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  1. @Chief has been accepted as Operator. Congrats.
  2. Removed am_lego_v1 (Community Hated)
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. This Forum will be used by authorized staff of GFL to post what updates have been made to the server.
  5. Use this forum to post ANY idea that you may have for the server. This can be from a new map or to a plugin you want to see in the server.
  6. Use this forum to report any BUGS and anything that may cause your game to CRASH that is at the servers fault.
  7. @CrusTi Has stepped down from being full Manager for the server. Thank you so much for what you have done for the server.
  8. Directors: @Roy - STEAM @RickGrimesTM - STEAM @Snoopy - STEAM @denros - STEAM ________________________________________________ Division Leaders: @Deltacommander - STEAM @HackingPotato - STEAM ________________________________________________ Server Manager: @GR1FF1N - STEAM @CrusTi - STEAM (Server Tech) ________________________________________________ Admins: @Sleazoid - STEAM @rapperdan - STEAM @Vfallen - STEAM (Alt) STEAM @BudRot - STEAM @jtmj23 - STEAM [EU] @nocheat - STEAM [EU] @Mamoru - STEAM ________________________________________________ Trial Admins: ________________________________________________ Operators: @MrRaven - STEAM @argo - STEAM @Alliewayy - STEAM @Chief - STEAM [EU] @null - STEAM _______________________________________________ * = Inactive Admins/Operators, Individuals will be contacted before a decision is made to remove the user(s).
  9. 1v1 MAP LIST NEW MAPS am_brickwork am_burg am_devbeach am_ene_v1 am_heaven_gardens am_poolday am_shutdown am_tunnel am_simpsons_streetwar am_subway_gfl ACTIVE MAPS am_alley_v1 am_anothernuke am_aztec2 am_aztec2015 am_basement am_breakout am_courtyard am_crashz_dust_v2 am_dust2 am_grass2 am_locked am_loot am_map1v1 am_must2 am_nuke2 am_peekaboo am_pillars_v2 am_plain2 am_quickdraw am_rob_a am_sitecheck32 am_skybound_32 am_snow_cbg am_snowfall_v2 am_texture2 am_towers2 am_trainyard am_warehouse3 am_water2014 am_yard
  10. [CSGO] - 1v1 Arena MOTD General Rules No over-using racism Do not impersonate an Admin/Operator No Hacking / Cheating / Scripting / Exploiting. The use of any will warrant a permanent ban No mic/chat spamming or excessive yelling No Personal Numbers or Personal Addresses Do not use or share exploits of the maps Listen to admins; They have Final say No advertising or begging No Ghosting Arena 1v1 Information - This server has started on 3/1/15. - There are two reserved slots. Therefore, the maximum players the server can have is 32 but it will display 30. Donate for a reserved slot! The server is still under development, and many things might still change. Admins Please use discretion and allow time for new players to learn the rules. Punishments can include warnings, mute/gag, ban. If you are muted/gagged/banned by an admin, take a deep breath and try to understand what you did before you complain. To talk directly to admins, use team chat and type @ before your sentence (i.e. @ what's up admins?). If you have any questions you can ask the Server Manager. PM him here. @GR1FF1N General Commands !motd - Go to GFL's 1v1 Arena MOTD !gametracker - Go to GFL's 1v1 Arena Gametracker page !steam - Go to GFL Steam page !rules - Go to GFL's 1v1 Arena MOTD !updates - Bring up the recent server updates thread !radio - Opens radio settings menu !challenge - Opens menu to challenge someone !guns - Opens guns and round preferences menu !register - Opens the membership application page !report - Opens the report player page !commands - Opens up the commands thread Unique Commands (These do not require ! / or sm_) place - Shows ranking and points in chat rank - Gives your servers stats in a detailed manor guns - Opens guns and round preferences menu VIP Commands !tags - Opens up custom tag and color menu * ! = shown to everybody * / = Hidden from everybody * sm_ = In-Console and Hidden FAQ 1. What makes GFL's Arena 1v1 server stand out from others? A: A number of things makes us stand out. We have good/fair admins, and our management takes good care of the server. We also have the server on one of our dedicated machines with NFO, the server shouldn't lag with 30+ players at 128-tick. 2. Are there any other GFL servers? A: Yes, we have many other CS:GO, GMOD, CSS, and TF2 servers. Go to to find our server list! I hope you all feel belonged and have a good time in our Server! -GR1FF1N
  11. Goodluck in everything you do man, you were one of the first people I looked up to in this community and I am very thankful for what you have done while here. Thank and goodbye.
  12. I've said this before and I believe I need to say this again. I can NOT stress that if you have a problem with a player to record it. Record or take a picture of some type of proof. You saying "This dude is hacking! He was spin botting and everything but he left when you got here, I got his name" Isn't enough. If you have no recording software just use the CSGO demo system. 1. Type record (name of recording) in console 2. Spectate the player hacking 3. type stop when your done. The file will be located in CSGO files right there. Please, record when you have an issue. Thanks.
  13. Welcome to the Forums! I remember you asking me about it yesterday in 1v1. Glad to see you here! If you need any help or anything I or any other personal of GFL would be glad to help!
  14. 1v1 Discord is now live!! Allow Me to Introduce the New Discord for GFL's 1v1 server! We have everything you could want! A Functional Music Lounge VIP Rooms for VIP Personal Bots to Make Your Stay Welcome Multiple Rooms To Talk to Your Friends The new server is easy to join, Just click the link below!