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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Daddy Issues

      Daddy Issues

      Thanks my dude! I appreciate it

  2. Well, the whole point of the pointshop is to encourage non members to become members. How about we add those hats and trails to the pointshop and make it so that members can buy it, that way we are still encouraging people to apply for member, while giving them cool perks for being a member of the server.
  3. No, they don't. If you get banned on 1 gfl server, you are banned on all of the servers.
  4. Name: Steam ID (or steam profile link): Banned by: Ban Reason: Why should you be unbanned: Please use this format in appealing.
  5. Denied. The Traitor you killed, wasn't even the guy who was shooting, there was another traitor who started shooting, then ran away. After you killed the Traitor, you proceeded to kill the guy in the corner, who didn't do anything, and then killed a guy who came in after you killed the 2 people. On that 50,000 minute mass rdm ban, that was supposed to be a super mass ban, which I changed later in Sourcebans. You're ban expires tomorrow on the 7th.
  6. If you read the !motd you would know that advertising of any sorts is not allowed on the server and is a perma ban. Now considering how you made an appeal, although your choice of font is questionable... I have decided to unban you. Next time don't advertise on the server, even if it's for the memes.
  7. I dressed up as myself for halloween. I know, pretty spoopy, I think my costume is considered not safe for everything. Now gib prize
  8. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/969-muteban-appeals/?do=add Go here to make a proper appeal
  9. Denied. Your ban will expire tomorrow, however being new to the game or TTT in general does not excuse you from ruining other people's experiences by trolling (throwing incen and T baiting) If you have read the rules, you would know that throwing an incen as an inno is not allowed, and constant T baiting is considered trolling. Wait out the ban, there's only 1 day left, and I would suggest to read server rules when you come back in.
  10. After looking at this appeal and looking at what lunar said, I have decided to Unban you. When you join the server again, press f1 to learn how to play and type !motd to learn server rules.
  11. Have a good break my man, take all the time you need. Hope you come back bb, I will miss you
  12. Unbanned. For future reference, don't leave with an active report since you may get banned for RDM + LEAVE.
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