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  1. No cap me the best GFL CSGO 1V1 ADMIN THERE IS BESIDE @Mamoru
  2. I told you to drop the topic, you proceeded to not listen and keep going. I even said "Anything else on this topic will be dealt with accordingly." You kept going I muted you. Not to mention the harassment against the Rust Staff. https://gyazo.com/9aadca4b74929da2f9b3e9b1ebd48096 https://gyazo.com/30cccf0226a6f9fa9d22b2dbadb06fcb https://gyazo.com/41266cb16d85e0c59e0ffe99631212ab
  3. I believe that all hackers can change. +1 Hope to see you back on the battlefield, Happy Hunting
  4. @braed This is my mom, I love her to death. I don't think I'd be here without her. @Mejilla This is mom #2, she is that one person that don't take no shit from anybody. Love her too. @ReaperGFL I punted his dog across the yard like I football
  5. -1 "Now, looking at your ban, i can see you got 81%. You do not get 81% with just a scroll wheel. I can also see you only pressed your jump bottom once every time you had a bhop run. Taking all this in to perspective, your ban is legit." I can agree with Momo on this the ban was legit
  6. Hello! What CSGO server was this on? Servers: AWP 24/7, 1v1. Surf
  7. *Comes Back after a day,* “Ok guys i realize that was dumb of me”
  8. @Roy Single Handedly one of the coolest guys, i’ve met. I mean there really isn’t much to say about him. (Besides him being the Founder of a huge ass Community That Im grateful I’m able to be apart of. @braed This my mom, don’t fuck with her, she will cut you. (In my defense I didn’t know you were admin at the time, I promise) Braed is a awesome person that is all around loving. “If you aren’t friend with this person are you even alive” Nuff said @Mejilla She full of crackhead energy. She’s a nice person, she is one of those people you can talk to, if something comes up in life, she a good person all around. Would recommend being friends with her it’ll improve your quality of life. @ReaperGFL Colin @Mamoru Only Danish I know, pretty cool, he would ban me if he could, bad at cs <3
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