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  1. Bear in mind in that same clip, in that same interview, Dr. King also said about 50 seconds later that he condemns rioting as self defeating and socially destructive. People seem to be using that quote as a justification for rioting and insinuating Dr. King was in favor of riots when that is indeed not the case. As for my thoughts on the matter: obviously it shouldn't have happened. Everything about it was wrong. But I'm not one to be too quick to pull the race card on this situation. Unless new evidence is revealed about the officer who I shall not name and his past, I believe had George Floyd been another skin color, he would have been treated the same way. If I can, let me take you back 4 years ago to the stone cold murder of Daniel Shaver (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Daniel_Shaver). I'm not going to explain every single detail, just know that he was drunk laying face down on the floor, hands behind his back and legs crossed in a hotel hallway, begging for his life with a half dozen police officers aiming their guns at him. He made one mistake in the order they were giving him and he was shot dead there on the spot. He was unarmed. They believe he was just trying to pull his pants up as they were falling down. There's even pretty disturbing bodycam footage of the whole incident. What happened? There were no riots, no looting, no mass protests calling for the officers arrest. None of that. It was just another story in the news for about a day before everyone moved on. None of the officers were convicted of murder. The one who did the most shooting (Officer Philip Brailsfor) was acquitted, is getting a pension from the police department and is receiving PTSD treatment being paid for by taxpayer dollars because of the whole ordeal. It was because the victim was white. If he were black, we would have likely seen what we are seeing now. It would have been labeled an execution, Al Sharpton would be on the news every night discussing it, every officer involved would have been fired and the NAACP would be having a field day. Instead, Daniel Shaver is an afterthought. A blip on the radar. Which isn't to say what happened to George Floyd should be let go or the severity of the situation lessened to any extent. When I first watched the video of the ordeal, I punched my desk and nearly broke a finger on my right hand in anger. But don't bring the race card into this when we have yet to see a single shred of evidence that any of this is because of Mr. Floyd's race. And as for the rioting, it solves nothing. Looting and burning buildings and destroying property isn't going to bring George back and it's not going to solve a thing. It's only going to make things worse. 2 people are now dead along with Mr. Floyd because they were killed by store owners while looting. It's not easy by any means, but cooler heads need to prevail. The officer who committed the offense is in custody and awaiting charges. Let this play out. Rioting will not get anything done any faster and only helps perpetuate stereotypes around protesters. Also, in regards to "peaceful protests never solving anything", Gandhi and Dr. King among MANY many many others, would like a word...
  2. Went through my own similar experience with GFL, sorry to hear about this Mejilla. Gonna miss you (even though we only talked on game nights or during karaoke).
  3. It was 1am, there was only 7 or 8 people on and @myPHART wanted to play Simon Says. Myself and a couple others did not want to play so we did our own thing. Well in the middle of them playing Simon Says, I decided to throw an incend at them just for shits and giggles. Proceeded to get banned for attempted mass RDM. That ban was later reduced after I was told I shouldn't have thrown the grenade and myPHART shouldn't have been doing Simon Says if everyone didn't agree to it. Good times, good times. Honorable mention: the time I hit someone that was running near tester with a harpoon thrown from the top of the lighthouse to get the game winning kill. Or the time the last T had his teleporter marked in the water behind the lighthouse and I jumped out of the lighthouse into the water to ID a body just as the T teleported. I goomba stomped him and won the round for innos.
  4. Dear god, it's been a long time. I believe in 2011 or 2012 there was a TTT server I played on all the time that rotated between 3 Minecraft maps: B5, city and I can't find the other but it all took place in a cave, you know the one I'm talking about. That server got shut down so I needed a new place to play TTT. Enter GFL TTT MC 24/7. Had the lowest ping, was on a Minecraft map to boot, to date have put in over 1,000 hours on that server alone. Taken breaks over the years but I've always come back.
  5. NOT HOBO, OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For real though, take it easy my man
  6. Sad to see you go, welcome to the club! (came back from hiatus just to comment this)
  7. I may be gone from HNS but you bet your ass given the chance to RDM, I'll take it
  8. Man, sure is one hell of a day for stepping down/resigning, eh? Join the club with @JGuary551 and I. But for real, best of luck to you man, you did a great job as manager. Good luck with training and stay safe 🙂
  9. So long my guy, take care. I'm in the same boat right now
  10. Well, the time is finally here. I made a post like this about a month back but I was talked out of it by several people. But this one is it, this is real. I can't say for sure if I'm leaving GFL but I am resigning from HNS. Personal issues have caused me to have to leave the server. Just how it is. They always say "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" and I am smiling. While I took breaks from time to time, I've been playing on the Gmod Hide And Seek server since all the way back in 2016, maybe even in 2015 but I don't recall exactly. I've made many friends on there, some I'd consider lifelong friends and close friends. It's time I don't regret and I'll never forget. Now to the mentions and thanks yous- @FrankAL no I will not play AoE2 with you @Harakoni we butted heads often and had issues but I always respected you. Your time as manager was filled with so much turmoil, you didn't deserve that (and thanks for letting me be admin under you) @littleshake one of the better friends I made on HNS, you're too awesome @BrotherWolf one of the nicest genuine people and a great admin, I'll miss you man even when you cheat at golf @spookyowo @Zexired @Nix Pardus oi ya Aussie cunts (and thank you Zex for giving me the chance to be admin) @DragoonMCL for the love of god, I don't watch anime @mbs no maple syrup for you @GoddessAthena Nicki Minaj's ass @Booster bork @Clufy come back pls @Fafy our lord and savior, praise to thee (and thank you for allowing me to be an admin for you) @HomelessDog smol Aussie @R3DD3AD thanks for your help keeping me sane @PopcornGoesPopping @Jamie-Jay @KryptekBlu3 good luck you guys @Shabby sorry for how everything turned out dude Last but not least @Rennadai thanks for letting be an admin under you as well. Great admin, great manager and great person. Good luck with the future of the server, I know you'll do well Well, with that said I guess it's time to go. This isn't an instance where I'm resigning but I'll be around or whatever. I think this is the real goodbye. See ya'll when I see ya, stay safe with this COVID-19 shit. Take care 💗
  11. Codes

    Random games leftover from Humble Bundle, have fun~ 983TX-I0WQ6-M2Y4T 9LPN5-5AXH4-2NFAJ 9B2C7-9A234-K2AKQ
  12. Map is already big and gives hiders huge advantage, no need to make it bigger
  13. Nice crunchy kettle cooked Lays black pepper and sea salt chips
  14. @BrotherWolf is unreasonably nice. Like, it should be a crime~ Of course, that's when he's NOT cheating in Golf With Your Friends
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