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  1. bitch dab yeet lmfao XD

  2. yay those useless people who do nothing now have a new name! GO GFL
  3. im already tracer LOOOOOOOL
  4. yeet dab soundcloud 101 lol1!1!1
  5. bruh i dont have a producer
  6. I didn’t wanna have to do it to yall But you guys are making me so rage recently So ima just end your careers right fucking now Ready? Lets go Fzfury you always starting drama Bloodykiller clone ima make you call your mama Crying about ze all the time got mental trauma? Your clan is trash and full of niggas looking like llamas Don’t even get me started on these new admin shits Stop playing as soon as they get it, what the frick Sucking dick really quick this aint even a trick Like who the fuck is Morningstar? Irrelevant little kid BEAT SWITCH 0:38 Ima move on to citizen That nigga aint really winning in Anything in his life Always crying on the mic Depressed little dyke Our admin team is worse they on 3 strikes and they all are disliked getting serious now aight? BEAT SWITCH 0:51 With these trash new admins they should really take a hike Every one of you is inactive like what the fuck Come on the server once in a month you little cucks Or come and catch these hands. You fucking shmucks BEAT Switch 1:04 Im coming back to vauff gon’ make him pout This nigga really got a gigantic snout And he never leaves the house or comes hangout Cause he a real lonely nigga, time to sit out 1:16 Lets move on to pite This nigga so damn white So filled with spite Crying as if he has rights Why you talking shite Fucking you up is my birthright Ill fucking put you in your place, don’t need white knights 1:29 Ill finish this roast off by including sagi too How did he get admin? Bitch he fucking blew *dick* Already tossing mutes out, no reasons too How many pizzas can he eat? Quite a few 1:42 And his boyfriend black dragyy always makes me fucking rage Ta guile this and ta guile that bitch act like your age Ima put your monkey clan, In a goddamn cage You wanna know the name? Fetty the sage since im never gonna release my diss track here are the lyrics this is the beat if anyone actually wants me to release the track fucking produce for me and record it in a vc :3
  7. but his point is people dont know where to shoot