt a rule against disrespect I LOVE ADMIN DISRESPECT ITS JUST THAT THE RULES CAN BE USED BY ANY ADMIN CURRENTLY TO SAY " I DONT LIKE YOU GET BANNE RETORD" WHILE SAME ADMON IS TOXIC/DOESNT EVEN ENFORCE ANTITOXICITY RULES so once fucking again enforce the rule or just get rid of it lol cause banter/disrespect adds to our wonderful culture and is always fun asf to watch
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