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  1. I'm perfectly fine with answering these questions here, Sorry for the wait, I was asleep. This is something i feel like i can Compare to being an Admin, So i will. I feel like i'm able to Spot and Recognize Anything that would seem/Is overwhelming for me, I've had to deal with alot of situations through my Time as admin alone, On 2 Servers. I've learned and Improved on many things from my time as an Admin, It's something Everyone does, It's just Experience through something Similar. I'm not entirely sure how to Answer the first question better Other than, I'm experienced, I've been here a long time and i feel like without a Doubt i'm able to Spot something that's going to Overwhelm me in any Capacity. The Only thing i can Really refer to is a Fellow named "The jester", Which if need be, I'll toss you the Screenshots over on Discord. (Just about the only thing i don't feel Comfy sharing here). As for what will i do when I am overwhelmed? What i've always done In this Order. I've always been able to Keep myself Calm and Patient in any sort of Situation, It's one of the Biggest reasons i ever applied for anything here, I'm more than Capable of Keeping myself Level-headed in Any and All Situations i've encountered, As mentioned earlier, The jester is a good comparison and Again, i will gladly show those screenshots to you over discord provided you ask, They're good references for most of the stuff i've had to deal with, and How i handled them. In the Event that i feel like i cannot handle something, Which takes Alot, But as an All around Answer, I'll Find Another Moderator or Someone else High enough to Deal with the Situation and Gladly move on from it, It's not something i have to Alot, But it's always how i'll do it. I'm not the type of Person to go off the Deep end and Start enforcing rules that don't exist or Don't apply to the situation, I've never done that, Never will. I don't get Irrational when it comes to being Overwhelmed in any Sort of situation, If no other moderator or Higher up can be found I'll simply give myself a few minutes, Calm down, And resolve the Situation then, It's how i've always handled it, It's how i always wil. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Davoony.
  2. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? Laura (Fluffycreep)#7685 (Dont use ts3) Which platforms are you applying for? Forums How would you describe your activity there? Pretty good, I'm mostly a Lurker Though. (Explained More in the sections below) Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? Well, Don't really know where to start with this, But i'll give it a shot. Firstly, I'll be honest, I've just always had an Interest in any position that isn't Manager, DL, ETC, Anything of that sort. I'm pretty decent at Breaking apart fights and Resolving conflicts, It's just something i've always had a Knack for, And it's something that hasn't changed my entire life, and i enjoy doing such. in the years i've been on GFL i've seen stuff get out of Hand, Stuff get shoved to the side instead of being Handled Appropriately, While most were years ago and Situations i can't exactly recall (Don't really have good memory for things that were Many years ago), It's still stuff that i saw happen, And things i've always wanted to speak out about, But never had the Courage to do so. To be clear on the Very first bit, really just, always had an interest in Moderator Positions, Or anything that's allowed to Break up a fight or Resolve a conflict (Mostly Stems for my interest in Law Enforcement, Weird comparison, but it Applies i guess), I've always been Pretty good at Picking up whats going on Around me, and what needs to be done about it, Whether it's simply Telling someone they need to Go and chill for a moment, and come back calm and collected, Or Manually having to Remove someone from the situation until they've cleared their head and are ready to be Civil again. Secondly, To give back to the Community i've been part of for so long, Atleast i'd like to think 6 years is a long time. It may not be Necessary, But i've always been one to Give back, When given to. I've always looked at GFL as something that changed my Life, Because it has, Mostly for the better, But changed Nonetheless, And i feel like Offering help is the least i could for something that's changed me at my Core. Thirdly, And a bit of an Addition to The things i said in "Firstly", And one of the things that made me want to Apply in the first place, Because i feel like I've seen way too many Conflicts Happen where people have been Slow to handle/Monitor/Act Appropriately. From my point of view, And personally, I'm willing to be Told Otherwise or Proven that i'm not exactly cut for the Position in the way I'm about to Speak/Have Spoken about, I'm fairly Decent at Reacting and Dealing with a situation Before it gets Out of hand/Too out of hand for Any party Involved or Even in general. Given that i'm awake, I'm always scrolling and Lurking through the Site, Checking Areas i'm not even interested in to see whatsup with things, I do it Alot, Way too many times to Count in an Hour. And Lastly, Because it's just something i'm Incredibly interested in, as if i hadn't said it enough, I've been a big fan of Following the Rules, It's why i'm so interested in Law Enforcement, And it's why i wish to see Others Abide within the rules aswell (Again, using that as my Comparison, Cause it's the best one i have). How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? It mostly depends on the Situation, Though since the Typical one i see is Outbursts or Arguments in Public, I'll use it as my Frame of Reference. As i do with Most conflicts, Respectfully Tell them both To Relax for a moment and Come back with the Intent to have a Civil conversation, And not a Full-blown Argument in a Public Chat or Area. If One declines to be given the Opportunity to be Civil, I'd Calmly and Nicely Tell them to Take it to PM's or to Not talk about the Topic altogether, And move on from the Situation to Avoid further Conflict. If both Decline, I refer to the Line above this one, Except Towards both of them. If One or Both Do not Comply with The previous statements, I'd Simply Stop the Conflict Out-right and Force them to Move on Or relax and Come back later with the Intention to Remain Civil on the Topic/Further topics, Two warnings and Chances are enough, Their shouldn't be a third or a fourth chance. And, the Punishment depends on previous issues they've Made Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. To my knowledge? I've never been Warned or Muted for Anything, Whether this question is for the Forums, Or discord, or TS3, I've never been the Subject of Punishment at all, Even when it comes to the TTT servers i'm Admin for. Feel free to Prove me wrong if i have, I personally Do not recall if i have, and will Admit to It Given something is able to Jog my Memory, As i mentioned Earlier, I have bad memory when it Comes to Long-term Things. Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  3. After talking it over with @WigglesWorth (Sorry for the ping Dweeb) It probably is because of our Database move, To which i don't think we can do anything about it, I might be wrong. What i do know though, Is that Both of the accounts banned, have been unbanned, When the database is fully functional again you should be able to play on our servers no issue. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Unfortunately, We can't do much currently. (Higher-ups feel free to Prove me wrong. Have a Nice day, And Sorry again! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony. (AS far as i know this can be Locked and Closed)
  4. Interesting, Should've been unbanned already, Might have something to do with our Database move, Although i don't think it would. Both of your bans have been Undone on Sourcebans, You should have access. And i checked, Your only Permaban on record from your accounts were for Mass RDM, And ban evasion, One was 5 years ago, The other was tonight, And both have been undone according to Sourcebans.
  5. Try now? Edited the other Ban myself.
  6. Then i'll have a higher-up Unban you Right away, Sorry for this inconvenience. Let this be known though, Anything that happens on your Account is your Responsibility, And you will have to own up to that. No hard feelings from the Admin team, have fun. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  7. I still require an answer, Do you promise not to Ban evade again?
  8. Hey, would you be willing to Give me the steamID of your Alternate Account? Please and thanks. Literally have to Redo everything i said, I however, am Keeping the Ban on your Alt account for Ban evading cause that's still wrong, Go through official Channels first, not the server. Firstly, your Ban was from 2014, Making that 5 years ago, you're more than well enough for an Appeal. You were banned for Mass RDM, and giving what you said, you're still responsible for the actions that happen on your Account, But, the ban was 5 years ago. If you're willing to Go on record that you wont Ban evade again and Won't be a toxic player you'll be unbanned. I'm sorry for my Mistake (Although nearly blind, It's still unacceptable), This will be dealt with. Have a nice Day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  9. For this year it probably has to be Borderlands 3, Absolutely love ARPG's. Next year it'll probably diablo 4, Everything around it lines it up for a 2020 release and a 2019 reveal. Have a nice Day! Sincerely, Davoony.
  10. sounds good enough to me nothing to say there

