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  1. @Alliewayy Promoted to Admin
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  3. I apologize as I was in the server and was going to be active on it but I had to do something and just went AFK. I can say how ever of the following people I just banned VeryShortMidget for cheating.
  4. @Sleazoid I have no problem as Dan as a admin as we was a very good admin, I just had no say in his removal as it was not in my hands, but as Darkling said, his actions outside of 1v1 were getting a bit out of hand. I can no speak for myself as I did not see any of these actions outside of 1v1 since I was never told to give that attention.
  5. This was a Trusted+ issue where I had no say in it, seeing as Hacking was already tagged in this post, I will let her make he statement about it. I do not believe I have much say as when it comes to Dan because again, I had no part in the discussion to remove him.
  6. @Twin Promoted to admin. Congrats!
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  9. 10/19/17 - Added Flashbangs and Knife rounds. (Please message me if there are any bugs) - Shifted focus to updating EU server and some plugins
  10. @Deltacommander has stepped down from being DL of CSGO @Mamoru Has stepped down from being EU admin
  11. @skell has been accepted as Operator. Congrats!
  12. added am_fullthrottle
  13. I became a Member because I wanted it to say member In all honesty.