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  1. @Ben Roy wants to know your location
  2. So just to clarify, a coup d'etat is out of the question at this point? Asking for a friend
  3. I like the fact that I literally followed this almost spot on reporting a ghoster a few months back (video included) and he didn't get banned
  4. HEY how about you put this in the suggestions thread
  5. I can't tell if these are jokes or not
  6. @mario_the_man this is how you shitpost
  7. Can't blame you one bit. There's been a (rightfully deserved) exodus from GFL over the past year or so from many members and I don't see that ending anytime soon.
  8. At this point, I think the MOTD needs an overhaul more than anything else.
  9. E: Join the porn industry I vote for E