  11. Perma ban

    Actually no i'm not. I'm referring to his Alt account "Leon Draisaitl", Which is No doubt trollster, Because 2 admins Literally told me who he was, Not to mention the fact that when he was online with the account, He had asked if i Remembered who he was, And it didn't click until Spazzin, A Former admin who was active at the time, Told me who it was. He, and a few others, Let "Leon" Play, Because it was specifically someone else Ban evading, That someone else being Trollster. But since you're trying to say you don't have any Alt accounts, Instead of being neutral, I believe your ban can stay, You're still pulling the Shady business you used to. And The sentence above is confirmed by the Appeal that was linked, Instead of trying to Own up to your wrongdoings, with a Slight chance of being unbanned for actually being apologetic and having changed, You continue your Hustle and pray that it works. Have a good day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  12. Perma ban

    "It's been 4 years." Firstly i'm gonna start this off with: I'm biased with this appeal, and thus i will provide information on him Rather than saying he shouldn't be allowed here. Trollster is the reason Alot of our Prop-kill rules are the way they are, Atleast he Lit that flame. He caused alot of issues Back then, and I personally feel like he'd still cause trouble now. That being said, after his perma-ban in 2015, He tried to play again, in 2017, Under the name Leon Draisaitl (Screenshot will be attached.) Mass RDM Ban, Karma ban, and a Perma-ban from me for Ban Evasion. This is why i feel like he'll still cause trouble, Because 2 years later, he still was causing trouble. And that's all she Wrote. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  13. After Talking to the admin that was Online during it, He didn't report you, Neither did the other people, But it was mentioned that you did straightup RDM people, Which proves you're still Toxic in terms of Gameplay, even after being banned twice. I agree with Skydiving all the way here, You can serve this one Out, And unless you Fix your act, you'll likely server out all of your K-bans. If you enjoy our servers, I highly suggest Sitting in Spec to allow your Karma to come back up, Or ask an admin (As Skydiving pointed out, I'm just Pushing the Idea that it's better than getting another ban) Have a good day! This can be locked, and moved to Close, Please. Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  14. Firstly, Those without relevant Information to the topic, Please stop posting. Secondly: If you care to explain your Most recent ban(The RDM and leave ban), Ontop of the fact that you just admitted to RDMing, That'd be nice. You also have a Att mas ban from within a year, Its been awhile, But Not a single previous ban helps your situation out. If you care to explain any of these previous bans. It would also Help, IF you named the admin you killed (As pointed by time, I apologize.)
  15. Firstly, Since this a Karmaban, I have to ping @MilkMan, Secondly, That's your Community steam ID, your actual steamID is: STEAM_0:1:29355361 You can find said SteamID by Going to: https://steamidfinder.com/ All you do is Copy paste your Community ID/Steam link into that, and it'll give you the Information you need.
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