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  1. Your gag seems justified. Gags that are over a year old are discounted however, your previous gags were within a span of a year.
  2. Here's some advice since you're on your way to adulthood. If you have a problem, it's best if you confront the person first before anything else. I know you're having mental health issues, but that's not an excuse to stir up random drama and send passive-aggressive posts on a public forum.
  3. Unbanned. We trust that you will never do something like this again. The next one will be permanent.
  4. We have big things planned for TTT MC so hopefully the upgrade fixes our CPU issue. (plus @Loke's optimizations)
  5. I think this is a player report not an abuse report.
  6. Unbanned. We hope you are indeed reformed
  7. Here is your ban record: @Roger Gunshot @Edge @Beaker @Bae @SkydivingSquid What do you guys think?
  8. First off, I've never called you "fucking retarded". You seem like you're confused. I call everyone smooth brains for doing smooth brain plays, and when I die, I always say "My T-budies are fuckin retarded vote innos". If you have a recording of me directly saying that "you're fucking retarded", please send it over and I'll personally post an abuse report on myself.
  9. As for my "Smooth brain" callouts, I'll tone it down a bit and say it towards regulars/friends who don't mind it (as they consider it as a meme). If you're offended by that, I apologize.
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