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  1. I believe that all hackers can change. +1 Hope to see you back on the battlefield, Happy Hunting
  2. Ill take in account from my admins ill go Neutral since there is a +1 and -1 Ill let the others say their piece before I decide
  3. Yeah, no you have 50 hours on the server. I’ve never seen you in chat or in the server before. Which makes sense bc you have 50 hours. I’ll let the others give their input
  4. I’m neutral, I’d like to see what my admins say before accepting you. Hours are good age is good.
  5. Neutral- I’ve seen this person in game quite abit she isn’t toxic from what I know of.. The hours are a little concerning.
  6. @braed This is my mom, I love her to death. I don't think I'd be here without her. @Mejilla This is mom #2, she is that one person that don't take no shit from anybody. Love her too. @ReaperGFL I punted his dog across the yard like I football
  7. I’ll let others give there rating before I do.
  8. Well, If I become part of the team I'll do my absolute best not to let you guys down!
  9. You have applied 5 times since April 22, please stop applying immediately after getting denied. Reapply in 2 months Denied
  10. Smells like a burrito ❤️ luv u mom#2

  11. Dis my mom, so back off ye cunt!

    1. Mejilla


      this is my wife

    2. Lurnondius
  12. Sorry for any inconvenience, You will unbanned!
  13. So you were perm muted for Mute Evading. Any way you look at it, you are evading a mute. We don't know if you were on your alt on purpose to see if you wouldn't get caught or if it was truly by accident. Either way this is considered mute evading. I will let the other admins or chatmods look at this before I decide.
  14. @ACanadianAsian @Revs Since you weren't cheating and the ban was for Hacker Association. You'll be unbanned on the 14th of May! If you have anymore questions please feel free to PM Me on Discord or any other Admins! Thank you, Have a good day!
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