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  1. So after thinking about it, I will give you a 30 day mute.
  2. Greetings, You have been warned multiple times about posting your gore spray and even banned for a day- being pestilent about it. You also persisted to spray your gore (yesterday at around 1:25 am) AFTER your 24hr ban expired. Due to the gore content, I will not post the screenshot, but I will provide it to those who wish for it through DM. After you sprayed it, you proceeded to threaten the guy that reported you to one of our staff, Lawmyl by "doxxing" the reporter. Today you've violated a rule that's different in nature- but similar in intent, which is sharing gore. You explain your reasoning as an "unintentional bind" trying to say that you are proven. Unfortunately, due to your lackluster attitude, I do not believe your reasoning. Below is the screenshot of your violation: You've already stated that you are proven through chat. You then proceed to post your link and say "I [mean]" "proven". I absolutely do not see how one could accidentally press ctrl+v on your chat to hit a supposed keybind. Even if it was by accident, and you did mean to hit your proven bind, I find it mystifying how you have a bind that publicizes gore. I know you're a late-night regular, and you've surely read the !motd, so why would you risk accidentally posting gore and not remove that bind? This has been my very first perma-mute as an admin, so I will hold this appeal until tomorrow. Until then, please be patient and rest assured that I will consult the fellow staff for advice. Sincerely, Jinzu
  3. Please ungag me

    You were warned twice to turn it off, but kept on using it. I've checked your gag history and have been gagged 11 times before. I'm going to ungag you but the next time you get gagged it will be permanent.
  4. @Buzzz Said there weren't enough egirls here so...
  5. Since I wasn't registered in source bans yet, Milkman will unban you soon. Try to rejoin in 5 minutes.
  6. Unfortunately, we do not have proof of your friend hacking. I've played with you for a while and you haven't had any issues with massing or anything like that so I will forgive you for this one. In the future, just let your friend know not to do it/ just don't associate yourself with those people.
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