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  1. Damn, everyone be resigning well have fun on whatever you do next
  2. Damn dude that's big rip you were pretty cool dude
  3. Your in game name(s): Jhay Moon Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:449603020 Punishment and reason why: I was muted for a week for "inappropriate content" The admin who punished you: hotgrits Why the punishment should be revoked: I apologize for what i did which i knew was wrong and made a mistake. I was just talking about stuffs without really thinking about it which ended up me getting muted. I shall reflect on my actions and avoid doing this the next time i'll ever get on the server. I only ask for forgiveness thank you very much
  4. Traitor Win EOR House of Pain - Jump Around Run DMC - It's Tricky Cypress Hill - Insane in the brain Miyashita Yuu - Traffic jam Miyashita Yuu - WozWald Innocent Win EOR Naughty by Nature - Hip Hop Hooray Beastie Boys - Fight for your right MafuMafu - Sugar Song and Bitter Step MafuMafu - Roki Roki Ft. Soraru
  5. Mask Requests

    [Mask Request] - Jhay Moon Mask Name - Utaite Mask Imageeeeeee -
  6. It do be like that sometimes
  7. It's jojo but likeeee it's a good one also this is for time out eor
  8. Real Gamer moment

  9. Kinda forgot to check this. Ban has expired
  10. Imagine not hearing it in vc kinda cringe bro gotta have some ears xd moments
  11. This ban appeal is straight up DENIED, With the proof already shown here, I banned you for using aimbot. and I don't think anyone has a problem with this or think this is not aimbot and so the ban stays.
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