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  1. Imagine spawning anywhere other than at the exit
  2. Obviously my Wisconsin bias shows, but- NFL: Packers MLB: Brewers NBA: I don't watch a lot, but the Bucks I'm a massive baseball fan. Was a season ticket holder for a couple years, still try to go to at least 20 games a year. Also just like to go on record as saying THE BEARS STILL SUCK!
  3. On a full server, that's one thing. But if it was only you and him playing... I'm not punishing somebody for that. At that point, it's just downtime.
  4. Where else do you see that peg game played (which by the way, I've been told they never wash those pegs and they are just absolutely crawling with germs and TLDR don't touch the peg game)?
  5. Ban appeal

    I'd normally agree, but he did just say he came on with an alt to circumvent a ban. That's important info, no?
  6. It's real, exists and is happening but I don't think it's happening at the rates some people believe it to be.
  7. Me @ anyone who joins our wonderful community 84341abd-785d-4912-8ee6-9eaea370810e.mp4
  8. *cough* remove the rule protecting the D-Class in the first few minutes *cough cough*
  9. This is 100% true, I kid you not, a friend of my sisters in high school, her dad died when he didn't know he had a seafood allergy and someone squirted juice from a shrimp into his eye at a restaurant. Went into cardiac arrest and died a few hours later. But yeah, shrimp's pretty good. Garlic-ginger-honey glazed shrimp? Now we're talking!
  10. Pretty much that. This isn't just an all of a sudden thing, Breach did very poorly population wise over the entire summer. If you were lucky on a good night, there might be 30 people on. This isn't just happening in a bubble though, while the GFL Breach server was arguably one of, if not the most popular Gmod Breach server, others have gone off a cliff as well. I think as a whole, the popularity of SCP: Secret Laboratory plays a part, a lot of people see that as a better alternative. Not to bash anyone, but IMO it also has to do with the quality of the server dropping. I won't get too far into that, I'll just end by saying that sometimes less is more, quality over quantity.
  11. If you're suggesting to me you've never heard of Humble Bundle before, I am genuinely shocked
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