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  1. Is actually braindead.

  2. oi this man is a fragger

  3. I think it's almost perfect the way it is. It currently sits capped at 2, which allows for an hour of a map and should be enough time for most beginners to get the hang of it or progress quite far, ready for the next time around. I too get frustrated when I'm sick of a map, but there is more than one server and honestly it's not that big of a deal, being only an hour, if even that. The only recommendation I make is to cap aircontrol to 1, being by far the easiest map. The expert server has a completely different playerbase and I don't see them extending the same 4 maps over and over. I'm not for changing the duration to anything lower than 10. 5 minutes seems quite useless and unfulfilling to me.
  4. mute 4 what?

    First off, this is the BHOP mute/ban appeal sub forum, not the Surf Timer. Secondly, these rules are the FORUM rules. The Surf Timer rules can be found here: Thirdly, your appeal in the Surf Timer sub forum has already been denied, please do not make another. Your actions are not void after a punishment has expired. You have had 14 commbans/bans and have been repeatedly warned to stop on various occasions, and on your final commban. This point is pretty clear. Do what the admins request. If you are told to stop, and you continue, do not whine about it when you are muted.
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