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  1. Slight Correction, Server managers+ Can unban people, Aswell as, Karma bans also fall under Seniors Responsibility too, Atleast in terms of Accepting the Appeal, So i will also Tag @MooTheCow Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.
  2. Since this is a Permaban, I'll tag the Admin that banned you, and the Manager/DL. @Zero @Pulsegenorator Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.
  3. Moving this to the proper forum section (TTT US), and tagging @Muse It won't actually allow me to move this to TTT for some reason, So if someone with a higher power could do such, That'd be great. Otherwise, Purge staff can ignore this, This is a ban appeal for TTT US, and i already tagged the proper person. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.
  4. I'm still not Entirely sure we'd even like the system, Sure we may have a following for it, But the server is doing fine as is, and seems to be doing Just as good All around, Changes need Intervals, We cant just add too much or we lose Our Base, we can't add too Little or we lose newer players and our Loyal players. Overall our servers have always been about The baseline game mechanics with Newer stuff being Detective/Traitor weapons, and a few extra fun stuff in the Pointshop
  5. Cosmetics is probably the only thing that would be added, Anything else that effects game play would have to be Baseline for everyone, or else we start the "Pay to Win argument". Anything thats Donator/VIP+ Will always be Cosmetic, We have never and Likely will never Enforce a pay to win mechanic on the server, It's just not a good Idea or even a Route we want to go down. Overall, Cosmetics might be a nice Idea, Anything else is hard unless its baseline and even then it becomes an RNG Fest. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Davoony!
  6. You should still be careful when doing stuff like this, You're still partially to blame for having placed it in the first place, Please take what others would do into consideration next time, Thanks! Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  7. Moved the Appeal to the correct Area, Also If this can be closed, Let me or another Moderator Know, Thanks! Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.
  8. Ban Appeal: Cuck

    I'd like to mention, That No matter the rank, or Amount of money you've put into GFL, doesn't make you immune to any Punishment, or make you less likely to receive a punishment, Everyone will be treated Equally and Fairly. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  9. Banned

    You don't seem to have a Long or Bad ban history at all, So i'll ask a Higher up to have your ban removed. Just be more careful, Without toothless verifying your story you probably would've stayed banned given your recent karma ban from 7 days ago, Not a very good thing to have when trying to Appeal another one so soon. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  10. Ban appeal

    Whose your brother, by chance?
  11. Ban appeal

    No one else should respond to this, The appeal belongs to a Higher-ups now, Specifically @MilkMan and @SkydivingSquid I understand this appeal is for Toothless, But in light of Certain information, The Pban is entirely Called for, Please be patient while those two Work this out. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony
  12. First and Foremost, My Thoughts and Prayers goes out to Dream's Family and Friends, This is such a hard thing to move through, and i wish Every single person They knew all the best. Secondly, If absolutely anyone needs to Talk, Whether it's just to chat to help distract themselves From life, Or to vent about literally anything, My door is always open, I'll always be willing to Talk about Anything that's going on, Don't be Afraid to come to me, Ever. Lastly, Though i didn't know dream At all, I'm still incredibly sad to hear they took their own life, And i wish i could've been a friend to help them through anything they were going through. Thank you for everything you've ever done, Whether it was for Someone, Or just out of raw talent, You were an Outstanding person to Everyone around you, And you'll be missed Dearly By Everyone. Rest in peace, Dream.
  13. Sad to see you leave for now, But focus on your life, It'll be well worth it, Have alot of fun while you're at it. When you come back, Friends and those you consider family will be here to talk again. Sincerely, Davoony.
  14. I'm late to this, Sorry. Sad to see you leave the Admin teams, seems like you were a damn good one wherever you went. See you around Space cowboy (Though i suspect some of the others are right, I think you'll eventually come back) If you don't though, To each their own, Have fun, and Good luck. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Davoony.
  15. Normally you'd be correct, However in the MOTD it also states that And since That is a Traitorous act, it is considered Ghosting/Cheating, Thus the One week ban comes into Place. This isn't my appeal, I came here to answer questions. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
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