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  1. Hello @Star Paladin, I did ban you but it was for a week for Mass RDM not 6 hours for RDM + Leave, You RDMed three innocents in a single round on roy the ship and so I banned you for Mass RDM, You claimed crossfire in your response to the reports and also in this appeal but there was no crossfire involved, You turned and looked directly at each target before shooting, from what I saw, you Mass RDMed, I will be keeping the ban, although I will reduce it from 7 days to 4 since you seem apologetic about it. When you come back from your ban try to be more careful and don't RDM anymore, Have a good day.
  2. Use this format to appeal your ban. https://gflclan.com/forms/19-gmod-ttt-rotation-muteban-appeals/
  3. Unbanned, be more careful next time.
  4. Hi @Chanceplanet76, I did ban you for RDM and leave, you had RDMed a detective and I added a slay, you then said something along the lines of "ok i have to go but i will take the slay later" and then left without staying to be autoslain, If you have a slay you MUST stay on the server until you have served your slay, If you leave with a slay you will be banned for RDM and leave. I will unban you but try to not let this happen again.
  5. Hello @Aging, I did ban you for Advertising, You had advertised a Non-GFL server which is against our rules and is bannable on our server, I have decided to unban you but keep in mind that if you Advertise any non-GFL server again my fellow admins and I will not be as lenient in unbanning you.
  6. Hi @alexw200 I've decided to test out your suggested maps and give my imput on them, please bear in mind before I do that A. I tested them out on my singleplayer server and B. this is just my opinion and I'm not trying to be mean. I'd like to say that in my opinion we need medium sized maps since sometimes we have 10 players on the server and sometimes we have 20 and sometimes 36, so it's better to have a medium sized map rather than a too small or too big map. TTT canvas, I like the idea, It's bright, Open but not too open, but it's kinda big, And the vents seem kinda pointless. TTT terminus, decent size but feels more like a rp map rather then a TTT map, It just doesn't feel like it'd fit the server very well. lego (fixed), it has funny t traps like the rocket thing, It's a nice sized map, Whenever I played on it before on other servers and such it was really fun, I asked some people about it and they seem like they'd like it if it were implemented, however it is kinda open. ttt bf5 scrapmetal, this map is WAY too big, it has really loud noises, and overall, doesn't seem like a good TTT map. TTT_millennial_fair, wasn't able to find it on my list. egotrip, it is really big, I don't think it would be a good TTT map, and it has a lot places to camp/hide in, I like the disco though. TTT_black_mesa_east_v1_fix2, you can look into another room through a door Imgur of the glitch It's pretty big, and you can't really kill people outside unless you wanna get KOSed instantly, and It's kinda bland, plus couldn't you prop kill with the boats?. TTT_datmap, feels more like an adventure map mixed with a bit of deathrun It's also bit of a maze and the halls are too small and narrow. TTT_nuclear_power, REALLY BIG MAP, I started lagging when I loaded it. and there seems to be lots of unnecessary rooms. TTT_vault, I couldn't find it. TTT_riverside. I spawned in a room that I couldn't get out of (doors don't open) I loved the soccor ball and vibe of the map, but doesn't feel like it'd be a good map for the server, I also got hit by the car. Imgur of the soccer ball cause why not TTT_fiskarna, a little big but is a fun map, I like the fishing license thing to get to the tester. I also have a suggestion of my own. TTT_hairyhouse, a little small but a good map, played on it many times, On many different servers, I feel like people would like it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=196720505
  7. Hi, @acaary2. I did ban you for ban evasion, however, you were karma banned and I can't deal with that myself. I have decided to UNBAN you for the evasion ban, but keep in mind that if you are banned, you MAY NOT get on any other account and play until your ban is up. I will give you another chance, but don't let this situation happen again.
  8. Hi @Fluffy Goff, I was the one that banned you. this had happened on sky scraper: you and 3 others were walking up the stairs and one was carrying a barrel, you shot it and it exploded, they had all reported you, one forgave and the other two didn't (someone else reported you but they weren't killed/damaged by you) so in conclusion you killed 3 innocents with an explosive barrel as an innocent, I went ahead and banned you for mass RDM, I'll go ahead and shorten the ban to 12 hours instead of the week since the one person forgave you, just try not to do this again. you've already waited about 6 hours so it's only about 6 more.
  9. Hi @Lawlness_, I banned you for RDM and leave when you left after responding to a report which I was handling, I'll unban you but next time be more careful so this doesn't happen again, have a good day.
  10. Happy birthday!!!!!! 


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  12. Congrats on being accepted into the team Keira. Now you can't start "RDM staff" parties anymore >:)

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