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  1. Nougat Bits by far. I eat them all the time, even when I'm on TeamSpeak, which is why most people I'm around know that I love them. This is what they look like if you haven't seen (or heard of) them before:
  2. For everyone, Darkling already has hard drives and multiple SSDs lying around, so he won't be needing those. Neither will he need a new operating system as he still owns one. He also doesn't want an optical drive.
  3. @Infantry The guy that made me who I am now. I'm curious what I'd be like nowadays without having met him. GFL has truly changed my life.
  4. Nice to see that you got your stuff back on track, I know how hard it can be. I love you too, maybe we'll actually meet up one day. You've been a great friend and you've done great things for GFL. You'll always be welcome here. Hope things go well in life for you, and don't get too drunk. And yeah, fuck Germany.
  5. @Shuruia also has a thumb of war.
  6. When you realise that Derpy is Asian and that's the only reason her example seems to be racist.
  7. Not too sure what "painapples" are, but pineapple does not belong on a pizza.
  8. "Color" is the American English way of spelling it, "colour" the Commonwealth one. It's not just British, though. Both are correct, but I'd advise you to use the same spelling for "color/colour" as you use for your other words. Inconsistency looks bad (e.g. "My favourite color is blue").
  9. I was going to congratulate you until I read the third part. Now I'm unsure what to say, I suppose it's convenient for you that Junkrat's been buffed recently. Either way, well done and keep climbing. If you're ever stuck again, consider playing other heroes as well, or simply record your gameplay and I (GM), or someone else, will review it for you. I'd also suggest joining the GFL Overwatch Discord: https://discord.gg/6TEXQh
  10. Ana, one of the most fun heroes to play.
  11. Welcome back, Hatty.
  12. PC, because it's the master race. Overwatch or CS:GO?
  13. Hmm @Dano is a secret polish spy in germany to get revenge for his family? Next time in GFL drama alert we will see if @Dano gets the revenge he has been looking for. Will he find the dragon balls? Find out next time on GFL drama alert.5vcWjl2FRdaJBajLG9XWVg.png