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  1. 10/19/17 - Added Flashbangs and Knife rounds. (Please message me if there are any bugs) - Shifted focus to updating EU server and some plugins
  2. @Deltacommander has stepped down from being DL of CSGO @Mamoru Has stepped down from being EU admin
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  4. added am_fullthrottle
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  6. I became a Member because I wanted it to say member In all honesty.
  7. @Plexol Has been accepted as Operator. Congrats!
  8. I'm fully aware of the glitch on arena 12 and it's not big enough of an issue to do anything action such as removing the map about it.
  9. I do play on the GMOD TTT server time to time and the thing about this is that there should be no age restriction for any game. We should not judge our players on there age but there actions in game.
  10. @MrRaven Demoted for lack of Activity. @null Demoted for lack of Activity
  11. Who was the last comment?
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