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  1. Yes yes yes, I'm well aware Origin is the inferior platform. That being said, they have a pretty damn good sale going on now if you're interested. https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/deals Some of the great deals include Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield 1 for $4.49 and $4.99 respectively. On a personal note if I may say, I've tried Battlefront 2. It is a much much different game then it was at launch. I'd highly recommend it.
  2. ❤️ u daddy xoxo

  3. I'm pretty good at sustaining gaming relationships with people, but back in like 2014 or 2015 or so I was part of a clan in Rust called Chaindogs. This was back on the legacy map mind you. At our height, there were 16 of us and we pretty much dominated 2 servers where we had colossal bases. For a solid year and a half most of us got on almost every night and raided other bases. I'm pretty sure if you go back, someone even made a whole thing on Reddit about us. But we RP'd, we fucked around, we recorded some stuff that I think is still on YouTube, we just had a great time. But then Facepunch finally released the new map to the masses, so we decided to expand our clan to a 3rd map on the new procedural map. We became a bit too thinly spread, so we decided to abandon our base on one of the legacy servers and just remain on one legacy server and one new one. This worked for a few weeks until a big coordinated raid took out our base on the new procedural map server. We ended up taking a vote where 7 of us wanted to remain on the legacy server and 9 wanted to stay on the new one. We ended up splitting and over the coming months as Rust legacy died, more and more of us left Rust altogether and quit talking. In the end, it was just me and my friend Avery left on the Legacy server that was slowly dwindling in population, going from (on normal days) 60+ people, now down to a dozen including us if we were lucky. Left in charge of a base far too big for two people to manage, and not willing to accept any outsiders into our clan, we finally realized we had lived long enough to see ourselves become the villains. We downloaded our respective hacks for Rust legacy and went around gathering all the wood we could possibly find until we had a few dozen crates full. In the middle of our crumbling base, we built a tower so tall that the top wouldn't generate if you were on the ground and we left that as our mark. We played some games together after that, but I haven't spoken to another of my Chaindog bois since 2016.
  4. When people completely disregard every rule and guideline in place and just post shit wherever, whenever, for getting unbanned or otherwise. . . I'm not gonna lie, that kind of chaos brings a smile to my face
  5. Xvideos is the supreme provider of entertainment, can confirm
  6. Yo congrats dude, haven't seen you in a long while. Hope everything is going great! Happy for you ~ Twistercat would never admit it but he misses you
  7. I knew you were a communist
  8. Yeah @Toast_Sandpie if you're referring to TTT MC 24/7, you need to understand something: I don't wanna say being an admin on other servers/gamemodes is easy because it's not. They all have their own issues and problems that need to be handled differently. But I don't think I'm wrong when I say that being a TTT admin, specifically on this particular server, is not only hard but also a chore. It's a legitimate job and it sucks. I applied once and had everything going my way to become a trial admin but took my application down when I realized, "Fuck that, I don't want to be an admin on here, it's hell". Give them some slack, it's not fun. And if you're talking about any other server, they all have active staff most, if not almost all of the time so idk wtf you're smoking
  9. Hmmmmm, smells like Pigeon should apply again, although my bans won't help me
  10. Me trying to comprehend wtf I just read
  11. If you are any of the mentioned, Microsoft put out a survey regarding the future of the franchises https://microsoft.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_23vYZpPZQSieMU5?loc=15 I myself am a massive Age fan, particularly Age of Mythology and the survey, for me at least, revolved around that. The rumors and rumblings seem to be that in addition to Age of Empires 4 (which was announced almost 2 years ago now), an Age of Mythology sequel may be in the works as well. But if you have the time, take the survey, give your thoughts, help an aging community out
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