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  1. I'll go ahead and Follow-suit with Neutral, leaning towards +1. I agree with Flyingjoe in which Time management might be a big concern, I personally would know, as IRL circumstances and my Manager position have taken me away from my Forum moderation duties , and Member accepting duties. I'd personally like to see or know how you'd balance your time between all of your roles, However you do that is up to you, or maybe it's something i'll see happen over time like most people. As for the Rule set, i'd also like to see more reports come in from you so i know you Understand a Majority of the Rules we have in place, Not a big concern, but something i'd like to see just incase. Nonetheless, i think this application is Strong and given Several days you might see my vote change depending on how you take the Feedback and Notes given. (This also depends on How many people break rules and you're able to see the Result of what happens to reports, So i'll be a Bit lenient incase There happens to be an extreme lack of Rule breaking) A good few of the rules we have in place you'd already know, Like Advertising, Doxing, Inappropriate content, Etc etc, i'm personally more interested in the Forum specific ones (For the most part), Like Zalgo/Modified Text, necro-posting, Shit-posting, Etc. I know we handle things differently here compared to, lets say, Discord, or any Game server, But i think it's easier to understand the rules that are widespread, than those that are more forum-specific, Which is why i'm interested to see in what you learn given those topics. Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.
  2. @UK192 Can you perhaps give me a picture of the message that pops up whenever you try to join?
  3. This ban expired so Instead, a piece of advice. Most, if not, All admins, will ban the moment they see you leave with an Active Slay, please be more careful next time. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  4. This ban already expired, Since your Internet seems to have been the cause this'll likely be Voided when looked at by other staff. Not to mention it's a Minor ban. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  5. Moved and closed, Other appeal accepted (This one was made an hour prior if memory serves) Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  6. Locked and moved since Mario accepted. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  7. It seems myst has either forgotten, or is busy, so instead, I'll unban you with this warning. Please do not attempt C4 roulette like that or, anything of that manner. Honestly just be more careful next time, since Kirito is staff i had a talk with him encouraging peeps about that behavior, and it's all done with. I'm sorry it took awhile, i was hoping for myst to have done this already, but you learned your lesson with this. Unbanned. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony
  8. To clarify, He pinged the banning admin, whenever they're available they'll talk to you about the ban. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  9. Right so if memory serves, this is the short Summary as to what happened. You pretty much got online on TTTMC one day and enabled and actively Participated in RDM rounds, Which caused alot of issues to begin with, Admitted to it, and accepted Demotion for such actions. And then you proceeded to be Toxic and overall just really a pain to deal with, and the ban reason from Zero pretty much confirms this So i'd like to ask, given that all of this is still within a year, Would you be willing to accept that your next major ban is a Big No-no? Would you be willing to be patient as i talk to others about this (Mostly duck and the Senior admin, but also a Gmod Division leader) What you did really put a spotlight on your True colors, so i'd like to have the Go ahead before making any final decision, given that all of those happened ALMOST a full year ago. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony
  10. Sorry it took so long, i had to talk with a few staff to Confirm a few statements. You're unbanned, sorry for the wait. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  11. Could you please give more info about the situation? Just saying you got karma baited isn't enough to warrant the unban. Have a Nice Day Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was stated somewhere that you only need the 1 stream open, it's just a matter of luck. Not all channels will have drops enabled either, so pay attention to that (You should see it right below the actual stream, Some-what easy to miss) But yeah, it (Not 100% sure, but, pretty sure) doesn't help to have more than the 1 stream open. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Davoony.
  13. I'm gonna ask for you to Recall this to the best of your ability because 1 Innocent kill won't drop your karma low enough for an instant ban. Typically it takes upwards of 4-6 team kills depending on Rounds between or if you killed them all in the same round. Have a Wonderful Day! Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony
  14. I'm no longer Rotation staff but i've been granted permission to post here for this Appeal. To be quite honest, i don't think you'll be Ungagged for QUITE a long time, Given what i'm about to share. I will say this all happened long ago, and while they can't Directly be used to Increase punishment, The moral of the story will surely Show some things, I'm sure. 5 Years ago you were banned on the Original TTT Rotation, I believe Permabanned, by the Manager at the time, Calvin, And you were given a Final chance to change, And for awhile, you stuck around, But then you got bored, And decided it was a good time to Mass RDM, and Generally just be Toxic, So i Permabanned you, For Mass/Toxicity, as it was your Final Chance, and then you Decided to Ban Evade, adding yet another Permaban in less than a year, let alone that Week. Never saw you again, Until you appealed in 2018, To which i decided to Unban you, a Decision i come to Regret, Given that you've done nothing but be Toxic pretty much the Entire time you've come back. Something that you said you worked on, and Changed from, 2 years ago So in reality, i don't think you've changed, I didn't think so 5 years ago, I had hoped 2 years ago, and Unfortunately, Now, You've proven we almost can't take your word on anything, AT all. So IMO, this Appeal shouldn't even be considered until WAY more than a month, But thats not my Decision, i'm here to give my Opinion. And my Final conclusion, is that you Haven't changed, you never did, you just tried to Lay low until the "Heat" died down and then acted up again, And i know without a Doubt, it'll take ALOT more than a few days, Even a Month (Possibly more) For you to Seriously Consider Changing. Have a Nice Day! Sincerely, Former Senior TTT-Rotational Staff,, Davoony.
  15. If you're trying to Report abusive admin behavior, Please use this Instead https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports-form/ That is the proper route of the Forums for this type of Thread, And be sure to have proof aswell. I'm locking this thread until further notice, and Moving it. Have a Good Day! Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.
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