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  1. Hey man, you have good time and really enjoy yourself. I super respect you being able to be honest with yourself on when it’s time for a break from something. Goodluck!
  2. GFL Overwatch

    I would be extremely psyched! I don’t have access to a PC of my own for the new few months that can play overwatch but when I do it would be amazing to be apart of this! I’m fully for this. +1 😁
  3. Thank you for what you have taught me squid! I am fully confident you are going to crush Naval Officer School, best of luck!
  4. It's been a good while since I posted here.
  5. My mans looking like a snack. Love ya, buddy. ❤️ @Mamoru

    NICE frickin PROFILE!!!




  7. 1v1 Map layout

    With cover right? I tried to make like 2 maps for the 1v1 and it didn't work out but what I believe you should do is make it so that one way or the more direct line of sight is an instant headshot and while having that, having multiple ways to engage close without crossing the long line of sight or crossing it very quickly. Just my 2 cents on what has been a success before. It was mostly the long sight ranges that induce aim that are normally the popular ones.
  8. So uh yeah. Not gonna lie, I had to look at other resignations to see how everyone is kinda doing this. But yeah. I'm just gonna say this off the start. I never was the best manager and I know that. I still dont know more than half of the stuff I'm supposed to know to be a manager. I dont blame anyone for this. But I at this point I dont know if I killed the server or not. My interest has really declined in being a manager. It went from I like this to it being something in the back of my mind constantly. How I couldn't help a dying server. I tried but as time went on my effort decreased as my interest decreased, for this I apologize. I still stand behind my actions of demoting Dan because as a person who is perusing law enforcement I wont put up with such but unfortunately I believe this was one of the many factors that led to the server. At this point, the server is kinda fucked and I have no idea how to fix that with how busy I have gotten recently. I've had really good times with this community and one of the larger things I've ever joined when it comes to the gaming universe. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that supported me and put up with me. But It's kinda my time to leave now. I'm not active aside from DMs which I will always look at, I don't have the technical skills to restart a server, nor the time. I'm just gonna tag people I know and like say bye. @Darkling Thanks dad @rapperdan I still stand behind what I did. I'm a firm believer in rules and command structure, I hope you respect that as well sometime. @CrusTi If I had a dollar for every gram of we- @Roy Hope you do good man, you're a sweet dude. @ oh shit who do I taggg @Xy_ Mr Director @HackingPotato potattooooo @King_Wailord Always said your name wrong @Misaki If I had a dollar for every time you changed your na- @Bonk I still dont know what I am doing @Sleazoid Your a really cool dude, hope life treats ya well @Twin Stay strong my dude @Vfallen Turn off your hacks lol @jtmj23 Rocket league sometime? @argo Where did you go my dude? @JerryBomb You remind of this dude just running into a room yelling Jerry, idk why @p0lar My first Perma mute, still had good memes after. <3 @Crusty I got you mixed up with CrusTi so many times lol @RickGrimesTM Didnt talk THAT much but still a chill dude @Zebra Youre a chill dude yus Ima add that one thing that everyone does cause I forgot everyone but this experience was magical, thank you all for doing that. I hope y'all have good lifes and stuff, see ya later.
  9. Tagged you cutie. Darkling promised me videos of the other songs too lol.
  10. So I just wanna say. It was fun. we decided upon my request and upon me entering the channel and singing firework that we would all sing together. Here are some youtube clips, I'll add the rest in the form of comments https://youtu.be/OpXdhwu2fl4 https://youtu.be/IHo-Ag5Et24 Tagging those involved aswell @Darkling @CrusTi @Crusty @AverageDrink @Liloz01 @Dekko @Toasted_Chromosomes @RickGrimesTM @Aura @MercurialWizard @Winter
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