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  1. Well firstly, it'd be nice of you didn't insult like 5 people at once. Even if Lemillion hadn't banned you i would have given the Videos i was shown, it's clear teaming, through and through. the "Simon Says" round is a Completely normal round, which means you still have to play the game, and Abide by the MOTD, I've confirmed this with Yogpod, because i myself, was confused when the rounds first came out. I can agree with wanting it to change it to just a simon says round but, that could make rounds last for ages, and as it stands, that requires a !suggestion. Regardless, Moral of the story, Lemillion did his job, he wasn't power hungry, i told him to ban you both, all videos shown you 2 were teaming, and thats that. If you're willing to Compromise i can see about having your ban reduced, or Removed, but i'd avoid insulting people if that's what you want. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  2. Well "I think it's a joke he got banned as well without any further look" As it turns out there is infact proof provided to us by the banning admin that confirms you dropped them a Jihad bomb, and both of you walked away from eachother. And you traded that bomb to him in a corner. He should have killed you for having a T weapon in the first place, which he didn't, which means he also get banned for teaming. And you get banned, for having provided the Weapon and causing the sitch in the first place. I see no real reason to keep this Appeal open any further, Both bans were legit and proven. EVEN IF YOU hadn't dropped him a jihad bomb, he still SAW you with a jihad bomb in your hands, while you were both in a corner, which means it was going to be a teaming ban anyway. I'm not gonna post the full video, because this screenshot provides enough, I'll be closing this, because i already know the admins story, and even if i didn't, i'd still have enough to keep this. Here's the screenshot that confirms he saw you with the bomb, and neither of you did anything to eachother. Moral of the story? Both bans were valid, and will be staying. Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  3. Well your sentences alone proves something "I gave the guy a jihad as a joke" if he did kos you (I wasn't there, so i can't confirm nor deny) you yourself would be be banned for teaming. Innocents helping the traitors in anyway intentionally (A prime Example would be TTT_MC_b5 if you've played that map, destroying the Diamond block after collecting all 9 Ores is teaming) is considered Teaming And for traitors, a prime example is giving away T weapons in any form, to anything other than traitor buddies. So, flatout, you did admit to Teaming, which means even if the other guy does get unbanned, your odds are not in your favor. Edit: Actually no, the person had to have walked away from you with that jihad you gave him, he still saw you commit a traitorous act which is teaming on his behalf, meaning he should still be banned Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  4. Unbanned, appeal accepted, Please be more careful next time.
  5. I said i'd give you an answer on 07/14/20, But i ended up passing out and not having a great day, so making you wait a bit longer was my apologies. You've never had the best of history when it comes to GFL, and it shines, Even when you did come back, you were still fairly Toxic or Disrespectful to, pretty much everyone, you had no chill, no control, and i wasn't going to let it just Repeat again. As it stands i have no reasons to keep you further blocked from Voice chat, I've asked the Staff team twice (if memory serves), I've let this appeal stay up just incase you reverted back to straight toxicity while it was open, i've heard no reports of that at all. Now, Gags and Mutes typically don't have the same life expectancy of a Regular ban, this one was pretty close. You will not get a second chance, Since this is a Permanent gag, and a lot of toxicity and Harassment was allowed long enough when it should have been stopped from the Get-go. For clarity "You will not get a second chance" means if you are gagged again, for anything that is the standard 15 minutes, it will result in a permagag, your non-sense was allowed long enough, and i stand by this decision. You will be allowed to voice chat again, be Respectful, be Kind, be Nice, cause you're on Thin ice. Have a Great Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  6. I'm saying this before i lock and move the thread. @UwUFattyVapeOwO You can't appeal someone else's ban, Technically Roth should still be banned, but considering the call was already made and Brae already unbanned, i'll let it go this time. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  7. Considering BraeLyn is more than willing to unban you this appeal will be accepted. If Anyone messages you like that again just ignore it, and let the staff handle it, If you choose to say anything about it, you're more than likely going to get a punishment alongside the person who messaged you saying who the T was. (For clarification, "If you choose to say anything about it" I mean if you choose to call the traitor out, or you act upon Third-party information) Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  8. I wasn't there but i'd like to say. What you said doesn't entirely make sense, if one person is banned for teaming, THERE HAS to be another person banned too. I'm gonna wait for Wild to respond before making any conclusion.
  9. @UK192 Can you perhaps give me a picture of the message that pops up whenever you try to join?
  10. This ban expired so Instead, a piece of advice. Most, if not, All admins, will ban the moment they see you leave with an Active Slay, please be more careful next time. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  11. This ban already expired, Since your Internet seems to have been the cause this'll likely be Voided when looked at by other staff. Not to mention it's a Minor ban. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  12. Moved and closed, Other appeal accepted (This one was made an hour prior if memory serves) Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  13. Locked and moved since Mario accepted. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  14. It seems myst has either forgotten, or is busy, so instead, I'll unban you with this warning. Please do not attempt C4 roulette like that or, anything of that manner. Honestly just be more careful next time, since Kirito is staff i had a talk with him encouraging peeps about that behavior, and it's all done with. I'm sorry it took awhile, i was hoping for myst to have done this already, but you learned your lesson with this. Unbanned. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony
  15. To clarify, He pinged the banning admin, whenever they're available they'll talk to you about the ban. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
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