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  1. joining this community instead of swoobles
  2. ur a couple years late but have a heart for the effort :^)
  3. I understand that I made many mistakes when I first joined the GFL zombie escape discord, mistakes such as spam tagging multiple people even after being told by them to not tag them anymore repeatedly, harassing a person called "take faxi" even after he told me not to annoy him anymore, being annoying by asking many stupid questions. I also knew that I should have waited for at least a few months before appealing for my discord ban, but instead of doing it, I tried to bypass my discord ban by joining using many many alt/VPNs and got caught eventually (which I personally think that it's stupud of what I did), and despite being told tons and tons of times not to bypass my discord ban using alt/VPNs, I continued to join using alt/VPNs repeatedly after the previous alt/VPNs were banned due to getting caught by admins/ server manager, which caused many annoyance to them. Now that I think back of what I did, I realised that I would have been unbanned in discord if I did not try to bypass my discord ban and just waited for months to go by and then appealed it. But instead of trying to appeal my discord ban after few months, I decided to just bypass my discord ban without getting caught (which is a wrong move), I should have just waited out and appealed my discord ban, chances are I would have been unbanned by now. But what has been done cannot be undone and I can't travel back to time too, so I felt really remorseful for all the stuffs that I did which caused a lot of annoyance to the admin team/ people in discord. I also understand extremely well that my chances of being unbanned on GFL zombie escape discord is slim to non-existent due the bypassing ban of me using alt/VPNs and also the previous mistakes mentioned earlier like annoying people in discord chat etc. But I really hope that I can be given one last chance to join back to the discord, because it is much more convenient for checking any announcements or updates for GFL zombie escape fast (as compared to going to the forum to check, much more inconvenient) and also ask for help more easily if I have any problem (which I do now, regarding to selling csgo keys for paypal securely), I promise that I will display good behaviour when i am in discord and if the admin team found me to be annoying and asked me to stop what i am doing because it is annoying, I will stop immediately too. If I break that promise, I don't mind being banned permanently from discord again and no chance on appeal anymore. Lastly, I want to apologize for what I did during the past few months too (not just limited to discord, but server too). Thanks a lot for reading anyways.
  4. jguary eats poo poo
  5. Twas fun!

    only active admin gone :c
  6. @Pyros keep going at it young man and you might even get director some day! ❤️
  7. what does vw and vg being disabled do for us? if a warden is being a slow dickhead playing shit games we should be able to just vote him out. Not every bad warden breaks rules
  8. 1. VG has an insanely high number of votes needed, same as VW. If over 50% of ts dont want the command should work imo 2. very few admins on at all during late NA hours 3. community is gradually getting more retarded and autistic as we expand our playerbase 4. the tools to prevent MFK and abuse are really bad, individual t mute doesnt even work anymore (afaik) so i cant just mute the one guy mic spamming, i have to mute them all (might be wrong but idk) tl;dr decrease vw and vg votes needed, the others are just my salty opinions from coming on after like 2 weeks system is so easily abusable if a large group of raiders wanna come on during hours with few admins and have enough people to prevent a vg from happening
  9. JB is doomed now kys

    1. Chef.


      You’re as fat and ugly as wide dog tbh

  10. Server broke

    guacamole nigga penis
  11. gay ugly retard DL 

    1. Leks



  12. or surveymonkey or microsoft excel or anything that isnt this
  13. i disagree with changing maps to suit no armor since it kinda fucks up the original mapper's purpose + it makes it so that..... guards fucking die less which is the whole point of the gamemode isnt it
  14. can we make the mp9 a viable weapon by increasing ammo by like 15 or something
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